Top 10 Trending Tech Courses For 2023

Time and again technology has proven its might in the past few years we have experienced the evolution of Technologies and the rise of a few impeccable ones 2023 is just around the corner and every Tech Enthusiast is spanning and upskilling themselves in a quest to get that promotion or land their dream job prevailing technologies have helped us tap New Opportunities and ensure a better tomorrow being able to mold yourself and cruise along with the fast-paced world would be the critical factor in deciding your future that’s why we present you with the most important and desirable Tech course for 2023

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At number 10 we have VFX training and character animation course since the late 90s and early 20th century VFX and animation have made Miracles possible VFX is mainly employed in the entertainment sectors that involve game development animation and movie production we all are familiar with iconic movies like Jurassic Park Avatar and Avengers and many others all these movies were simply not possible without VFX and animations currently the entertainment industry is reaching Great Heights and securing a bright future today the VFX Market is evaluated at 7 billion in us alone with a cagr of more than 12 percent the VFX Market is projected to reach more than 18 billion dollars by the early 2030s the average salary of a certified VFX artist in India is 10 lakhs in America the salary is thirty thousand dollars per annum at number 9 we have web development course web development has transformed the way we operate businesses these days a few years back online shopping and services weren’t even a thing until web development took over and build unique websites that could not support this the latest web3 is estimated to Elan average cagr of 42 percent which evaluates up to 84 billion dollars by the year 2013.

if you’re an aspiring web developer then this could be a perfect time to get certified and get ahead the average salary of a certified web developer in the United States of America is around 150 000 per annum while in India the average salary of a skilled web developer is 12 lakhs per annum at number 8 we have RPA development course robotic process automation is one of the leading Technologies driving the future with one of the highest cagr of 29 percent evaluating up to 33 billion dollars by the year 2013.

An RPA developer with a valid certification and skill in this domain is compensated with a handsome salary in India the salary of a certified RPA developer earns around 20 lakh rupees per annum and in America, the salary is a hundred thousand dollars per annum at a number seven we have blockchain developer certification course it is one of the recent Technologies bombed in the early 2021 and one of the rarest Technologies with the highest and most promising growth the skills required to be successful blockchain developer can be learned through the certification program the blockchain industry poses a bright career as a chi projection for blockchain technology is 56 percent evaluating at almost 164 billion American dollars with early 2028. blockchain developers are also one of the highest-paid professionals the average salary of a certified blockchain developer in India is 24 lakh per annum in America the salary is 180 000 per annum at number six we have a cyber security course every tech industry needs a cyber security expert recent computer virus possesses a never-ending threat only the most updated and effective skills can save us the right certification in this domain can help build a potentially secured carrier the cyber security industry is portraying a brilliant future with an evaluation of 175 billion dollars by the year 2027.

The CHR forecast says cyber security can expect 9 percent in overall growth the average salary of a certified cyber security professional in India is 20 lakhs per annum in America the salary is about 179 000 per annum at number 5 we have cloud computing course cloud computing as we know is not a new technology it started in the 90s and emerged to full scale by the year 2006. today cloud computing is considered one of the reliable Technologies of the future with an evaluation of 370 billion dollars with a cagr of 15 percent which is again predicted to go even higher the average salary of a certified and expert cloud computing engineer in India is 20 lakhs per annum and in America the salary is 160 000 per annum at number 4 we have devop certification course gone are the days when the software development Industries followed the Brute Force methodology to developing application software today automation has taken over software development devops methodology of automation continuous development and deployment has drastically software development procedures certification and devops will be the best choice for an aspiring software engineer devops has seen a progressive Improvement in its cagr from its beginning the current evaluation of the devops market is 8 billion American dollars and it’s projected to reach 55 billion dollars with stable growth of 24 cagr by the year 2030.

The average salary of a certified DevOps engineer in India is around 45 lakhs in American countries the average salary is twelve thousand dollars per annum at number three we have a data science course data science started its evolution in the year 1998. The first biggest data science boom was witnessed in the year 2016 and it never stopped data science was named the hots job of the 20th century getting certified as a data scientist can be a wise choice to build a carrier in the never-ending data science domain today the market for data science is evaluated at 322 billion dollars with a cagr of 16 percent by the the year 2013 the average salary of a certified data scientist in India is 26 lakhs per annum and in America the salary can go as high as 250 000 per annum we have the augmented reality and virtual reality course at the runner-up position as you all know meta and other man companies are keenly interested in developing an augmented and virtual reality environment this could potentially be the time to get certified as an AR and VR developer to grab an opportunity to work with mang in this domain the technology transforming The Future Has the potentially inflating evaluation of 842 billion American dollars with the highest cagr value of more than 40 percent by the end of fiscal year 2030.

The salary of a certified AR and VR developer is about 250 000 in America the salary in India is around 37 lakhs per annum based on your experience at number one we have an artificial intelligence course so far among all the Technologies artificial intelligence is the most valuable according to Fortune business reports projection say artificial intelligence will be evaluated at a whopping 30 95 billion dollars with a cagr of 20 by the end of the year 2013. the average salary of a certified AIML developer in India can go as high as 50 lakhs per annum in the U.S the salary of an AIML engineer is well above 235 000 per annum and with that, we have ended this session at top 10 Tech courses in the year 2023.

In conclusion,

the future looks more promising with such technological advancements it is likely to reshape all sectors of Life there is simply no stopping it certifications help you get one step closer to your dream career so what are you waiting for head straight to Duudly learns website to upskill and get ahead should you feel we missed on any important certifications do let us know in the comment section below thank you for being here

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