The Rise and Fall of Twitter

The History of Twitter.

Twitter and Elon Musk are the new buzzwords as Tesla Techno King is making shocking changes to his newly acquired Twitter, which retains more than 50 staff, mostly catching attention but what led him to do so is Is this a good sign or Twitter is heading for a downfall today? We’ll take a deep dive into the facts about Twitter and Elon Musk to understand how it is Twitter built its empire and how Elon knew it. Turns out Twitter is a popular social media website originally a San Francisco-based audio-named podcasting platform built by Nova Glass. Avon launches podcasting on iPods by Apple in the early 2000s. At the start of Jack Dorsey due to breaking for audio

Popularity of Twitter

But the concept of Twitter without abandoning Jack Innova was presented to the rest of the crew at 12:50 pm on March 21, 2006, Darcy just fixed her first Twitter message My Twitter which sold for $2.9 million last year Initially Twitter Just won 40 subscribers but in 2007 Twitter completely dominated a conference in the South with Southwest Interactive Conference. The screen was purposefully placed in a conference hall used exclusively for Story. Twitter messages during the program Twitter usage went from 20,000 tweets to 60,000 and received the fair web award prize from here Twitter started picking up steam and immediately became a platform to find out what was going on with this fame Twitter raised 1 million dollars in $5 million valuations and Mr. President Obama also thanked Twitter followers for their support after his farewell address to the nation which is the most in presidential account Trending tweets have become seeing all this popularity and growth Facebook tried to get Twitter back in 2008

Why is Elon Kasturi interested in investing in Twitter?

But the growing social media platform Twitter rejected Facebook’s offer and in November 2013 Twitter became a billionaire company, raising $100 billion at a valuation of $1 billion, with the market opening 26 and 44 With dollar shares when it closed today, Twitter has become a popular social media site with 290.5 million monthly active users and revenue of 5 billion dollars as the World Series alone among 19 social media outlets Burdened by virus-related content. While Facebook and Instagram currently provide the medical scope, perhaps no other. Meanwhile, social media platform has consistently reiterated a more significant role in the medical world than Twitter.

Formed Twitter also grew from 139 million to 186 million users and $3.4 billion to $3.7 billion in products with all this popularity and its startup Twitter also faced some difficulties during 19 Kuwait. As Indian government told Twitter to remove all URLs and posts criticizing the Indian government’s way of handling the pandemic situation in response to these Twitter 50 posts and content and withdrawals despite Twitter has become one of the top trending social media platforms officially notifying account holders which makes it very active in the business world where there are many big investors and business tycoons take note Interested in investing in Twitter stocks

Here comes Elon Musk who was also interested in buying shares on Twitter yes on January 31, 2022, Elon Musk started Twitter shares reaching over five percent as of March 14, 2022, what do you think now Elon Musk Why did  buy shares on Twitter because we all know Elon musk has 80 million followers on Twitter that he will use to market his brands, for example, Hyundai has to spend 1.5 million for his ad The reason why Tesla needs Rs 20 is that Elon will do most of his Twitter advertising on Quest to reduce final advertising costs according to US securities and the exchange commission to publicly announce the names of shareholders Ga if the quota is more than five percent by April 4, 2022

Elon reached 9.2% which was publicly announced on April 5, Elon after much controversy Elon offered to become one of the board members, and a few days later the same thing on April 14 He finally offered to take over Twitter for $43 billion on October 27, 2022, Elon took over Twitter for $44 billion immediately after Elon took over Twitter from turning Twitter from a private company to a public company EO Paragawal was removed along with other chief security members who were controlling misinformation and malicious content on Twitter.

He also announced that a verified blue tickmark will be given to people who have public data. Counts and influences are given to everyone Elon pay eight dollars every month as a result of this Twitter change a rapid loss of 4 million dollars a day he tweeted General Mills General Motors and 15 on Twitter Lost the biggest advertiser like other companies who stopped advertising on Twitter spam accounts on Twitter increased which caused hate speech rates to pick it all up which leads us to think Happens what was Elon’s vision to make all these changes on Twitter he learns the main goal was to make Twitter more profitable by making a Chinese app WeChat, where users can play video games with each other video, calls Twitter will earn $26 billion in revenues with 931 million active users by the end of 2028 with the power of free speech to every Twitter user.


Key take advantage of it first never give power to someone who can’t handle it and doesn’t know it’s worth other good businesses just ice on price but only great business will focus on values and At the end, great business always prefers people, what do you think will be Elon Musk’s next move and the future of Twitter, let me know in the comments below until then continue watching learning more and more interesting Videos stay safe and keep learning

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