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In this article session, you will be learning about some projects that you can add to your resume which will make your resume stand out in 2023 and will grab the attention of the recruiter but first let me remind you that we have daily updates on numerous Technologies so if you’re a tech geek looking for the latest Technology Innovation try visiting our site l and remember to hit the Bell icon to never miss an update from Simply learn so without any further Ado


Let’s get started with the agenda for today’s session, first of all, we will understand how to add programming projects to a resume, and then we will go through different types of projects like portfolio projects web scrapping projects API based projects games e-commerce Etc. We’ll go through each of these projects and understand why these projects are important so having Web projects on your resume whether you are new to coding or a seasoned programmer emphasizes your technical skills and experience to companies while helping you stand out from the crowd this tutorial will teach you all you need to know about choosing and presenting programming projects on your resume so

Add programming projects

Let’s first understand how to add programming projects to your resume so the recruiters and hiring managers don’t have much time to go through the entire resume in order to make them notice the best projects you have worked on you have to include them in the proper place in the resume you can include technical projects in your work experience section so that the hiring managers can see them when they examine your resume also if you have the prior employment experience include your programming projects and the extra experience box you can mention the description of the projects the Technologies you have used

while creating the project and your responsibilities and achievements for the project you must include the most important technical project you have worked on and can also use the relevant resume keywords in your programming resume listing relevant programming projects allow you to get passed through applicants tracking systems so use proper resume keywords by carefully reading each job description and adapting your resume achievements and experience to meet the particular qualifications that firms are seeking for so this was about how to add the programming projects in your resume now

Let’s go ahead and have a look at some projects that we can add in the resume which will increase your chance of selection during the recruitment process so now let’s go ahead and have a look at some projects to add in resume so first would be portfolio project so one of the easiest projects to start with is a portfolio project it enables you to demonstrate your abilities and create a personal website that is as simple as and as complex as you choose if you create a personal portfolio that you can immediately show on the website it will be easier to deliver and showcase programming work to recruiters including portfolio projects on your resume can be especially valuable if you apply for a creative field such as design writing or marketing in these fields a portfolio can provide a tangible example of your work now next project to add in your resume is web scripting companies will be impressed if you demonstrate your Mastery of web scrapping to scan and capture data from a website web scrapping is a practice of obtaining information and content from a website it is especially prohibited to do this for publicly unavailable domain including web scrapping skills on your resume can be a valuable asset particularly

If you are interested in careers in data analysis data mining or software development web scrapping can be useful tool for collecting and organizing data from a variety of sources python web scrapping projects are popular among beginners these days our Channel already includes a python web scrapping tutorial you can check that tutorial the link will be added in the description box next we have API based project as a web developer using search inputs is an important skill to have so consider adding an API to your list of programming projects API or application programming interface which is an intermediate between software that allows two apps to interact with one another APIs provide an easy way to retrieve and distribute data within and across companies there are a lot of apps available on the internet including twitters API Amazon API and various other APIs creating an API based project allows you to manipulate data understand client-server architecture and obtain data from HTTP servers it is necessary to have basic programming knowledge to create this type of project and it will take around two to three weeks to complete this project now before moving forward

Let me ask you a quick question according to you what was the main reason for Twitter to lay off so many employees do let us know in the comment section below you can take your time now coming to the next project that you must have on your list games so games are an excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge of basic concepts and algorithms including games on your programming resume may demonstrate your knowledge of logic data structures and algorithms a game project can showcase various skills such as programming Skills game design skills graphic design skills and project management skills not only that using game engine software such as Unity Visual Studio or Unreal Engine you can modify or develop an original game with unique 3D characters and storylines overall a game project can be an excellent addition to your resume because it showcases various technical talents in great demand in the gaming business it can also be a great opportunity to demonstrate your creativity and passion for a game development next project on our list is chatbot chat

Bots are extensively utilized to save time on the recurring conversation on corporate websites smartphones applications and social media Pages a chatbot is a piece of software that mimics human communication or chatter via text or voice interactions to make one you can use a popular programming language such as python Java or PHP these are significant commercial projects and the recruiting manager would like to learn more about you now coming to the next project which is an e-commerce project so the majority of the websites and application with which we interact are an e-commerce platforms and e-commerce websites is one that allows you to buy things online some examples of e-commerce website is Flipkart Amazon zomato OU big basket growfers Etc including an e-commerce project on your resume can be a perfect way to demonstrate your technical skills and experience working on a complex project depending on the specific Rule and responsibilities an e-commerce project can showcase a range of skills such as web development skills ux design skills project management skills and business skills also so this was all about projects to add in the resume

if you have any doubts regarding this article you can put them in the comment section so what’s your opinion on our list feel free to let us know if you missed out on something important and with that, we have come to the end of this section. If you like this blog please give it a thumbs up I hope it really helped you all thanks for reading stay safe and keep learning

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