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What is SEO? | Introduction to SEO

1991 the world’s first website was torched in the coming years one turned into hundreds and hundreds into thousands ultimately crowding the internet necessity does the mother of invention so this was the time to structure and make the information on the Internet accessible which led to the birth of search engines help people to find information on the internet so now the question arises

SEO in 2 Minutes | What is SEO? | Introduction to SEO | SEO Explained For Beginners

Introduction to SEO

How are search engines able to identify the information people are searching for this happens with the help of Search terms users enter to search for the information search engines identify the web content containing those phrases thereby displaying it in the search engine result pages also known as serps so to break users or search engine traffic to your website you will need to optimize your web content with the Search terms or relevant keyword which users are actually looking for

What is SEO

If you have a shoe website then it should have keywords like Snickers sports shoes and some phrases like best knickers for men which will help you to gain more use attraction for this search engine optimization plays an important role so

The process of getting good quality and quantity of traffic on your website or a web page through search engines is called search engine optimization or SEO in short

Types of SEO

Search engine optimization practices involve on-page SEO OFF page SEO and Technical SEO each of these is directly or indirectly responsible for getting organic traffic to your website

SEO Jobs

With the growth of the SEO industry and Rising demand for SEO experts leading companies like Microsoft udemy Deloitte and Siemens are already hiring SEO experts with salaries going as high as 100 000 dollars per annum that’s as you wrap in two minutes

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