There were differences with the establishment over accountability and not removing Usman Buzdar, Imran Khan

LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said that the country is going to where there is a risk of default. can

Imran Khan is not born to back down from the conspiracy narrative

Addressing the participants of the long march in Dina through video link, the former prime minister inquired whether Pakistan will be able to pay the installments of its loans. The country is getting less dollars, less income and more debt.

Addressing the participants, he said that currently 50 million Pakistanis are below the poverty line, if inflation increases, people will go further towards poverty. The sale of tractors has decreased by 45% in the last five months.

Imran Khan said that when the country’s income is low and debts are high, then how will the debts come down? How can they repay the loans if the household income decreases? During his tenure, the rupee has fallen historically, when the rupee goes down, inflation will increase.

The former prime minister said that the government should focus on agriculture first, but the government is first eliminating corruption cases. I am filing a case against them in America, Britain and Dubai on the issue of watches. I will expose them. I will now expose them in the foreign courts, they put their servant in NAB and ended the NAB case of 8 billion rupees.

He said that there are four palaces in London in the name of Maryam, but now that case has also ended, these people have come to power to end their cases, they are forgiving their cases worth 1100 billion rupees. has pulled out the bankruptcy of, when we left, the industries were moving forward historically, I had already predicted that they would not take over the economy.

Imran Khan said that he said that cases of treason should be filed against Imran Khan, he is doing all the work to finish his cases. The opposition should be eliminated somehow, their interests and those of Pakistan are in conflict. If Pakistan wants to move forward, these people will have to be brought under the law. I have been saying for three and a half years not to give them NRO. Ga, the highest inflation in 50 years occurred during his tenure.

Imran Khan is harming Pakistan more than the enemy country, Fazlur Rehman

Chairman PTI Imran Khan said that all their decisions are for themselves, I am afraid that these people will run away from the country again, the country can be saved from further destruction only with a clean and transparent election. The people have rejected them in the election. We will never recognize you. They have tried to kill me. Can’t stop.

Earlier, Imran Khan while talking informally to senior journalists at Zaman Park, said, “Look and wait for our policy on the appointment of the Army Chief, while there is panic in the government circles on the appointment of the Army Chief and they are also upset.” But see our policy and wait, yes.

Chairman PTI said that after former President Asif Ali Zardari, the rest of the people should also be taken out of the jails and consulted. There were differences with the establishment on accountability and not removing Usman Buzdar, but if on the request of the establishment, Usman Buzdar would have been removed. Our Punjab government would collapse, the establishment and our government were on the same page on foreign policy.

Imran Khan said that differences arose on his return from his visit to Russia, but the risks of Pakistan’s default are increasing and the economy cannot recover until there is political stability in the country, but the recovery of the economy now depends only on the overseas Pakistanis.

No one has the right to protest on the highway, Islamabad High Court

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he is 100 percent sure that a sniper fired at me and it is confirmed that there were more than one shooter. The JIT formed for the attack on me has started its work, Parvaiz Elahi is not responsible for not registering an FIR.

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