The news of the bomb in the Iranian plane caused panic, 2 warplanes chased the flight out of India, peaceful landing in China.

New Delhi, October 4 (SO News/Agency) There is good news for India, China and Iran. After a commotion in all three countries, it has been reported that Mahan Air flight number W581 has landed in Ganwangzhou, China without any problems.

Earlier, the news of a bomb on an Iranian passenger plane in the Indian airspace created chaos. The pilot team of the plane sought permission for an emergency landing in Delhi, but after they were denied permission, the plane proceeded towards China.

According to information, this plane hovered in the Indian airspace for about 45 minutes. During this time, the Indian Air Force was also on full alert mode. As soon as the news of the plane’s departure towards Delhi was received, the Air Force immediately dispatched two of its Sukhoi 30 MKI fighter jets. After that, these two warplanes intercepted the flight near the Indian border.

According to the sources, the Delhi Police received the information about the bomb in the plane going from Tehran to China at 9.20 am. An alert was then issued.

According to reports, the plane was not allowed to land in Delhi and the pilot team was asked to divert the plane to Jaipur. It was then asked to land at Chandigarh. The pilot team did not obey the instructions given by the Air Traffic Control i.e. ATC. The Indian Air Force then immediately swung into action and 2 Sukhoi fighter jets took to the air.

The Air Force has informed that its warplanes chased the flight out of Indian airspace while maintaining a safe distance.

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