The Real Long March; Departure of PTI Balochistan convoy from Quetta on November 25

The real long march of PTI will leave from Quetta under the leadership of former Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri on November 25.

According to the details, the convoy of PTI Balochistan will leave from Quetta on November 25 for the real Azad Long March, which will be led by Qasim Suri, which will leave from Kolha Phatak on Friday at 1 o’clock.

Bol news sources say that the convoy of PTI Balochistan will consist of small and big vehicles and will reach Rawalpindi from Zhob via Jokwita and join the main actual march.

Sources further said that for the real long march, PTI Balochistan has prepared a container stage which is 30 feet high and 50 feet long, on which the provincial leaders will go while addressing different districts and tehsils.

It should be noted that young people including elderly and women seem to be very excited to participate in this march.

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