Watch here Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 25 in Urdu / Hindi

A rebellious king who coveted the altar did not have a throne, just as there was no place under the throne of the city  He opened the flag of rebellion, I will immediately understand you, the throne city, the clan, you killed your brother, Sultan don’t forget the tour, crazy, you hurt the top of the ground, and to his dead, the bottom of the ground ? He will fulfill his duty and be taken to the young man in Arnca.

Watch here Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 25 in Urdu / Hindi

There is more mold rats joined İnal Bey’s army with his lower pulp, or we saw that he took so many rights, we killed most of them with the sword he just bought, let’s not put him in line, he would still keep it with him. I don’t think he is involved in a job] is already ready for our sultan i know i’ll be back God, our melikshah also has a lot of appetite Alparslan Bey, I try to be a son in strength. I hope my Lord will crown our marriage, I hope you won’t send news to my father, sister. Also, maybe as soon as he comes to see your grandson, Gülce is informal, Belle, your father will never come back, ask me one more time and don’t bother you or me. [Music] I can’t do without it I can’t stand this pain God

Watch here Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 25 in Urdu / Hindi

I put out this Fire you burned in my heart , let him hear about his treasure, especially Tekfur will learn there Cenk Meyd The memory of me I’m here Hang on, it’s the place of the soldiers , not the place of the cowards who hide the pilgrims with their clothes, not the place of the cowards, the names of the Turks are a Shroud for those cowards, but is there anyone left alive, my Bey? News Sal Ah, maybe there is someone who saw it in the neighborhood, vitalit knows that he is waiting for news, the brain is on the alert Be patient a little more make sure that your breath is taken Your order will be done Mr.

Watch here Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 25 in Urdu / Hindi

They thought they would leave as they came [Music] [Music ] Some of me managed to escape But our braves followed him [Music] We’ll see if the despicable quality can go beyond this number, I will shoot him in his own order. He will not run away, on the contrary, I will come on his own accord. He will come closer to his death with every step he takes. When he arrives, the strange who gave him a soldier will come to take ani from his hand, Arslan Besra will come to take the neck of the series.

breathing this is the situation e we can’t go on any longer, you need to rest and breathe Alparslan was after us No stopping until the Seljuk ruler comes out they passed here blood has dried up look at me in Kurdish, did you cry, look at me, your sister has just given birth A little tired She needs to take care of Bebe Yes, she has a baby now, she only takes care of him, she tells the tales. I miss my father Zehra If she can’t come, we can’t go to her, what did you say when we escaped in the [Music] [Music] square, we didn’t run away after listening to İnal Bey’s last order and dispersed.

do it, you caught the ghouls and took them away, now if you don’t release them, we will gather again as we dispersed, now if you surrender yourself voluntarily, I will bring your tongue before the Sultan gentleman blood We will not put out the fire he did for the sake of justice because he said don’t come after me, you will burn in the fire that you said we will not put out Those who see this end will go to the ground one by one. You’re surprised, höken, I’m not a party to that war

Watch here Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 25 in Urdu / Hindi


Did the lion in front of you save the son he slept with you deemed him worthy of two spans of the ground, Yet again, the colonel was more guarded than that one Rasul Standing Behind You, he saved your skin from countless deaths I did not come to fight, I came to do my last duty for my brother Ibrahim, your face that will open your hand for him , do you have a word to pray for, do you betray him, your pain is great, your pain is your pain, other girl, but the day will come, the day will come when the person’s pain gets bigger, the day will come to your best friend

Söke Hatun duty Tama Let’s get on with the young msa my Sultan This will not happen and the bloodshed will not stop, Brothers will continue to shed blood unless rebels are stopped amongst the servants mazallah My Sultan Rebellion Gentlemen who fanned their fire and carried wolves to their own hell are in your presence  stand up you followed me

Watch here Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 25 in Urdu / Hindi

You stood where you said Nur and hit where you said Shoot You were about to be loyal and never came back from the ground you set took over you, you went here or there, you crashed with us You made a living by plundering instead of making conquests.

You can’t donate. Seeing that my brother who fell in love will burn, look at your situation now Which of you Rock won or lost, your blood is one of your parents, how can it offer you a last chance from your mother or father my sultan you give your hand, how many meanings do you give this ? They say they ‘re on the road so that I too will spare their lives, but won’t they cut off the road again at the first opportunity they get, Alparslan.

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