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The Top 5 In Demand Tech Skills For Jobs In 2023

Jobs are changing to a point where it has been predicted that 85 percent of the jobs College leavers of 2030 will do haven’t been invented yet with the change in jobs will come to a change of the required skills we need to succeed in the workplace of the future I believe those who will succeed in industry and Enterprise will be developing skills that involve augmenting our abilities with increasingly smart machines and software while applying the human touch with skills such as creativity and emotional intelligence.

When it comes to technical skills the following five will become ever more important in 2023 Beyond data skilled data is becoming one of the most important business assets research from Forrester predicts that by 2025 70 of jobs will involve working directly with data this means that every organization will need more people that are able to turn data into the better decision and into real business value the required skill set is all about the ability to extract insights from data and communicate insights in a way.

2- CyberSecurity

that is effective this will involve tapping into tools such as click Tableau and power bi and turning data into real value cyber security skills as organizations digitize cyber threats are becoming an increasing challenge for every single organization people with professional cyber security skills will be in high demand in 2023 as organizations grapple with new digital threads however Beyond dedicated cyber Security Professionals cyber security and cyber threat awareness is going to be a part of everyone’s job especially as more people work remotely and own their own connected digital devices ux design skills user experience design or the closely related field of user interface design will become increasingly valuable in 2023 due to the extent at which digital transformation is effectively turning every company into a tech company and every job into a tech job this democratization of technology means that everyone no matter what their role is is expected to work with technology to some extent and that means that technology has to be usable by everyone even though.

3- UX Design

It’s without the traditional skills needed to work with technology such as software programming skills the skill of the ux or UI designer is to make technology intuitive and accessible to anyone this will become particularly relevant as we move further into the era of no code and low code platforms where organizations have the power to create applications for their customers or their Workforce force it without needing to engage software Engineers or exec or execute lengthy and costly software development projects.

4- Digital Marketing

digital marketing skills will be in high demand in 2023 and involve a diverse set of digital abilities ranging from technical to creative they will include paid social media advertising influencer-led campaigns search engine optimization email marketing funnels and Cutting Edge channels like the metaverse and augmented reality and finally.

5- Augmenting work with AI

one skill to rule them all AI application skills artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important part in every aspect of business one of the most important skills will be the ability to work alongside AI in a manner that is often described as augmented working the ability to spot opportunities to augment your and your organization’s human skill set with AI and to put tools and platforms to work to do so will possibly be the most valuable skill of all in 2023 and Beyond to stay on top of new and emerging trends subscribe to my channel follow me on social media and check out my book’s future skills and business Trends in practice which just won the 2022 Business book of the Year award.

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