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Top 10 Free SEO Tools 2023

Top 10 Free SEO Tools 2023 | Best Free Tools for SEO

Your website not ranking as you thought it would are there too many competitions out there is it getting difficult to capture relevant audiences are the solutions suggested too expensive do not worry in this video you will get easy solutions to all your questions as we have come up with a list of top 10 SEO tools that anyone can use and the best part is you need not spend a single penny on these tools, Yes you heard it right they are free of cost and are very useful for anyone who wants to start an online business or struggling to improve reach so let’s jump right into the list

Keywords planner

Carry your best SEO practices the first free tool on our list is the Keyword Planner Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool provided by Google drop a keyword research is important as it increases the possibility to rank well on the search result pages the Keyword Planner will help to discover new keywords estimate monthly searches a keyword has get the cost of ads for the keyword you’re looking for and help to organize keywords let’s understand how to use Google Keyword Planner open your AdWords account now go to the tools section and select Keyword Planner now you can either add a keyword to get new insights or upload a CSV file to get search volumes of already known keywords let’s see how it works click on discover new keywords from here you can change the location enter the key phrase for which you need keyword insights click on get results here you can see all the keyword ideas related to your keyword phrase now to get the search volumes of already known keywords go to the Keyword Planner and click on get search volume and forecast now upload your CSV file

Google search console

You will get search volumes for all the keywords other similar tools with free trials include keyword tool dot IO and keyword generator by RFS to know trending ideas you can use Google Trends whereas to get title ideas you can use the answer the public tool which is free now let’s see the next tool in the bucket Google search console Google search console is a free webmaster tool provided by Google it is important to timely monitor your website and make it error free this is where Google search console comes into the picture it helps businesses to Monitor and maintain their website’s presence in Google search results some features of Google Search console includes getting confirmation that Google search engine can crawl your website fix the problems in page indexing sends Pages for re-indexing can view Google search traffic data records the number of times your website appears in the search results the search queries for which website appears in the search result shows the list of sites linking to you and many more let’s Now understand how to use Google search console here the total Impressions suggests that number of times your website appears in the Google search results whereas the total clicks suggest that number of times your website is clicked from the Google search result page from the covered section you will get to know all the errors occurred during the crawling we recommend you to try your Hands-On tools like Bing webmaster tool and RFS which is free for website owners next up we have the used SEO plugin used SEO plugin helps in improving your search results ranking it helps you free as well as a paid version as a beginner you can quickly check the free version it has an inbuilt feature that automatically carries out SEO analysis and readability analysis and automatically adds structured data let’s take a quick look at SEO plugin from here you can add SEO title

Yoast SEO

You can edit the slug slug is the part of URL you can add the necessary keyword here in The Meta description section you can add the meta description which all together looks like this where this part is your slug the keyword you want to add in your page should be added in the Focus key phrase section the SEO analysis section shows the SEO improvements in your content now moving towards the readability analysis readability analysis shows Improvement in the textual content of the page if both the indicators are green then your SEO and readability both are good to go for yoast SEO we have covered the significant features and now we will understand one of the essential SEO tools Google Analytics website tracking plays an important role in SEO it helps in understanding the user behavior on your website Google analytics is an Analytics tool used for tracking a website the standard version of Google analytics is free we can integrate Google analytics with Google ads the main features of Google analytics include tracking session duration of users pages per session and tracking website traffic and bounce rate of users let’s take a quick tour of Google Analytics

You can see reports of users for last seven days now go to the reports section in the dashboard you can reset the time span to get the desired data from here go to retention where you can see the number of new users and the number of returning users to your website to know the data on monetization go to the monetization section here you can see the monetization data for the selected time span you will understand Google analytics features and how it works in the upcoming videos in detail moving ahead with the next tool which is small SEO tools puljanism checker duplicate content is hated by search engines if not taken seriously this could hurt your search rankings the plagiarism Checker detects duplicate data in your content and shows its source you need to open this plagiarism checker here you can add your content manually foreign after adding your content manually you just need to undergo a verification and click on check plagiarism and here we get the results the content is hundred percent unique in case if we get any duplicate content we can check the sources from here as our content is unique we are not getting any results here in case if you don’t want to enter your content manually

You can upload document file from here note that this Checker checks for the top thousand words of your content so in case of lengthy content you can break the content and then check for its uniqueness in case you don’t want to purchase the pro version moreover you can also add a page URL to check the uniqueness of the content the page has over here and follow the same process by clicking on the check pajarism button the plagiarism Checker by grammarly is also one of the free tools used for checking uniqueness in the content the next tool that we have in our bucket is the paid speed insights spur the data provided by Google the bounce rate increases to 32 percent as the page load speed increases from 1 to 3 seconds page speed insights is the page speed check tool page speed insights is used to test the speed of a web page and it is a free service offered by Google developers results of paid speed insights show what real users are experiencing about your page on mobile devices and desktops to understand how to use it let’s go to paid speed insights and select the URL of the website for which you want to undergo the check enter the URL and click on analyze button now choose whether you wish to undergo a check for mobile or desktop device here I’ll select a desktop device just in few seconds you will get the required results another tool that we can use is which has free as well as paid versions moving forward to a next magic tool which is Sim Rush to grow your business it is essential to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing this will help you to understand their strengths and Implement similar strategies for your business as well for this you need to carry out competitor analysis semraj is the competitor analysis tool that gives complete walkthrough of the competitors data like keywords backlinks stop performing content campaigns Etc

Semrush SEO tool

It has free as well as paid versions link to semrush is in the description box below use this link to get a 30-day free trial for semrush so let’s take a quick overview of how it works login to your sem Rush account here enter the URL of your competitor you can choose a geographical location for which the analysis is to be performed by adding URL you get all the competitor data here I have added sem Rush as a competitor so we are getting so many details of sem Rush The Organic keywords the organic traffic paid keywords paid traffic referral domains and Authority score we can add a competitor as well from here now here you can see the data of both sem rush and RFS other than sem rush you can use spy which has some free daily trials now

screaming frog

let me tell you about an excellent auditing tool which is screaming frog dear Learners it is essential to know how your website is performing and for this you need to carry out frequent website audits screaming frog is a website auditing tool that works similarly to web crawlers it has free as well as paid versions some features of the free version include finding broken links errors and redirects analyzing page title and metadata Href Lang attributes auditing finding duplicate content Etc with a crawl limit of 500 URLs let’s know more about

Get the audit reports moving further with another free tool which is rf’s backlink checker gaining high quality backlinks is an essential factor for SEO ranking as it shows the trust of other websites in your content moreover it helps in building the authority of your website with the help of backlink Checker you get the data of all the websites linking to your website rf’s backlink Checker shows the data of top 100 backlinks top 5 anchors and top 5 Pages including total number of backlinks and referring domains in its free version let’s have a quick look at the tool here let’s take example of so here we are checking backlinks for now click on check backlink here we got details of backlinks for alternatives to rf’s backlink Checker are SCM Rush backlink Analytics tool and seability by signing up with these tools you will get some free trials for your site last but not the least let’s know about the mobile SEO tool which is mobile friendly test studies show that in year 2020 60 of traffic was through mobile devices thus it is essential to keep your website mobile friendly as well here is when the mobile friendly test comes into action it helps to check if your website is mobile friendly or not go to mobile friendly test and enter the URL of your website suppose

I enter your www.wikipedia .com now click on test URL here you get the results we can see that the pages mobile friendly to check more details you can navigate to your search console account well if you think we are done for today then then keep watching this video as we have two bonus tools for you so here comes the first one the separator search results vary with mobile devices also your brand ranking May differ from country to Country to get reports on this separator will be your all-time companion if it shows how search results May differ for mobile devices or locations let’s see how it works go to separator now let’s fill in the required fields now let’s select the location let’s run the live test and here we get the results that’s it daily you can run three free live tests isn’t this amazing without taking a minute let’s know about the second bonus tool which is the rich results test you must have seen these kinds of search results on search pages let’s dive deep into it yes these type of results are known as Rich results to check whether your site is optimized for Rich results go to Rich results test and add the URL of your website let’s add the URL of Simply learn now click on test URL complete the verification and check the report so here we can see that simply learns website is eligible for Google searches Rich results to monitor Rich results for your complete website you can easily navigate to your search console account here we end the session I hope you got the best knowledge about free SEO tools stay tuned with us

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