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Top 10 AI Robots In 2023

Ever wondered how Google Maps can provide the fastest route almost instantly have you ever considered the speed and accuracy of virtual Bots like Google Assistant or Siri all of them are powered by artificial technology AI for short riding on the data science hype train the global AI

The market is projected to go from around 87 billion dollars in 2021 to nearly 1600 billion dollars by 2030 artificial intelligence has impacted almost all sectors of its domain but its significance in the robotics industry is unmatched even Tesla has announced a new humanoid robot name Optimus recently built to perform daily activities and helped in Tesla factories

IBO Little Robot Dog

Let’s go through some of the most advanced artificial intelligence-based robots Paving the way for a faster and smarter future in 2023 before we start here’s a question for the AI Enthusiast watching this video which one of the following is not an example of AI is it a computer vision is it be it web design is its C voice recognition or D robotic please leave your answers in the comments below and that’s a cue to get started with the top 10 AI robots for 2023 number 10 on our list is IBO Little Robot Dog created by Sony this robot was retired nearly a decade ago but has been brought back with even greater human operation capabilities this artificial puppy responds to words of Praise or head scratches can learn tricks and seeks out owners a very important feature of IBO is that it has an app that owners can use to alter system settings or add new tricks and store Memories by connecting to the cloud AI system next on number nine


we have spot form a sport robot also known as spot mini is a four-legged robot produced by Boston Dynamics an American robotics company spotted 83 centimeters tall and weighs only 25 kg sport can perform various tasks including walking stairs and navigating rugged terrain it’s small enough to be used indoors as well Spock’s unique selling point is that it can go places other wheeled reports cannot all while carrying cargos of up to 14 kilograms of examination gear number eight we haveĀ  Serena 4 is a humanoid robot created by scientists at the

University of Tehran

The University of Tehran the fourth generation of Iran Serena robot can imitate a human position grip a water bottle and write its name on a whiteboard the robot which took four years to develop can track objects properly and its new hands permitted to manipulate various objects from delicate gestures to using Power Equipment however the improvements are not only internal Serena Force exterior has been upgraded with new plastic panels making the robot appear sleek and just slightly threatening next we have Aqua knot at number seven Aquanaut is a shape-shifting underwater robot developed by Houston mechatronics Incorporated in Texas The Equinox design allows it to mop from a sleek and small submarine to a slightly humanoid form with two extended arms allowing it to perform various jobs underwater Equinox was created to address a long-standing problem in offshore oil and gas which was the cost of maintaining offshore sites with no similar device on the market The Equinox might have a significant advantage because it can accomplish this task without the inconvenience of being tied to a support vehicle and with only minimal oversight from a human operator at number six we have strontronic strantonics are simple animatronics stunt doubles each stantonic employs onboard sensing to perform numerous flips twists and

Walt Disney Studios

postures with repeatability and position combining modern robotic technology with the investigation of untethered Dynamic movement the initiative to investigate stunt double animatronics began then an attempt to manage the landing of a figure heard from a window by Walt Disney Studios meanwhile Disney research experts worked hard to utilize angular momentum conservation to enable fine Airborne motion control a union of the two projects allowed the team to construct the Plantronics platform which is ready to bring a wide range of dynamic characters to life at number 5 we have flipping flippy an autonomous robotic kitchen assistant that can assist chefs in preparing freshly cooked burgers and fried foods such as crispy chicken tenders and tater tots for example while cooking at the grill it can automatically detect when the raw burger patties are placed monitor each Patty in real time and switch between spatulas for raw and grooming Libby’s brain is powered by Cloud connected artificial intelligence allowing you to learn from its environment and acquire new abilities over time next we have Sofia at number four Sophia is regarded to be the most intelligent humanoid robot she made her dpu in 2016

Pepper robot

and interaction with humans was the most extraordinary thing you’d ever witness in a machine Hanson robotics based in Hong Kong developed her to integrate as an elderly companion in healthcare facilities or crowd management at events Sofia is the world’s first robot Citizen and the UN development program’s first robot Innovation Ambassador Sophia has integrated neural network models and artificial intelligence to recognize human faces and interpret the gestures and emotions at number three we have Atlas Atlas is a humanoid robot created by Boston Dynamics and renowned for its unmatched ability to jump over obstacles do backflips and dance Atlas completes a parkour track in one of the company’s most recent videos its Evolution has been nothing short of remarkable aside from the spectacular acrobatics it demonstrates some interesting foundational abilities such as operator shifting its equilibrium after landing atlas’s Behavior has also been extended by providing it with a collection of template behaviors such as sleeping and vaulting and allowing it to adapt those behaviors to the new scenarios it finds next we have pepper in the second position the pepper robot is among businesses most sophistically commercially available social robots today SoftBank robotics designed it to be friendly and engaging as well as to put people at ease and is equally at home with infants as it is with adults pepper can hold conversations and incorporate Knowledge from those stocks into his words it may be trained to recognize items pick them out in a room and make decisions to Enlighten or amuse finally at number one we have Amika engineered Arts describes Amica as the world’s most advanced human-shaped robot reflecting

The Cutting Edge human robotics technology

The Cutting Edge human robotics technology the robot can mimic Expressions fairly well in response to all questions articulately engineered Arts Amica Hardware is based on research into humans and Robotics and is built on the proprietary Mesmer technology America’s artificial limbs ligaments Motors and sensor Aries are made with Cutting Edge technology as shown in movies the rise of air usually results in chaos amica’s developers, on the other hand, argue that the scientific breakthrough will be used for a different purpose claiming that Amica will serve as a future phase of robots so that wraps up the top 10 are power robots for 2023.

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