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What is the Fastest way to Grow YouTube Channel 2022?

How to Create and Grow YouTube Channel? | Best YouTube Ideas for Beginners 2022

Welcome to today’s training where we will be talking about YouTube channels we’re going to be talking about what are YouTube channels how do you set them up how do you optimize them and how do you subscribe to them but before we start let me quickly introduce myself, why is YouTube so popular what makes it so special and why do you need a YouTube channel well the numbers they speak for themselves over two and a half billion people open YouTube at least once a month that is one third of the world’s population YouTube generates around 30 billion dollars of Revenue in 2021 that is 78 million dollars a day these are extraordinary amounts and this is primarily advertising Revenue now 25 of global mobile usage is for YouTube it’s one of the most popular mobile apps and YouTube is the main source of video for 78 of its users look at the younger generation they don’t watch terrestrial TV they watch TV on YouTube so on the back of this a whole community of video creators have emerged people who go on YouTube to present to share to discuss to debate to invent to compare and become famous with posting their videos we call them YouTubers and I don’t have to mention people like Gangnam Style Justin Bieber Shawn Mendes Ariana Grande Dua Lipa and what about brands that made it big on YouTube the Dollar Shave Club Blendtec with blend will it blend and it’s the YouTube channel they use as the social platform for their videos a YouTube channel serves as the home page for a user’s account anyone can view YouTube without having an account

However you need to create a YouTube channel if you plan to upload videos add comments or make playlists but more about how to do this later businesses can also have a YouTube channel these channels are different from the personal channels because they can have more than one owner of manager so how do businesses benefit from YouTube well posting on YouTube will help people find you on Google remember Google owns YouTube by consistently utilizing YouTube for your business you can increase your chances of showing up in the search results and improving your own rankings YouTube will also expose you to a huge Global audience YouTube is available in over 80 languages and it receives more than 30 million visitors a day who watch nearly 5 billion videos it’s the second biggest search engine coming only after Google itself and the YouTube app again as I said earlier is one of the most popular apps in the store YouTube gives you qualified traffic people on YouTube often have a question they search for and if your video can answer the question they have you will get a qualified lead it’s much like Google search but then it’s visual also video content is 12 times more likelier to be watched than text to read video can evoke emotion they can make you think they can make you feel and if they make you think and feel you’re not likely to forget those videos and that’s much more that can be said for most other types of online marketing video also helped to humanize your brand they bring it to life taking your messages from flat and static to Dynamic and engaging videos help your brand build trust and loyalty in a unique way you can also use YouTube ads to reach an even bigger audience YouTube advertising runs on through the Google ads platform and has some very powerful features and more about these ads on YouTube later videos can also be repurposed across many other channels so they can help you drive additional traffic to your website you can share them on your social media channels you can embed them on your own website or you can include them in your email marketing to summarize video marketing is a must for your business and if you’re not on the video train you will miss the next stop publishing regular videos is key and YouTube offers you a YouTube channel as your YouTube homepage for all your videos so here’s a bit more background information about a YouTube

YouTube ecosystem it’s important to know that there are three players in the YouTube ecosystem there’s you the viewer there’s the content creator or the people that upload their videos and there are Brands Brands who want to reach you to sell their products and it’s YouTube’s challenge to keep everybody happy in this ecosystem to keep you happy to show you the best videos keep content creators Happy by enabling them to make some money and to keep Brands Happy by connecting them with the biggest audience possible so how do Brands connect with you very simple through advertising showing your short video ads before or during the videos you watch in fact 84 of YouTube viewers both from Brands after watching videos or ads they see on YouTube and then how do content creators make money very simple YouTube enables them to earn ad revenue from ads that run before or during their videos every time an ad shows in front of the or during the video they get a percentage of the ad revenue and I’m sure you’ve seen those ads while you were watching YouTube videos but not every YouTube content creator qualifies for this you need to have at least 1 000 subscribers to your channel and a minimum of 4 000 watch hours on your Channel in other words advertising in YouTube is the oil of the YouTube ecosystem it keeps everybody happy and there are a variety of ads marketeers can choose from many of them find pre-roll skippable ads the most effective you know those ads that you can skip after a few seconds just a little side note

Here YouTube ads on mobile are the most effective for simple reasons many people watch videos on their mobile but also many peoples have ad blockers on their desktop so your ads will not be seen on their desktop YouTube has recognized the power of mobile video and mobile ads and has announced that it will share 45 of AD revenue on YouTube shorts now what are YouTube Shorts are short vertical videos and they are YouTube’s response to the phenomenal growth of tick tock and vertical videos are key these days if you want to boost engagement consider using vertical videos and here’s why it has a 90 percent higher completion rate compared to Vertical videos about 80 percent of consumers claim that the format is more engaging and 65 percent of people find Brands using vertical videos for their advertising to be more innovative so enough of the theory

Let’s look at the YouTube channels and look at what you need and how to set up a unit your YouTube channel first of all you need a kit to make videos whether it’s your computer your webcam a camera a smartphone and of course you need a video editing software and very important you need an indoor or outdoor environment to make your videos and then of course you need to make the video this will be a topic for another simply learned video in its own right but here are a few tips what make people watch videos people watch videos when they are educational informational entertaining funny controversial or shocking lots of examples in these categories of videos in YouTube now what type of videos do people like to watch there’s a whole range of different types of videos but if you want to look at the most popular ones you talk about unpacking videos review videos Challenge videos whole videos parodies covers live videos how-to videos it’s a whole range of styles of video of topics or video that you can create whether it’s for Consumer videos or for business videos now what type of videos can you make there’s a whole range of different types there’s standard format video which is horizontal there’s the vertical video which I talked about a little earlier there are stop-motion videos yeah there are time lapse videos you could do 360 videos and the big growth these days is in art is in augmented reality and virtual reality yep and then what do you need to think about when you shoot your video there are three very important aspects of making your video think about light think about sound and think about having a stable camera position your light is very important there’s no better light than outdoor light and if you haven’t got out if you don’t shoot outdoor but indoor make sure you have a good lighting setup sound can be very deceiving if you’re interviewing somebody on the video outside you think there is no wind but then when you hear the video back on your computer you hear the wind it’s it’s quite an interesting phenomenon but it’s effect so best is to have a high quality microphone that you use when you interview or when you record your videos and think about a tripod as well make sure your camera is in a stable position so that’s the theory behind all this let’s now look at some YouTube channels and show you how to make a YouTube channel

Here is the simply learn YouTube channel a very clear Channel with lots of content for people to learn about all topics in um in technology so here you see the banner yeah with some good messaging in there you have your logo here you see the number of subscribers yep so you see it’s a verified account by YouTube and here is the Subscribe button yep and when you are subscribed to a video or to a channel the you get um sort of personalized notifications or you can switch off the notifications but the beauty about people subscribe vibing to your channel is that they will receive a notification when you publish a new video then here you have a menu of things that people can go to there’s the home page for all your videos there is a list of all your videos you can organize your videos in playlists you can look at the comments that you’re getting in the community section you can set up different channels and you can group those channels under your account and here is the about page where you have about information about the company yep and this is you can optimize this with keywords so Google will Index this for the for the search as well so let’s look at this home page again and the The Branding yeah so here you see a feature video and there are two elements in this area that are important here first of all you saw just when I got on the page before I subscribed you saw a different video yep and then when you come back to the page you can see another video so basically you have a video that you can put here for first-time visitors where you can promote your company or your channel and then you can have another video set up for um returning visitors and then here you have all your videos and you can organize them in playlists and in a minute

I’m going to show you how to set this all up and how to create your own channel okay so this is simply learn another example would be one of my favorites on social media is social media Examiner here is the social media examiner YouTube channel yes so here you see the the featured video here you see The Branding very good branding with strong messages on there an industry report that people can download you see here you can put a few links to your social media or your website or where people can download for instance the industry report here you see The Branding the logo yeah again I can subscribe to it and then here you have the descriptions of the video and the different channels the different um playlists okay so then here you have to group the different channels that they have under their um their their main channel the social media Examiner okay so you see coming back and I see another video here so finally the other one I want to show you is GoPro GoPro they are very active on YouTube very active on on having videos having videos from their users from their subscribers having very clear playlists yes so um and this could be um different playlists from users the different products features and what what have you what you also see here is access to the store yeah where they sell products and if I click on this I can then go to the GoPro website where I can buy this this product so this is an overview of the YouTube channel on the desktop but as we all know most people and particularly the younger generation they watch YouTube videos on their mobile device so whatever you do and in The Branding as well on setting it up you need to make sure that it looks well and it looks good on the mobile as well so let’s look at these channels on the mobile device yeah so here you see the mobile you see exactly the same elements of it you see your banner you see your uh your your logo number of subscribers and your feature video and then you have your other videos yeah so it’s a lot easier to navigate through one thing that you need to be careful of is that the width of the banner is not as white as the width on the on the desktop yeah so in your design you need to take that into consideration otherwise half of this text will be chopped off yep so this is simply learn

If we’re going to social media Examiner yep so here is the social media examiner page yeah their Channel again the the banner and you have subscribed yep and then here you see a different color yeah with simply learn it was brownish here it was greenish you cannot change this color that is something that YouTube will decide based on the overall color it can pick it will pick up on your um on your desktop on your uh on your YouTube channel okay so and again remember the banner how white you go and then the other one was the GoPro yep here is the GoPro Channel same look and feel here it is grayish yeah with the banner the logo and then the um the feature video right time to have a look at how I create a YouTube channel and how I optimize it so I can grow my number of subscribers to my channel here you see the overall YouTube interface and it’s very important that you get into YouTube and that you sign in with your Google account and once you have your Google account set up and you’re logged into your Google account you can create a YouTube channel so how do you create a YouTube channel here you see a your user yeah and here you see your user icon and for me it’s just why I haven’t put any visual there yet yep and if you haven’t done anything on YouTube yet then this is the screen that you will see yeah here you see the videos that you can all access the subscriptions how you can explore and you can use YouTube without having uploaded any video yourself or without having created a channel if you want to upload a video on YouTube you click here on the plus of course everything I’ll show you you can do on the mobile as well but my experience if you are in admin mode and you want to add text you want to add your about you want to make different selections then it’s much easier to work on the desktop so for demo purposes

I’ll be showing it on the desktop okay so if I click here on my user icon I get to the menu of things I can do in my account my Google account and my YouTube account here you see create a channel I can also go to YouTube studio and in YouTube Studio I can edit all my videos and optimize them I can check with another I can switch to another account I can look at my membership my data I can look at the device theme I’m using the language the restricted mode whether you want a certain videos not to have presented to you your location keyboard shortcuts Etc but what we’re going to be looking at is the create a channel so I’ll just click on create a channel and here I’m going to add my name and my name is basically I’m going to call it Mark tube yeah so my channel is called Mark Cube I can upload my picture here I can also do that at a later stage so let’s create the Channel first and then I’ll show you how to do The Branding so we’ll click on create channel yep and then you will see that your channel is ready so what I can do now of course I can upload my first video I’m not going to do that yet I’m going to go straight into customize my channel and then once my channel has been set up I’ll show you how to upload your first video so here is customizing your Channel and there are three elements to it there is the layout of your channel there is The Branding of your channel and there is the basic info of your Channel yeah so let’s look at the branding first but before yeah remember we had the video Spotlight which was your featured video so here you can specify which two videos you want to have in the featured section whether it is the video for people who haven’t subscribed and then the feature video for the people who come back and have subscribed and then here you have your featured sections remember you can have the videos you can have different sections that you can add here like popular uploads live past live streams upcoming live stream the playlists subscriptions feature channels all in the menu that I showed you earlier but we’ll come back to that in a little bit yeah here is your menu on the left which is also important yes so and we’ll come back to that in a minute as well so first we’re going to do is look at the branding yeah and here I can add my logo I can add my banner image and I can add a video Watermark which is standard watch Mark that will show in all your videos so very simple we’re going to upload the images so here you see my I’ve created these in advance yeah so here you see my YouTube logo yep so very simple icon and I can now select okay what section will I do I want and make sure it fits within your image area and you click done and you have your icon your picture in setup here you see the banner image you see at least 2048 by 1152 pixels and six megabytes or less if I click upload I then have my banner image

I click open yeah and here remember what you see on the desktop and what you see on the mobile so here it is important that you look at the text that you have on your banner and make sure that it is viewable on all devices I’m happy with this so I click done I’m not gonna do the watermark and then I’m going to click publish yep so the changes have been published so if I’m now going to look at my channel view the channel on YouTube you now see I have my banner I have my my banner here I have my logo but of course there’s still a lot I have to do I have to look at work on the about I have to add maybe some other items in the menu and of course I have to upload a video so let’s go back to the customize the channel and what I’m going to look now is to the basic info so first of all I have my description so in the description I’m going to tell people what my channel is all about welcome to my YouTube channel a place to learn everything there is to know about digital marketing yeah and I can make this as big as possible very I have a thousand characters available and very important thing keywords here yeah if you follow digital marketing courses keywords are the Cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy I can add a language and here I have my channel URL and I can change this if

I want to yeah so it’s a standard web address for your channel it includes your unique Channel ID yeah but you can change this as well yeah so I can say here mark no actually I cannot change this I will be able I think to change this let’s have a look customize customize URL is a shorter easy to remember URL that you can share with your audience and where you have 100 or more subscribers you have at least 30 days old of your channel you have uploaded your branding as well yeah so to have your number to have your customized URL you need to have these 100 subscribers and they have a channel that’s at least 30 days old so I can’t change this right now and then here you can add the links remember the links that you see on your banner you can add a link yeah so here I can say the link is Mark kempman or let’s say simply learn dot com and I can say https simply yeah and I can add a link I can say um Facebook and I can say https Facebook .com forward slash simply learn and I’m going to add Instagram and I’m going to say https forward slash simply learn okay yep and then here I can say which links do I want to show on the banner yeah I can add a whole load of links here but then I can say just show me the first three links on the banner here’s the contact info that is marked at yep so here is my about section ready and then here I can click publish and now I can go back to my channel and what you see now my channel is ready we have the banner we have the home uh the logo and now here you see the website the Facebook and the Instagram it will automatically pick up the logos from the Facebook and the Instagram and the other social networks that you want to add here all right so the next thing is that we need to look here at the the topics that we want here yeah we have Home Videos playlists channels and about so

I can add multiple channels if I want but let’s go back to customizing yes so we’ve done the layout we’ve done we’re going to look at the layout now we’ve done The Branding we’ve done the basic info so here is the channel trailer we’re going to do in a minute when we’ve uploaded our first videos so let’s add a section and that would be the created playlists yep and we want to add a section let’s say uh popular uploads okay and then I can say give me the created playlist I want to the top yeah I want the uploaded videos and then I have the shorts and I have the popular uploads okay and again I’m going to click publish I’m going back to my channel yep so and now you won’t see the order yet because I haven’t put in any any videos of course but you will see as soon as we start adding videos then you will can you can see that we um that you get the order that we’ve specified Okay so finally before we’re going to upload the video when we go into customizing your channel you need to be aware here of the features as well yeah the menu items that you have so here is your channel dashboard so in your channel dashboard you see the videos that you uploaded and it gives you basic Channel Analytics yeah and here you have some news from YouTube about new features new training Etc here you see the content so here you see a list of the videos that you’ve uploaded their feasibility status is there a restriction on the video what is the date that you uploaded and you get some basic analytics fuse comments and likes okay

here are your playlists that you’ve created here you get your basic YouTube channel Analytics yeah you’re looking at your comments that you get so here you can sort of um review the comments you can set some moderation guidelines here you can also add subtitles to your videos now we’ll go into that in more detail when we go into YouTube and uploading videos and how to optimize your YouTube videos but Google will automatically subtitle your videos and you can edit the um the Subscribe the subtitles that Google will will do yeah and very important to remember if you use the Google subtitles for your video it will not be indexed for search for the simple reason that there may be words that Google misinterpreted in your video so you always need to edit the video take the typos the um the words that are misunderstood by Google change those and then as soon as you then change the revised version of the subtitles Google will then index the um the transcribed file yeah for search here is copyright information here is monetization of your videos it’s important we talked about this earlier yes so remember where you can have advertising showing before or during your videos and that is you will have to become part of the YouTube Partner program and once you’re a member of the partner program you’ll be eligible to earn money from your videos but you need to have a minimum of 1 000 subscribers and a minimum of 4 000 watch hours on your videos you need to set up two-step verification and you need to agree to the community guidelines okay here is customization of your channel yeah we sort of went through this earlier and then here is a little nugget in YouTube that not many people are aware of and that is the audio library YouTube holds a huge audio library of tracks and sound files yeah and sound effects that you can actually download and add to your videos you can search the library so it is a huge library that you can add for free to add to all your videos and then finally there is the settings of your channel so you can specify the conversion or the currency for your channel that you’ll be using you can specify the basic info of your channel yeah you can have the country of residence in my case we can set that on the United Kingdom yep and it can add keywords which is digital marketing yeah and

I can say social media and I can say YouTube Etc yep there is upload defaults so for every video that you upload you can specify a standard element in the title standard element in the description the visibility you can specify and public private or unlisted so prior unlisted means it will not show in the Google in the YouTube search results there is advanced settings that you can say you can also in your video specify chapters and you can spend those chapters will then be sort of summarized in the description of your video and that will be noted in the timeline of your video as well so it’s really good to structure your videos there’s permissions yeah and this is where you can invite other people to make changes or to edit your channel there is your community that’s where you can set moderation guidelines and then there are agreements yeah there’s the subject to the the terms of service okay so those are your settings so very important that you understand this menu right so our channel is ready however we haven’t got any video in our Channel yet so let’s go and add a video so here to add a video we click Plus okay and we’re going to upload the video or we can also go live yeah so that’s where we’re going to do a live broadcast or a live stream so upload a video and here I’m going to drag and drop a video or

I can select a file and here is my about us short infographic yep so here is the about us infographic that is the title of course I can make it as exciting as possible here I can tell the uh short introduction to our company I can select a thumbnail of course I have it hasn’t selected the thumbnail yet because it is still uploading and optimizing the video yep you can then say what playlist do you want it to be part of what audience yeah there is an automatic catch filter is it made for kids or is it not made for kids so it’s like a business type of theme yeah here is paid promotion it’s the pay promotion in the video do you want automatic chapters allow automatic places you can add text this is all about optimizing your video and that is for a different video that we will be talking about how to optimize your YouTube videos okay and then it is going okay so that is all done we’re then clicking next yeah I can say do I want subtitles do I want to add an end screen do I want to add cards remember you see that on videos where at the end of the video you see two cards where you can click on uh to go to another video again I’m not going to do that for this video and I’m going to click next yeah there is some copyright checks on music and then we click next and here is the video I can then save and publish I want it to be public I can schedule the publication yes so but this is all there is to it and I’m gonna click publish so I have now published my video I can share it straight away on social media again we’re not going to do that I’m just going to click close And now

I see my video in my content list yeah I see a thumbnail I see the title I can see the different details and if I now go back to my channel I can see my video in my channel but you see here I have just put it as an upload because I haven’t added any playlists yet yeah so I need to go here to my customize my channel and I’m going to click first I’m going to add the channel trailer and the video I want to add to this is my about us infographic and people that subscribed I’m going to give them the same video I am now going to add a playlist so here are my playlists oh I first need to publish this yeah there we go I’m now going to go to my playlists and I’m going to create a new playlist and that is sort of info Graphics or let’s say video graphics all right and I’m gonna create my playlists okay so now I’m going back to my uh content and I’m now going to say go to edit this video yeah let’s see if the playlists are here go to the details thumbnail so here I now in the video details I’m going to my playlists and I’m going to select the video graphics playlist done and I’m going to click save so now you see if I go back to my channel yeah so I’m back to my channel that my channel now looks slightly different foreign

I have my presentation my featured videos okay and I have my playlists and I have my uploads yep so this is how you can build your channel how you can optimize your channel add videos to your channel add playlist to your channel so I hope that was a um was a simple uh yet effective overview for you how to set up your Channel so that is it on the channel so let’s finish today’s video with giving you some tips on how to promote your YouTube channel it is very important that you promote your channel for the simple reason you want to get subscribers yep remember your YouTube channel is your so your YouTube social media Network it is where you can develop your brand it is where you can get people excited it is where you can build relationships with people who watch your videos so it’s very important that you do everything that’s possible to promote your uh your YouTube channel so how do you go about promoting it first of all very important in video marketing is the title of your video yeah you see here the about us infographics you see that is the title of this video is pretty boring if you look at most titles of videos on YouTube yeah let’s see let’s say if I search on YouTube for let’s say social media you immediately see the titles that are powerful how social media rewires your brain is social media hurting your mental health yeah like selfies and self-promotion the hidden dangers of social media five crazy ways social media is changing your brain right away yeah you’re a bit more neutral but still powerful how to develop a social media strategy step by step these are the type of things that people like to uh to watch because those titles are very engaging you know hand in hand with the title is also the thumbnail that you’re using for your videos yeah so here you see a good example 365 days of journaling that’s the thumbnail that they they use yeah if you go to social media examiner you see good examples of thumbnails yeah and they are all they have the same color style they have the same bold text bold titles they still show people yeah so these are very powerful thumbnails for your video and look at yourself if you’re doing a search on YouTube yeah what videos will you most likely watch videos where you like the title and videos where you like the thumbnail when they spring out when they scream out of the search results okay so very important that you um that you look at that okay next thing how do you optimize your channel is by making sure that your videos are optimized yeah so if I go to my videos your videos and then here you have your video and

I go to edit the details I can edit the title the description remember keywords I can edit the thumbnail I can edit tags yeah I can edit um language lots of stuff that you can optimize about your videos another important factor is make videos that your audience wants to see understand your audience yeah in digital marketing terms we advise our clients to make customer personas and customer personas you specify their pains their needs and everything that is important for them when they buy your your product yes so by understanding what your audience wants you then can tailor the content of your videos to their requirements the next important aspect of your YouTube channel is engaging with the community it has very important that when people start adding comments in your videos that you engage with them yeah that is one place where you sort of build your your community you engage with people but you also engage with YouTubers in your Market associated with your Market yeah comment on other people’s videos so start engaging with other content creators in building your online YouTube reputation as it were and start sharing your videos yeah with them so that is an important one another important aspect of your channel is that you need to cross promote your own videos within your videos yeah so it’s very common if I go to Simply learn yeah and go to their Channel and I’m sure they have it on one of their videos if

I go to let’s say here data analytics yes so it’s a long course but if I go to the end of the video I’m sure you see that here at the end yeah so you see here at the end the next video that they promote so you cross promote your other videos within your video that you’re showing it’s a very powerful aspect of um the growing your YouTube channel cross-promoting your video yet another one is very powerful it’s what we call video series yeah they are very good in driving traffic to your channel yeah why because people want to if they like it they will come back for the second episode or if they jump in for instance for the first time in the fourth episode if they see the episode if they like the episode then they say hey I want to watch episode one two and three as well so very important is to create series of videos a good example is social media Examiner yeah when you go to the social media examiner YouTube page and you go to the playlists here you see the journey and the journey is a uh basically a series of videos of the history of the company yeah so you see episode one episode two episode three yeah they even have multiple Seasons yeah of this and this was very successful in their their marketing promotion yeah so create YouTube series okay so back to my channel another way of promoting your channel and promoting your videos is to make sure that your videos are outside YouTube as well so if I click on the video yeah and

I click share instead of just sharing the code here yeah the the URL I’m actually going to take the embed code so the embed code gives you an iframe which will actually show the video on your website if you add this iframe code to your web page yeah and people will watch can watch the video on your um your website but it will count as a few on on YouTube yep and then when people click on Youtube it’ll take them to your channel where they can um where they can subscribe to your Channel yeah we talked about playlists very important to promote your Channel yeah the playlists are important and make sure you add calls to action to your video at the end of the video get people to do something to buy something or to sign up or to register for an event going live always works in promoting your Channel yeah doing live broadcast live behind the scenes when you’re at an event new live broadcasts really good way to promote your channel you can promote the event you can announce the event it will lead to buzz before the broadcast during the broadcast and after the broadcast yeah we talked about collaboration with other creators with other brands and then of course Very powerful you can actually promote your own ads by advertising yes so I can go to Google ads I can create a video ad and add a video ad is my short video and then that video will show before and during um videos that people watch yep and that will drive views on your videos and Views obviously will turn into subscriptions to your channel as well and then last but not least of course is publishing your videos and your YouTube content on social media channels as well yeah Twitter of course is a very obvious place to promote your videos but use it on on other social channels as well now Facebook doesn’t necessarily like it when you link to the YouTube video because Facebook wants you to upload the whole video yes so then people will stay within YouTube within Facebook to watch the video but there are other social media channels where you can promote your videos as well okay well that concludes the session on your YouTube channels

I hope you liked this yeah so remember a YouTube channel is your social media Network for your videos on Google and on YouTube yep and it gives you a fantastic tool to widen your reach to reach a global audience and to start building relationships with your subscribers yep and help them in the process of familiarizing themselves with your products or your services ultimately leading to them in buying your product of your service YouTube ideas for 2021 YouTube is the social media platform that needs new introduction launched back in the Year 2005 YouTube was a fresh breath of air for the people who were slowly becoming aware of the hype that surrounded the internet several other platforms like Dailymotion redmi and VMO which admittedly have their own fans have tried to stand up against the wehemoth that is the YouTube and failed slowly but surely marketers began to realize the enormous potential that YouTube offered they could add small advertisements like they do in the cable TV they could show banner ads and do much more and all the thanks to the robust advertisement features that Google already offered if you’re not already sold on why it’s important to advertise on YouTube here are some facts that might change your mind YouTube has more than 2 billion users across the world

I’ve got fraction of that audience could be shown your product and could turn from users to customers next important fact is that 8 out of 10 marketers consider YouTube to be one of the best platforms to advertise their products and services followed by that people watch one billionaires of YouTube per day as you watch this video you are contributing to that number next 62 percent of the business use YouTube to post content this could be just videos on their products tutorials event announcements and much more seventy percent of the YouTube watch time comes from mobile this means that when you create an advertisement for YouTube you keep the mobile users in your mind and finally 90 percent of the people say that they’ve discovered new products or brands on YouTube which means that by posting on YouTube your brand awareness is highly likely to increase now let’s talk about the video ideas the first one is behind the scene videos these videos give you the opportunity to showcase your audience how your business or brand operates a creatively made video on the inner workings of your business will show off a more human side of your brand and make you more relatable to your audience it is also guaranteed to get you loads of views and engagement here’s an example how Amazon showcases the warehousing and distribution aspects of its products it takes the viewers into the factories and involves the various people working there this shows to the audience that even a large organization like Amazon how each individual has an important role to play in the overall process next we have the company culture a video that highlights your company culture will tell the audience what your business goals are what its values are and why it exists it can also focus on the various people who make sure the company works in the way it does this can help better connect with your audience here’s an example a company culture video created by GoDaddy the popular domain register the video talks about how GoDaddy creates a fun inclusive and energetic environment for its employees it includes interviews of employees talking about why they enjoy working in GoDaddy so much and this helps the audience relate with the company and could also catch up the interest with some potential job Seekers next we have the third idea that is the marketing team a brand is nothing without the people working behind it and that’s where these videos come in these videos will help shine a light on the people who create the products that the audience knows and loves this helps create a personal connection with the audience these individuals can end up becoming mascots for your brand here’s an example of Meet the team focusing on Olympus group the video goes into the history of masket makers brand and the people that make it a grand success the light-hearted tone of the video also greatly helps with making it more relatable now we have number four product showcase or announcement a product Showcase Video aims to show the features and benefits of the Brand’s latest offering to its audience these short concise videos can inform the audience about everything they need to know about the new product or service a product announcement video on the other hand can be used to give the audience a more detailed look into the product or service than the product showcase it can include comparisons to older versions or competitors the aim of such video is to show customers how the new product works and why they need it now this video needs no introduction Apple’s iPhone videos have always been short but smooth sleek and concise representations of what the product would be like next at number 5 we have event announcements these videos can build a hype regarding an upcoming event it will also give you the opportunity to engage with your audience and build their interest this promo video for the data Innovation Summit 2020 Hypes up the event posting the greatest Minds in the tech the most Innovative companies and much more the next video idea we have at number six is the explainer videos these videos are aimed to tell users how a particular product or a service works these tend to be much more useful than wall of text explaining how something works they also have an added advantage of simplifying complex Concepts and features to your audience for example we have our own video on digital marketing we cover a number of different concepts like SEO social media marketing search engine marketing and more on a visual Mana making it more likely to grab the attention of a viewer next at number seven we have tutorials tutorial videos give users some actionable insights and knowledge that your users can learn from these videos aim to be guides to information complex Concepts hints tips and tricks relating to your industry here we have our own digital marketing course video as an example unlike the previous example

I mentioned this video goes into much more detail regarding each of the concepts of digital marketing on that note if you guys are interested in learning about digital marketing I suggest you start from this video it’s a great one to get started with now on the next video idea at number eight we have the product tutorial a product tutorial video will take your audience through the various features of your product offers alongside its intricacies it can also detail some additional insights about your product you can also explain the best way the product can be used here’s a video of how the meditation app headspace explains the app’s usage with an interesting and creative animated video now let’s go ahead with number nine at the number nine we have the webinar a webinar thanks to its nature provides your brand with loads of opportunities to interact with your audience they are usually very accessible and easy to make they are also very cost effective and can be reused as video content after the session is complete here’s an example of Simply learns webinar where we talk to the industry experts regarding wide variety of topics while involving the Audience by having the guest answer the audience questions whenever possible next at number 10 we have the live streams live streams for an event will help build excitement and hype for the event it can be advertised on other social media platforms to generate some hype as well these videos can also help you bring up your product to a larger audience and at a reduced cost here’s an example of a live stream that constantly keeps a track of subscribers increasing for some of the most popular YouTube channels next at number 11 we have Ama or ask me anything sessions the AMA or ask me anything sessions are usually live streams or pre-recorded sessions that feature questions collected from the audience although it originated from Reddit these videos are finding a success on YouTube thanks to the interactivity that it offers these sessions can also give your audience the opportunity to interact with you provide suggestions feedback and much more here’s an example of AMA session where the actor Matt Damon where questions covering a wide variety of topics collected from Reddit were answered by him next at number 12 we have interviews interviewing someone interesting or of an authority within your Niche can go a long way to grow your audience these sessions are doubly advantageous too firstly you and by extension your audience get to interact with an industry style world and since this video can be shared on your channel as well as theirs you can expose your channel to a brand new audience

here’s an example of an interview between Marcus Brownlee a popular Tech YouTuber with Bill Gates the interview covers a wide variety of topics and maintains a pleasant theme throughout let’s now go to number 13 testimonials a testimonial video help highlight the positive feedback from a client or a customer they provide social proof and provide a unique perspective on your products and services these videos can greatly help improve people’s trust on your brand shareability and credibility here’s an example of Simply lunch testimonial video that covers a learner’s Journey as he crew in his career video thanks to Simply learn certification a video like this can be greatly relatable to the audience and even encourage some of them to take up a certification let’s go to our next video idea that is the number 14 whiteboard videos a whiteboard video offers your visually attractive way of explaining complex Concepts usually this involves a trained experts breaking through a complex topic on a whiteboard nowadays there has also been the trend of digital whiteboard videos that work thanks to the visual style and Charisma of the narrator here is an example of the Whiteboard video Simply learn created covering various concepts of social media marketing with the help of an engaging narrative and interesting visuals next up we have number 15 competitions competitions or contest videos give your audience the opportunity to get involved with your channel these videos enable you to generate fresh and original content with little from your end in an interesting example for foldable flight Channel users submitted their ideas for paper airplanes that would go to the farthest distance the channel received a significant amount of submissions and saw considerable growth next we have 16 the lists list videos are some of the most commonly found content on YouTube most users enjoy this type of content thanks to it being small easily digestible and bite-sized these videos can cover a wide range of topics like options to choose from the best products techniques and much more the main advantage of these videos are the provide users with value while further involving them with your channel here’s an example of a list that we have created on the top 10 skills you need to become a data analyst in the year 2021

if you are interested don’t forget to check it out at number 17 we have case studies case studies talk about how your product or service have benefited clients and users videos like this can greatly improve relatability and making your brand seem more likeable here’s a video that analyzes Coca-Cola’s marketing campaign and what it made one of the most popular brands in the world now let’s talk about content that may not be necessarily for a brand but for individual creators at number 18 we have Tech unboxing these videos usually involve packages being open for the first time while these are fairly common for technology these videos have also found success in fashion apparel these videos enable the users to experience the products for the first time sometimes even helping them decide between rival products here’s an example of PS5 being inboxed by Marcus Brownlee who goes into detail regarding each of its console components controllers and other specifications at number 19 we have tech reviews where tech reviews you can talk about the various features of a particular product what you liked about it what you didn’t its price and other practical information and much more here we have an example of OnePlus 8 Pro being reviewed in detail covering its many features advantages disadvantages and much more and finally we have number 20 reaction videos reaction videos are exactly what the name says you giving an emotional reaction to something like a movie trailer music video or TV episode these videos encourage a large amount of Engagement from the audience and make your brand seem more relatable here’s an example of a reaction video involving teenagers reacting to the latest tech talk videos these videos usually enable a large amount of likes comments and shares keyword research so basically what we want to do is Center our keywords just like our website we want to Center our keywords around or our content around good keywords so the videos on YouTube are no different than the web pages on our website so if we have somebody who states YouTube is the world’s second most well well-known engine well it is because it’s right behind Google it’s not a search engine per se it’s a video platform but if it was a search engine it’d probably be second right behind Google so YouTube is pretty popular majority people use YouTube search every day to watch videos on a number of different topics so they can find these videos in Google but because YouTube’s so powerful and so popular people go directly right into YouTube for their searches and so the whole idea behind YouTube being the second most well-known search engine is centered around keywords so if you have the right keywords for your video then the chances of you ranking higher increases on YouTube so we’re gonna share with you a few easy ways to do keyword research this is the most important step in getting your videos to rank on YouTube just like for those of you who watched any of the SEO videos we produced it simply learn you know that keyword research is so essential to getting your web pages to rank on Google well it’s no different keyword research and choosing the right keywords is just as important for your videos as is for your web pages so we’re going to go into a few things to do here to find the right keywords so we have the search suggestion you can look at your competitors we have different tools we can use some other factors involved in Google itself so let’s start talking about some of these ways to really hone in and do some good research on your keywords to align them with your videos first thing is search suggest so YouTube has a feature called autocomplete so if you’ve done any searches on Google it’s very similar if you’re typing something in to YouTube search then YouTube is going to suggest other related popular keywords so let’s take a look at that if we go back to YouTube for a second and I just type in machine learning YouTube is going to populate on the autocomplete in the search bar some other popular keywords that we can potentially use or in this case if I Choose You Know machine learning tutorial I’m going to see a video about machine learning tutorial so here you can see simply learns ranked number one for machine learning tutorial but there are other videos that show up in my search result so we want to be able to use the search suggestion box in the search box field so when we’re typing in something new YouTube just like on Google is going to give us those suggestions so if we’re focusing a video on machine learning then you know we have some ideas of some other keywords that we could center around because these are are popular keywords these are key words that people are using to search on YouTube so that’s one suggestion looking at competitors is another suggestion so we could search for keywords used by our competitors in their video and title and description so let me talk a a little bit about that what you want to do is you want to go to that particular channel of your competitor so when you go to your particular competitors YouTube channel you want to be able to click on the videos tab when you click on the videos tab then you’re going to sort by most popular and then what you could do is see a list of videos and then when you look at a list of videos you’re going to choose a video and then what you’re going to do then is take a look at the keywords used in the title and description and then once you do that you’re going to have a list of keywords that you can use yourself for that video so for example let’s go back to YouTube so if I go to type in simply learn here’s our Channel page just by clicking on simply learn I click on videos ever wonder if there’s so now I can see all the videos ever wonder if there’s an easier way go back so here I can see all the videos sort by most popular once they do that then I can choose a video this is the most popular video right now for simply learn if I click on that video it’s automatically going to start playing but what I could do is simply just look at you know the content description so just by clicking show more I can see all the content that align with this video that’s one way to do it is simply by looking at your competitors now what you could also do is look at the tags associated with the particular video and so what you want to do is you want to look at the HTML and so that means looking at the page source so just like web pages what YouTube does is they look at meta tags so if you call from SEO in order to get your pages to rank you need to have a title tag and a meta tag description so videos are no different what we’re doing for YouTube is aligning certain keywords with the video so if you take a look and do a search for keywords by viewing the page Source you’re going to see all the keywords associated with a particular video so so for example if I go back to YouTube and I look at the page source of a video Let’s just say this video here Facebook’s ad tutorial I’m going to pull up the page source and all I need to do is control F and type in keywords and now for that Facebook video I can see all the keywords associated with the video so you can see there’s a lot of different keywords we’re aligning with this video and so why do we want to do that because we want you know our video to show up for keywords that people may type in and so if you use that YouTube autocomplete it’s going to give you those ideas this most popular keywords so if they’re related align those keywords with the video so here you can see Facebook marketing Facebook ad strategy Facebook ads for beginners so forth and so on so there’s a lot of keywords we’ve aligned here with that particular video and again all you need to do is look at the page source so right clicking view page Source do a control F for keywords and and you’ll be able to see the keywords aligned so you could do that for your competitors videos as well so you could see what keywords your competitors using for a video that’s most popular for their Channel and is also ranking on YouTube and on Google so using the autocomplete gives you those keyword ideas looking at your competitors videos also gives you some other ideas for keywords that you can align with a video that’s relevant that you want to rank for so let’s look at some other ideas here so you can install plugins and there are plenty of plugins available on the Chrome browser that will help you see the video tags associated with a particular video so a couple of examples or vid IQ and tubebuddy those are extensions that work in Chrome and what they do is they give you the exact tags that a particular video is using so for example if I go back here and I look at a video on YouTube let’s just say the machine learn learning Basics video I have vid IQ installed on my Chrome browser so just by clicking on that vid IQ is going to give me a lot of information about that video you’re just going to give me an overview of their particular metrics they’re going to give me some other information associated with Facebook some engagement metrics really what I’m interested in is those keywords so if I scroll down a bit here I can see the video tags associated with the machine learning Basics video so vid IQ is telling me is these keywords are associated with this video and not only does it show me what keywords are associated I can also see where they rank so for machine learning Basics this particular video ranks number one if I go down I could see what is machine learning and how does it work I can see it’s rank number two here I could see machine learning algorithms it’s ranked number nine so I can get some ideas of the types of keywords that are being used as tags for that video further down I can also see some Channel tags but really this is the video tags or the idea place I want to be able to look to get an idea of the types of keywords that are associated with the video that are also ranking or not ranking so that’s another way for you to really get an understanding of what keywords to use at the particular video so autocomplete you can look at the page source of a competitors video or you can use a Chrome extension in this case I’m using vid IQ to give me some information about the video tags for a particular video so according to an industry study using keywords and video tags will help you rank well on YouTube so you have to use keywords and video tags if you want your video to rank there’s been a lot of studies YouTube is so popular and videos are so prominent in today’s world where if you have videos and you’re going to upload them to YouTube then associate the right keywords with those videos so some important factors when we look at keywords what we want to do is look at search volume we want to look at competition we want to look at relevancy we want to look at the primary and secondary keywords that we want to use so well chosen keywords will help you rank so we just gave you some ideas on how to do some keyword research again those ideas were really to use the autocomplete on YouTube or Google they’re going to give you some popular keywords you can look what your competitors are doing by looking at the page source and just looking at the keywords that are aligned with that video or you can use a third-party extension in Chrome in my example I use vid IQ that gave me the keywords associated with that video so you have ways to get the keywords so what we want to do is we want to make sure we choose keywords with high search volume they’re going to drive more traffic to your video however we want to balance it out with key keywords that have low difficulty and are easier to rank for so you don’t want to choose something very broad that’s just going to be very difficult to rank for and of course we always want to go with relevancy so for talking about machine learning Basics then we want to choose keywords associated with that and that’s where that autocomplete comes in handy because what Google’s going to do and YouTube’s going to do is give us keywords that are very closely related to the video that we’re trying to optimize for and so we have a number of different keywords at our disposal that are relevant that we can look to see if they have good volume and low competition and so the whole idea is we want to choose a keyword that defines the nature of the content and then what we want to do is support that with secondary keywords so we want keywords that are highly relevant to the primary keyword so that’s the way to go about aligning your keywords you want keywords that are high volume low competition or relevant and you want to choose that one keyword that is really what the content’s about and then there’s secondary keywords that support the primary so if you have a machine learning video you could choose your primary keyword as in this case the machine learning Basics video so well chosen keywords help you rank well on YouTube just like the machine learning Basics so if I go back to our video our machine learning Basics video if I just type in machine learning Basics

I’ll be able to pull it up and so here it is if I click on it I’m going to go to YouTube and so here I can see this keyword we know humans learn from is well aligned because it’s in the title it’s in the copy and it’s a line is a keyword tagged with the video so we know that that keyword has good volume low competition is relevant because that’s what the video is about the basics of machine learning it’s an introduction to machine learning so instead of honing in on just introduction and machine learning primary keyword is machine learning Basics and then we supported that video with those secondary keywords what is machine learning because somebody who doesn’t know machine learning is probably going to type in that keyword and then introduction to machine learning is a good secondary keyword because it’s explaining the basics of what machine learning is all about so primary keyword machine learning basic secondary keywords what is machine learning and introduction to machine learning so that’s the whole idea behind choosing keywords you want that keyword that really is going to define the content and then support that with those secondary keywords so remember when you’re performing your keyword research choose keywords for your videos that Google shows on the video results page so what I mean by that is your video can get more views if you rank on Google as well so the whole idea is not necessarily to be found on YouTube it’s also to be found on Google so if I go back to Google and I just type in data science for beginners and

I type in videos then you can see we’re ranked number one so even if you’re not looking at the videos clicking on the videos link on Google search you can always just when you do a search what Google’s going to do is also put in the videos here on par as part of the search results so what they’re going to show you is the top videos that are ranking for that particular keyword and so we may not rank overall for data science for beginners but we’re ranked number one in the videos category and so if somebody’s looking for a video that’s important and you can see here that these first two are ads so what Google is doing is they’re saying hey this is so relevant this particular video for the keyword query data science for beginners that we’re going to show it above the organic listings even though it’s a video so the whole idea is to be found on YouTube and Google because you’re increasing your visibility you’re increasing your chances of getting found on both search platforms so according to backlinko google Ranks videos with keywords like how to tutorials so you know a lot of the videos that you find on YouTube are going to be instructional based and so what Google’s doing is they’re saying hey if somebody types in how to or tutorial or an introduction to anything that’s going to signal to Google that it’s instructional it’s going to help you rank so when you search for machine learning tutorial or how to become a machine learning engineer you’re going to get results related to that because if you look at these examples we have machine learning tutorial in our title or how to become a machine learning engineer so keep that in mind if you’re creating a video and it’s educational in nature you know use those key terms like how to and tutorials in the video title because that will help you rank so let’s move over now to video title so we want to use our Target keyword in the title of the video and again we want to make sure if it’s education additional to include that keyword tutorial or how to so for every video title YouTube has a limit of 100 characters so we really have to pick and choose really wisely so if we look at the video that we were focusing on a couple of minutes ago so machine learning Basics here we could see under 100 characters we have machine learning Basics what is machine learning introduction to machine learning and then the brand name so that is the title of this particular video so it takes into account the primary keyword the secondary keywords and the title and it also includes that really that key term that really Google and YouTube like and that’s what is machine learning so it’s helping us Rank by having our keywords in the title with that key phrase what is okay so that’s a good tidbit on creating a good video title is to align it with the right keywords your primary and your secondary and so we want to use the those catchy words and numbers to gain High click-through rates just like you would on the title tag of your web page we want to do the same with our video title because the video titles what’s going to show up in search so if I go back to you know search here we could see you know data science tutorial data science for beginners so we want to make sure in this case you can see data science in five minutes so that was purposely done so that hey

I don’t have time to watch a video I only have a couple minutes data science in five minutes okay great I’m going to click on the video and now I have an opportunity to watch something and learn something under five minutes so choosing the right words in your video title is going to help you get that click-through rate up remember click the array is clicks divided by Impressions and an impression is how many times your video shows up and the search results on YouTube or Google so we want to keep our click-through rate high and in order to do that we want to be able to write some really good title tags for our video so use catchy words like a number or how to or what is because that’s going to resonate with people when they’re searching now for the description what we want to do is we want to use the target word at the beginning of the description the title and the tags itself so if I go back to my video here machine learning Basics we know it’s in the video title and right off the bat if I look at the description of the video here I can see this machine learning Basics video will help you understand what is machine learning so our primary keyword is in the first sentence right in the introductory of the description and so that’s going to bode well for optimizing our video the description length is 5 000 characters so we have a lot of characters to work with so if I go back to my video I click show more we have a lot of characters to really describe what the video is about okay there’s no shortage no shortage of including keywords into the content so you have 5 000 characters go ahead and see if you can work in naturally your keywords but one of the key tips here is just make sure that first sentence starts out with that keyword that’s a good tip of course you always want to make it sound natural as possible you don’t want to stuff it with keywords at the same time work them in naturally work in your keywords naturally and then include hashtags in your description to help the audience find your video is easily so if I go back here you know we want to be able to include hashtags so hashtags it’s like anything else you would use on social media it just signals to the end user hey this is what the video is all about and if I go ahead and type in that keyword then it’s our video has a better chance because it’s a line with that hashtag and then there’s Target keywords and LSI keywords latent semantic indexing keywords we want to be able to use those keywords as Target keywords with our video so if you recall the example I gave a few minutes ago we used the Facebook ads tutorial as our example here

I could see all the target keywords associated with that particular video so don’t be afraid to use those LSI related keywords meaning keywords that are related to the content use them as Target keywords with the video so between your LSI keywords Target keywords and then using our primary and secondary keyword in the title tag using our primary and secondary keyword in the description and then using hashtags in the description the combination of all of that if we chose the right keyword then we should find that our video will eventually rank on YouTube so just doing these small tidbits with our keywords really help get our video to rank so at the end of the day we want to be able to use the tools available to Us YouTube Itself by looking at our competitors those extensions like vid IQ the autocomplete to really find our good keywords and then incorporating those keywords into you know the title tag the description as Target keywords hashtags we should really be off and running with hi there if you like this video subscribe to the simply learned YouTube channel and click here to watch similar videos turn it up and get certified click here

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