Top 8 Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree


We all know that the last two years were a battle for everyone especially since it affected the daily lives of every working individual or soon-to-be-a-part of the corporate world but every cloud has silver lightning because everyone was at home exploring and trying their hands on different aspects for earning their living and today in 2022 this demand opened the way to various hidden but in Trend jobs or profiles and thus considering this demand and urge to learn simply learn has brought you a new video on the highest paying jobs of 2022 to Enlighten you with in-demand job profiles and to help you get a better perspective on what the coming future holds for you these jobs don’t require you to have a degree, Yes you heard it right you don’t need a college degree to start with these jobs stick to the end of the video to find out which job profile pays the highest so without any further Ado let’s start the Article at the eighth position in our list is customer support specialist

1- Customer support specialist

Customer support Specialists are in charge of identifying and resolving consumer issues while still acting professionally and courteously customer service Representatives must be detail-oriented have excellent communication skills be able to focus Under Pressure set priorities and handle multiple inquiries at the same time this is typically a full-time position in an office setting now if somebody wants to start their career as a customer support specialist they must have computer skills like data entry internal tracking and ticketing and so forth also many customer service positions don’t require certification but having industry certification can help demonstrate their expertise to hiring managers now coming to the exciting part which is salary so a customer support specialist earns roughly forty-five thousand dollars in the U.S and approximately five lakhs per annum in India so this was all about customer support specialist now moving on to the seventh position on our list

2- Flight attendant

A flight attendant is someone who takes care of passengers on airplanes the primary responsibility of a flight attendant is to ensure that everyone on board an airplane is safe and comfortable a person pursuing a career as a flight attendant is counted as a cabin crew member now talking about some of the essential skills for flight attendants are good communication skills a pleasant personality and interpersonal skills so if one wants to start their career as a flight attendant it is favorable if they have expertise in Hospitality food and beverage service after that you can undergo a training course and certification now talking about the salary a flight attendant earns approximately forty-eight thousand dollars in the U.S and India they can earn roughly 12 lakhs per annum so now let’s move on to another interesting job which is

3- Content Creator

A content creator is someone who develops amusing or educational information since most of the content is consumed digitally content creation is especially relevant to digital content as a content creator is expected of them to manage social media accounts and respond to client queries and comments regarding digital marketing materials and articles can all be considered forms of content creation for business sharing content ideas with various corporate departments to help with their content requirements is also a Content Creator’s responsibility now to become a content creator one must know about SEO social media marketing affiliate marketing you can also try to create a network by offering to work or by collaborating now comes to the salary on an average a content creator earns up to fifty thousand dollars per year in the U.S and 7.2 lakhs per annum in India at number five

4- Graphic Designer

We have graphic designer so a graphic designer who designs Graphics that clients May print or submit to their website using both digital graphic design software and conventional art mediums including pencil pen and paint graphic designers create a wide range of visual assets including logos signage magazines layouts advertising report templates and advertisements they could specialize in a specific area of graphic design or offer General Graphic Design Services to clients the tools used by a graphic designer include Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Pixlr canvas and the like now to become a graphic designer one can opt for some online courses join a design community and can also gain some practical experience through internships a graphic designer earns up to fifty thousand dollars per annum in the US and 6.5 lakhs per annum in India now let’s move on to another interesting job which is a digital marketer

5- Digital Marketing

digital marketing is the promotion of Brands to engage with potential customers over the Internet other digital communication channels are known as digital marketing commonly referred to as online marketing digital marketers produce advertising campaigns for customers or for the businesses in whose marketing departments they are employed they work in advertising agencies or marketing departments so if you want to start your career as a digital marketer you must have an accurate view of the market one can also enroll in certification and boot camps for digital marketing now a digital marketer earns roughly 62 thousand dollars in the US and 6.7 lakhs per annum in India so now let’s move on to the top three job profiles with the third one being the executive assistant

6- Executive Assistant

An executive assistant is a secretary-like administrative professional the job generally requires client relations handling information requests preparing statistical reports event planning and like big businesses like Deloitte and Amazon employ the majority of executive assistants so if someone wants to start a career as an executive assistant they must have a high school department there are also some certifications available such as certified administrative professional certified professional secretary and advanced certificate for an executive assistant that will help them broaden their skill set now coming to the interesting part which is a salary an executive assistant earns roughly 63 thousand dollars in the U.S and approximately 5.19 lakhs per annum in India so let’s have a look at the profile on the second position and that is a real estate agent

7- Real estate agent

A real estate agent is a qualified individual who coordinates real estate transactions by connecting buyers and sellers and representing them in discussions the ability to close a deal impacts how much money a real estate agent makes through their commissions which is frequently a percentage of the property’s purchase price to make up the majority of their income the job requires staying updated with real estate markets showing properties to buyers counseling clients and the like so if you want to become a real estate agent you must understand your State’s requirements complete the pre-licensing work apply for a real estate exam and maintain the real estate license and then you can work with a firm the interesting part will now be revealed which is the salary a real estate agent earns roughly 68 000 in the U.S and approximately 5.7 lakhs per annum in India now moving on to the number one position on our list with maximum salary and that is a web developer so now let’s have a look at it so

8- Web Developers

Web developers utilize web-facing technology to design software to create and maintain websites and web applications working with graphic designers on-site layout problem solving and testing the job requires troubleshooting problems of the website monitoring the website creating test applications and the like scope of a web developer’s work might vary depending on their area of expertise and specialization so if you want to become a web developer you must enroll in a course practice on the skill apply for web developer options as it is one of the most search specialist jobs in the market a web developer earns a whopping seventy thousand dollars in the US and approximately 7.7 blacks per annum in India and with that we have reached the end of this video on the highest paying jobs in 2022 that don’t require a degree well which one would you choose let us know in the comments below and if you like this video please give it a thumbs up

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