What Are The Top Programming Languages For 2023?

In this Blog, I am going to be covering what are some of the top programming languages for 2023. This is a helpful list for not only anyone learning how to code but also people working in the tech industry. It is important to keep up to date on trends and what are the most popular programming languages in order to have a better sense of where the industry is headed and what we are building on! Leave any questions you have in the comments! Courses I listed:

  • Python:
  • Java:
  • JavaScript:
  • Swift:
  • C++:

More Udemy Courses: Leave down below any other questions!

What are some of the top programming languages that are most in demand for 2023? if you are watching this blog it’s probably because of a few things you are looking to break into the tech industry and just want more information on what tech companies are using and what languages are in demand to you have been in the tech industry for a while maybe you’re a software engineer QA product manager and you want to know and have a better understanding of what trends are coming up in 2023 regardless of why you’re here reading this blog you will leave this blog with an understanding of the top programming languages coming up for 2023 and also to how to learn them where to learn them because that is very key I’ve been a software developer for over five years now started out in QA moved to back end front end.

I’m in developer relations so knowing what programming languages are really in demand ahead of time is very important for me as I need to stay up to date on Tech Trends what’s coming up and also be able to speak about these different Technologies I’m understand them and that’s why I always do this research regardless of what top programming languages are coming up what programming languages are in demand so I thought I would share my data and analysis with you okay let’s go oh also thank you so much for udemy to sponsoring this video I love you to me it’s how I first learned to code I still use it today for all my upskilling link them down below and all the courses I’m mentioning are linked down below so go check them out oh can you guess the first one I’ll list I’ll give you a second here if you guessed python you are correct and it’s probably no surprise mainly because python is used among many different roles from data scientists web developer QA python touches a lot of roles and is used for many different things.

I really think that is one of the reasons why python continues to dominate on a lot of these lists another reason is that the entry to learning python is pretty straightforward now let’s go back and have a little bit of an understanding as to how python originated python was originally developed as a hobby project which sounds crazy now just how much it exploded it was mainly developed for emphasis on code readability no surprise here and also its syntax allows for programmers to express Concepts in fewer lines of code well yeah sure give me a sec so so why should you even Learn Python well, for one thing, all the big tech companies big and small typically use Python to varying degrees another reason is if you are first starting out in your coding Journey python is a very is one of the better languages.

I would say to start with because of its readability okay the most important question where do you learn it what course is the best now we are entering an age where the problem isn’t where to find courses it’s there is so much information out there how do you decipher which ones are the best entry in the complete python Bootcamp from Zero to Hero in Python one of the reasons I really like this course is I actually took this course many years ago or a few years ago when I was first learning Python and I really liked it because it not only teaches you the basics from the essentials but you also are building You’re Building really interesting projects and I think that’s so key which a lot of courses are missing because a lot of them kind of do the same courses over and over again and I feel like with this course you are building different games from uh Blackjack tic-tac-toe and

I just think it’s really fun because the games you are building or the projects you are building can be applied to the real world coming in at number two on the list is Java Java is a widely used object-oriented programming language and software platform that runs on billions of devices including notebook computers mobile devices gaming consoles medical devices and more also a really interesting fact about Java its initial name was actually oh it was later changed to Java because at the time there was already a programming language named Oak okay another intern another interesting thing another interesting thing about Java is it was actually created on accident Yes you heard that right James Gosling the creator of Java programming was working at somewhere called Sun labs they were working on some big projects and working with C plus plus long story short they ended up with Java a new programming language pretty cool okay if you are looking to learn Jabba as it is widely widely used across many different companies here’s where to go Java programming masterclass that’s covering Java 11 and Java 17.

This course I loved because it was recently updated actually on 10 October of this year which is huge and they always release quite frequent updates as well so why do I love this course, in particular, one of the things that initially drew me to this course is I always look at the instructor’s credentials who are they where do they come from what is their background and for me I love that it is actually taught by a professional Java developer who who hasn’t just been in the industry for a few years but has worked with the language for over 18 years so not only do they know the positives of Jabba but they also know the downsides the pitfalls and I think that is almost more important because then they know how to teach in a way that they will know.

What you will come across and the problems you will face potentially with that language also too in this course has 52 coding exercises I don’t typically see courses having these many exercises are a great way when you are taking a course that is a little bit lengthier that it breaks it up in a way to actually test your learning because sometimes okay maybe it’s just me but sometimes I kind of get dozy when I start watching courses and I have to rewind and figure out where I was so having exercises within them is a great way to stay on top of things next up is next on the list my personal favorite maybe Lee because this was the programming language.

I learned which is Javascript love it or hate it JavaScript made it on this list and it’s here to stay for the time being I love JavaScript because not only can you use it on the front end but you can also use it on the back end side of things the original name for JavaScript was mocha it was developed in 1995 for use with Netscape 2 browser and honestly, in my opinion, I feel like they should have stuck with the name mocha because too often especially probably when it was first developed between Java and JavaScript people would get confused hopefully not anymore but I think the names you know it’s not the best even though they’re completely different now what course to take for JavaScript this was a tough one because of JavaScript.

I feel like there is just an overload of courses for JavaScript and how do you know which one is the right one to take this course I’ll put on screen here really stood out to me the complete JavaScript course from 2023 from zero to expert and why it stood out to me well the first thing if I’m being honest is the number of ratings it almost has 200 000 ratings it has almost a million students 700 000 students with a 4.7-star rating so you know based on the numbers based on the data this is a good course already by just looking at that another thing that stood out to me is just how quickly they updated the last update was this month in November.

I also like how it’s structured in a way where you can start at the beginning from a beginner just starting out or if you’re someone who already is a developer but you aren’t as familiar with JavaScript you can start at the beginning to learn the fundamentals or there are projects where you can start in on and just start building with those okay let’s take this off for a little bit next on the list is Swift Swift has continued to gain popularity as iOS becomes more and more famous people want more apps people want more games it’s not going anywhere it is a programming language that ensures you have a long a really stable career as apps and iOS development isn’t going anywhere if you look at the numbers it’s continuing to go up and more and more in demand and honestly I have just tinkered around with swift but it is so much fun it took me a minute to wrap my head around but I really actually love Xcode I know maybe that’s because I’m not a professional iOS Developer.

I feel like iOS developers always say the opposite but just the visual aspect of it is really exciting to me okay course time which iOS course do you take you know this wouldn’t be a proper list without including a Dr. Angela course she is OG is that what you can say original aishi is just I love love love her courses I’ve taken some of her python courses and she’s just incredible she’s brilliant in my opinion okay Angela if you’re watching this you probably aren’t but if you ever do watch this I love you you’re amazing you’ve really helped me in my coding career this is a great iOS and Swift course uh you will learn to create a portfolio of 15 different apps to be able to go from Junior developer to senior and I love that this really enables you to build so many interesting projects that you can speak about here’s a little side tip after you are done taking this course a really great way or thing to do that I do and I’m taking a course is a project.

I really liked or resonated with I’ll build it again without the tutorial but build it in something that I’m interested in for example in this course one of the things that you will be building is an animated dice roll so what you could do after you’ve done that example is you could start by building an animated object that you are interested in maybe something other than a dice and this is a great way to take your learnings and apply them to your own projects last but definitely not least on this list is I got the green screen C plus plus we couldn’t end this list without C plus plus it’s been around for a while it is a classic and it’s not going anywhere C plus plus is a powerful general purpose programming language it can be used to develop operating systems browsers games and further now where do you learn C plus plus put it up on screen here the course that I really enjoyed I started taking this course I’ll be honest with you I’ve never used C plus in my work so I was just curious about it to understand it and have a have a deeper understanding.

I think that’s one of the things as a side note that’s really interesting about all these courses is don’t just take them just because it’s what you are going to be using currently at work if you are curious about something why not take it just to learn something new I don’t think we do that enough this course really stood out to me when I was looking for C plus courses because it teaches a modern C plus rather than an obsolete version that many courses will be teaching you now this course is pretty long in length it’s about 45 almost 46 hours actually in length and that can be intimidating at first to many why am I going to take this course that’s so long but one thing that really helped me or I really enjoyed about it is how well it’s broken down into sections so just as another tip for you what I do when I’m taking a course is I will break them down into or I’ll schedule my time and learnings based on the sections that’s already broken down.

Okay, those are the top five programming languages for 2023. now let’s get something clear here just because these are the top five programming languages for 2023 doesn’t mean that there aren’t tons more out there that are in demand and I want to make that clear because sometimes I’ll get comments being like well Tiff I really want to learn um I really want to learn go I really want to learn this and that you don’t have this on the list still learn it the whole purpose of this list based on the research I’ve done isn’t to say these are the only five you can learn but inspire and inform you of what is coming up for 2023.

Also, I want to end this video with a final note a lot of times we make these videos talking about the technical skills that you need to learn which are so important but even if you have the strongest technical skills without the soft skills it’s going to be hard to grow your career in a very successful long-term way yes you can be that person who doesn’t talk to anyone ever and just have a successful career that way potentially but what I love about you to me is they also offer so many other courses on the soft skill side of things for leadership public speaking personal development all those are equally as important so please do not forget about that kind of courses as well I linked everything down below.

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