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Top 5 Tips to Rank on Google

How to Rank Higher on Google | Top 5 Tips to Rank on Google

Search engine optimization has been playing an essential role in the success of various businesses for those who are still looking for growth in the industry and have search engine optimization otherwise known as SEO as their primary weapon then yes you are in the right place this video on how to rank number one on Google will give you the best tips to get a higher ranking without spending a penny

I have a question for you the process of getting the quality and quantity of traffic to your website organically known as search engine marketing search engine optimization search engine advertising or none of the above let me know your answers in the comments section below in this video first we will understand why it’s essential to rank high in search engines next we will have a look at the top five mantras on how to get ranked number one on Google search result pages and while understanding this we will put a light on why these success tips are important for getting a good ranking and how we can actually implement it we will share some necessary tools to help you carry out the needed process and stick to the end of this video to find out the one thing that can impact your business tenfold so definitely

Best tips for ranking high on Google

We’re going to take a look at the best tips for ranking high on Google but before that it is necessary to understand why it’s important to rank high on Google well we are all aware that most of the businesses are shifting online nowadays ranking on search engines has become one of the most important aspects that Define the success of a business the data states that around 1.17 billion people across the globe use Google search which is estimated to increase exponentially in the coming years moreover Google has gained the trust of their users with their services over the years this definitely makes the point of interest to understand why it’s important to rank high on Google search ranking at the top of search engine result pages also known as serps allows a business to generate more traffic to their website and possibly get more leads by which then they can get a chance to convert leads into customers thereby boosting sales it also helps in generating authenticity for your business well not one or two there are numerous reasons which makes SEO important to know more about SEO check the complete playlist on SEO you can find the link to the playlist in the description box below to gain expertise in search engine optimization get certified as a skilled SEO professional with simply learns search engine optimization training course you can check the course details from the link in the description box below as we know how important it is to rank high on Google so in the next 10 minutes let’s get to know the top five success mantras that will help you rank high-end Google so the fifth tip on our list is promote your content whether you are a business owner or a blogger you definitely need to promote your content to get a good audience reach buy content here we mean data on your website that can be products services or even a simple blog to do this find the relevant groups on the social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram and post your content with an excellent call to action context some blogging or article submission sites like quora Tumblr and hub pages may also prove helpful online forums and communities can be a good option to spread a word about your content with people having similar interests

Tip internal linking

let’s focus on our number four tip internal linking a good site architecture is always a happy bite for web crawlers a website with good site architecture and internal linking helps web crawlers understand the website structure and helps them to crawl the site more effectively the more the pages of your website are crawled greater are the chances of getting indexed if pages are successful fully indexed they get eligible for appearing in the search results

Backlink building

let’s move to our tip number three yes it is backlink building any website linking to your website is a backlink for your website websites with more backlinks suggest to the search engine crawlers that that website has good content and is trustworthy and should be ranked higher on the search result pages to get a backlink the most important thing is to understand that the da or the domain authority of the website for which you are looking for the backlink is greater than yours getting backlinks is somewhat entirely a gesture of Goodwill you can find a page relevant to your business and ask the website owner to add the link to your website to the page in a humble manner you can create a better or updated version of some other web content let the site owner know about it and then ask for a backlink in a humble way yes you can find some more relevant backlink building techniques

On-page SEO

We have a tip that is of utmost importance to win a good position in the search results on page optimization on-page optimization also known as on-page SEO is a process in which we take essential measures to improve the website or web pages position in search engine rankings on-page optimization is a vast concept that includes technical optimization of websites like server speed page loading speed removing page errors submitting Pages for indexing and more maintaining a good website structure and improving it adding internal and external links on the site adding SEO optimized images and video on the page efficient use of keywords on the page and links and much more get the detailed guide to learning on-page optimization

Keyword research techniques

We have is the most effective one and the one that rules them all which is keyword research keyword research is a process of identifying and implementing the relevant keywords for the content you tend to create proper keyword research may prove a boon to your business but it also has the power to ruin your business so be wise When selecting your keywords try choosing long tail keywords if you are new to the business as these are easier to rank for you can look at Google’s Auto suggest feature to understand what people are looking for in your industry be updated with what your competitors are doing if something is working for your competitor there are high chances that it may work for you as well you can also take the help of various keyword research tools like Google’s own Keyword Planner answer the public tool Google Trends and Etc these fantastic and 100 practical tips can drive your business to Heights make sure you implement all these tips with more detailed attention as SEO can make and break you so what according to you is the most effective way to grow your business online let us know in the comments below so here I would like to end this session with a hearty promise to come back with another interesting topic of SEO

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