Top 8 Programming Languages to Learn in 2023

I’m gonna be doing my top ten languages to learn and this is going into the next year 2023 like what is hot what should you learn how are you gonna make money in this field and this is just gonna be based off on that just my own personal interests and just um simply what is viable.


I’ll go with the most recent language that has come out and that’s carbon now this thing is uh completely experimental who knows if google is going to scrap it like they scrap a lot of different projects that are out there things like google polymer never really took off but with carbon, it is unlike rust and golang is another go google programming language and um unlike that this is an actual successor to c plus when it comes to speed so even with languages like rust and golang and all that they still weren’t comparable to plus when it came to actual speed so plus still dominates when it comes to like game engines and where you actually need fine tune memory management and just absolute raw speed the reason.

Why I recommend it is actually just simply because it’s a new way of writing something that actually does have tremendous potential if it actually does match plus speed or is faster than c plus but right now it’s so experimental that I don’t really know that that’s going to be an option this is really just as like kind of a side note because when you can jump into something early you can write projects around it projects that are very common in other languages that have been around for a long time.

People have built names for themselves in the programming field when they jump into a new technology and then they’re able to contribute to it so contributing to like uh open source is not something that’s easily done I’ve actually talked about that on my line my channel before but when it comes to getting in early you can absolutely make a name for yourself when there’s just not a whole lot of involvement there so I’ve seen some basic projects, especially in the javascript community like some real basic stuff that you know has allowed people to have like a GitHub project that has a lot of stars a lot of ratings and all that and wide adoption and that does help you get a job all right.


The next one I would say is probably rust because rust is created by the Mozilla people it does have uh speed that is faster than google’s golang language and it’s continuing to get more and more adoption if you’re dealing with web assembly than rust has a compiler that directly writes web assembly code which can run in your browser and it’s I think roughly twice as fast as javascript maybe more when it comes to picking up java I would say kotlin probably wins um kotlin is more java done right so if you’re gonna do any sort of android development then it’s gonna be a lot easier to write any sort of android apps with kotlin versus actual raw java uh but that said java is also not really gonna be mentioned.

Here but if it is something that there are a ton of jobs but there are also a ton of java developers that just have you know decades’ worth of experience at this point and it is difficult for any beginner developer to jump into that field and become a good enough java developer to actually get a java job in my opinion but that said java spring is still a very popular widely used web framework so when I look at jobs and across the country, in the united states java’s probably there’s I would say just from my own observations there are more java jobs than there are c sharp so that brings me.


My next one and that is uh Microsoft c-sharp language so if you’re gonna go down that route it’s similar to java where you’re gonna have to spend years to become really good at it but there’s a lot of opportunity so if you really do dive into the whole ecosystem you’re going to probably be able to find a job pretty easily just because there’s so many and you’re going to have to focus probably on one particular area of it but with c-sharp a lot of Microsoft tools and azure the cloud infrastructure uh they work hand-in-hand so I’ve done Microsoft c-sharp stuff for a long time.

I worked for shop for well over a decade and I don’t miss it honestly I don’t miss it and if I can help it in my career I don’t really want to go back to c sharp or Microsoft at all and i’ve been working on a macbook pro for the last four years professionally and I do all my programming work related on that and i just find it so much more seamless and better than a Microsoft environment um and then I use ubuntu Linux for any sort of professional endeavors like my code hawk website and all that so I use all three of the major operating systems and um Microsoft is the least fun to work on it just it has the most support though when it comes to the software so even me recording this video is done on a Microsoft machine.


I’ll continue to use all three but yeah I don’t miss my windows and the whole ecosystem there but then I was also going to mention that if you’re going to do game development unity is still a big option so c sharp I think is c sharp and unity are the easiest game engines I’ve ever worked on where yeah if you actually want to build a professional project you can do it here but again it’s going to take years worth of effort probably.

The next one I would mention goes and go lang I think is best for like servers so if you need a server that’s going to be a lot faster than Django web stack everything’s microservices these days but if you’re going to set up a server with some basic JSON data that’s being passed back and forth using something like go makes a lot of sense uh from a server-side development perspective.


I don’t see this as being used as anything like writing actual software like installable software like something like WPF or Winforms or something like that but it seems to me that most of these companies are using go for the speed uh server-side speed the next language I would recommend is python this is uh the language I first fell in love with and everything’s a lot easier to write in python there’s pretty much one way to do something the pythonic way of doing it python though is definitely big when it comes to machine learning server-side development with something like flask or Django if you need a full stack framework that just has everything out of the box and Django is still an awesome option these days.

I would recommend it over ruby on rails but uh ruby’s still a good alternative as well I really wouldn’t add it to this list um but if you already know ruby you might as well go with rails but python has a little bit more than just rails and ruby it seems like it’s just kind of a one-trick pony uh where python is not so ruby’s still good if you know rails I mean it’s not going anywhere it’s probably more widely used than Django but python has other advantages.


I use it for simple things like on my website for uploading uh videos to my server for calculating time uh just iterating through a bunch of videos and just you know appending uh the time off of the entire course and all that so simple scripts like that to me python wins and even though I’ve never written python professionally day-to-day in a job I’ve um I’ve used it continuously for the last 15 years the next one’s going to be swift if you’re going to be big on building things that work in the apple ecosystem ios then swift is probably better than uh objective c and uh it’s just a more modern language.

I’ve actually never really dealt with it but if you like I said are targeting windows operating systems and it’s definitely a good option the next recommendation is probably learning bash we deal with this on a day-to-day basis and it’s something that’s sort of overlooked I think with beginner developers but when you get into your job like you’re going to probably be dealing with stuff in the command line hopefully you’re not dealing with windows but it is similar windows now actually runs bash.

But I don’t actually use it well that’s not really true anyway like vs code and all that stuff you can run different types of interpreters but Unix bash is like a command language as you can see here it’s but it’s something that you will I don’t think you have to master but if you’re going to be studying setting up your own server if you use something like a Lenode and ubuntu you’re going to be dealing with bash a lot so is another one but ultimately you’re doing the same kind of commands and you can do things like moving files around moving directories deleting directories and it’s a lot of stuff that you will have to deal with on a day-to-day basis creating quick files running deploy scripts.

All that um but you don’t have to I don’t think to be a master of it it’s one of those things it just takes forever um to learn all the different commands and you’re gonna be looking up stack overflow and a lot of times when you’re trying to figure out how to do something even if you’ve done it like five times before but it is something I think it’s pretty imperative for most modern day programmers all right and then the most important language with the most opportunity that’s gonna be typescript and I’m not mentioning javascript.


Because pretty much every javascript project out there nowadays is using typescript you might as well use typescript it is a little bit of a learning curve but everybody’s using it and it just simply writes javascript better it writes javascript that’s essentially what you’re doing but yeah the bottom line if you’re doing react angular view any of that stuff it all has support for typescript and I think that you’re just simply going to see typescript much more going into the future it pretty much has replaced javascript even though it writes javascript it’s the compiler that’s doing it for you through a bunch of different configurations.

I don’t think that we’re moving back from that and I really have a hard time seeing myself in a straight raw javascript ecosystem now the typescript is so widely adopted if you’re learning the code I recommend you check out my website my courses are fast to the point without the fluff that you’ll find on other competitor sites like Pluralsight and udemy one of the reasons why you want to learn with me is that.

I’m a self-taught engineer myself I never went to school for any of this stuff I’ve been doing it for over a decade now professionally the biggest reason you should use code hawk is that it’s one price for everything I try to make this as affordable as possible instead of having to purchase 15 to 20 different courses on udemy or an expensive monthly subscription to Pluralsight it’s one price for everything on code hawk front end back end full stack it has courses on all the latest web development technology the courses range from beginner to advanced.

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