Top 10 Tech Trends In 2023


What are the biggest tech trends you need to be ready for in 2023? Learn what technologies will gain the most traction in the new year, and what you need to do to prepare. We cover:

1. AI Everywhere

2. Parts of the Metaverse Will Become Real

3. Progress in Web3

4. Bridging the Digital and Physical World

5. Increasingly Editable Nature

6. Quantum Progress

7. Progress in Green Technology

8. Robots Will Become More Human

9. Progress in Autonomous System

10. More Sustainable Technology

The top 10 Tech Trends in 2023 as a futurist it is my job to look ahead and I do this every year I cover all of these Trends in a lot more detail in my books my award-winning books on Tech Trends and practice and business Trends and practice but here are my top 10 trends for 2023.

1. AI Everywhere

There is a lot more detail on all of these on my channel so if you want to dive into any of these emerging Trends just subscribe AI everywhere 2023 would be a year where AI will become real in organizations they will use it at scale to really change things and in particular, this is facilitated by things like no code AI where anyone can use drag and drop interfaces to use it and what we’ll see is that we organizations would create smart everything that would create smarter more intelligent products and services but it would also augment pretty much any job and any business process so this is a trend that will have huge implications on every one part of the metaverse will become real so what we’re talking about here is a more immersive internet.

I don’t particularly like the word metaverse but what we will see is using augmented reality and virtual reality and especially some of these technologies will come into the work environment where we will have meeting environments where you can meet virtually can brainstorm virtual Lee can co-create virtually and will have more consumer engagement from augmented reality on labels on product descriptions and so on this will become real to them.

2. Parts of the Metaverse Will Become Real

we’re making very fast steps towards a more immersive internet we will see progress in web 3 especially around using blockchain technology to create more decentralized services and products for me a really good example is data storage at the moment we’re storing everything in the cloud in a huge data center somewhere if we decentralize that we can use storage that people have left on their devices we can encrypt it using blockchain and we make it a lot safer and a completely Innovative way of storing and accessing and and and analyzing data the other thing around web 3 is that we will see nfts non-fungible tokens to become more usable we talk about utility nfts that add more value think about tickets to concerts for example that give you batch backstage access and access to memorabilia and other things so this is something we will see more often 2023.

3. Progress in Web3

We will see a bridging of the digital and the physical world for two components here digital twin technology and 3D printing what we will be able to do is create virtual replicas or physical items be this car or entire buildings or machinery and we can then tweak these we see this in Formula One For example where they now have a digital version of their race car they will try it out on Virtual race tracks They then tweak little components trying them out in the digital wind tunnel on the digital twin off the track to see if it’s working and if it does they press a button and they 3D print that component in the real world so we’re seeing more of this bridging between digital and physical.

4. Increasingly Editable Nature

We will see an increasingly editable nature we now have technology like CRISPR cars 9 so the gene editing technology works a bit like a word processor where you can take words out and add others in you can now do this with genes which are enabling us to augment nature.

5. Bridging the Digital and Physical World

We can change plants we can even change the um inheritable components of us as humans we can change eye colors and genders to make us stronger and we see similar technology being applied in nanotechnology where we change nature and how materials work for example we can change their strength and so on so we will see an increasingly editable nature we can play God.

6. Quantum Progress

Basically and change things in implants and humans and in the material we will make Quantum progress what we’re seeing at the moment is that there’s a big race going on around quantum computers they basically promise to give us computing power that is a trillion times faster than traditional computers what is really dangerous about them is that they could render current encryption useless so any nation that really develops Quantum Computing at scale could break the encryption of all other businesses Nations security systems Security Services and so on.

It can also give us amazing leaps forward in using artificial intelligence to make our computers even more powerful and create machine learning algorithms that are beyond what we can do today and we’ll see there’s a lot of money going on on a Country-Wide level, especially in China Russia and the US where we’re trying to create quantum computers that are really working we’ll see more progress in Green Technology this is something that is probably the biggest challenge the world is facing at the moment me to put brakes on our carbon emissions and tackle global warming of the climate crisis and there is progress there especially around green hydrogen which is super exciting technology and what I’m excited about is creating smaller nuclear reactors that can give us a more decentralized power grid at the moment everything is centralized fed by huge gas and power and cold power stations maybe big nuclear stations that are very old with these small nuclear reactors.

We can have a completely decentralized town or a factory environment and then we’re making progress on nuclear fusion which could give us much more interest.

7. Progress in Green Technology

The power that is much more sustainable robots will become more human in both capability and looks robots are becoming more dexterous they look like us we now have these humanoid robots Tesla is working very hard on their Optimus Tesla bot that could potentially be a serving um a servant in our houses or could work in warehouses and and and business environments and we have to get used to having more humanoid and more capable robots alongside us as humans we make more progress in autonomous systems we’re seeing this particularly around delivery and in factories and warehouses where then I’ll become completely autonomous

We will have more self-driving robots more self-driving deliveries trucks ships and completely autonomous dark factories and there will be a lot of progress lots of these things are being billed at the moment and in 2023 we will see them in operation and then finally we’ll see a push towards more sustainable technology all this Tech that we’re consuming and we’ve become addicted to we need to think about where these components are coming from where some of these Rare Earth components are coming from for our phones for our computer chips and also how we are consuming this

We are now using cloud services like Spotify and Netflix but they are still running in huge data centers that consume vast amounts of energy what we’re seeing in 2023 is a push towards making this more transparent looking at supply chain intake looking at more green cloud computing that is driven by sustainable technology and it’s more energy efficient so that this is something we’ll see as I said there’s so much more there are other really important emerging Trends I haven’t covered here if you want to learn more subscribe to my channel and have a look at my podcast or my books business Trends and practice and Tech Trends and practice business Trends and practice just won the 2022 Business book of the Year Awards

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