The Future of Web3, Blockchain & NFTs with a Successful Entrepreneur

In today’s episode, I sat down with adam Pearsall who is the founder of quantum we had an exciting chat about how quantum has evolved I hope you enjoy it welcome to my new series. I am sitting down with industry professionals to hear about their career journeys and current roles I created this series to hear from people who are established in the tech industry so that we can all learn what these individuals do in their day-to-day jobs and the type of opportunities.


Let’s get started hey adam how’s it going it’s good tiff thanks for having me thanks for coming I’m really excited to sit down with you today and hear a little bit about your story and really how you started quantum pay great so how so give me a little bit about your background as to what you did before quantum pay and why you started it sure uh definitely been a serial entrepreneur uh mainly because I could never hold down a job definitely did not fit in a cubicle, yeah and I’ve always enjoyed the hustle, yeah you know started off uh young age of 16 making Parisian style crepes on the street um grew that into a full-blown catering company realized

I love food didn’t love the food business and ultimately moved on to educational tours where we’re taking grade 11 and 12 students to see all the different college campuses across Canada sold that company and began my career in marketing and working for various uh family offices and consulting roles always in the marketing space and ultimately I’d say if there’s one common thread throughout my entire career it’s hospitality no matter what business you’re in you’re always taking care of someone and taking that approach into everything we do create uh meaningful experiences.

What is Quantum pay

Our partners and communication yeah and you really brought that into uh quantum pay I can see as well but before I keep on mentioning quantum pay so let’s just get right into what is quantum pay for those who don’t know sure I set out three years ago to build a global digital banking platform and that was you know heavy lift uh perhaps you know biting up a little more than I can chew um but it was our desire to do more and create opportunity for those at a disadvantage out of the gate and you know it was born from the thesis of you know our dislike of banks and you know being bled out with fees and terrible experience and the bottom line is if your bank can afford to give you an iPad to open an account something’s probably not right yeah and on that on that thesis we set out to build the first lifestyle bank catering to that younger generation that values experiences brands that support their lifestyle.

You know our one of our original conversations was you know how do you bring in city guides through curators into into banking and you know how do we automate that and that was cool because that was sort of our first time working together and that started a conversation and really bridged the world of technology and service yeah anchored anchored in finances so you know how does that evolve and as a disrupter i thought financial technology was was the leading disrupter and you know i was half right uh i believe you know financial technology is a great vehicle to advance traditional banking but it’s not the ultimate disrupter it’s a you know great ui ux on top of a legacy system yeah the real disrupter in our view is blockchain technology and the power of cryptocurrency and that’s where we’ve really spent the last 18 months redefining our offering and building a platform back to where i started my career and that’s storytelling you know giving a platform for brands and audiences to come together and transact.

Shifting to Blockchain

It’s been a wild ride yeah that’s i love that and going back to when you start started quantum to where it is today and you said 18 months ago it really kind of maybe took a bit of a shift towards blockchain more right would you say yeah and then based on that i think a lot of things you speak so like it’s so maybe for some people who just have that entrepreneur spirit in them it’s very simple to do but i think a lot of people who are starting companies struggle because they start one way and they’re so focused on the direction it’s going they don’t see other opportunities that maybe are really building the future and you saw that you saw okay we’re starting this you know we started quantum one way but then when you saw the potential and opportunity with blockchain you kind of shifted was it what was that like shifting kind of into blockchain more so when i say our goal was never to build a product for today yeah everything that we’ve been building is you know for five ten years out and it’s not always easy going against the grain.

So if you’re in it all day every day blockchain web three cryptocurrencies nfts these are in your vocabulary, yes if you’re on the outside you’re like you know I work I earn I build something I start with nothing I build something I sell it, yeah I have a real business okay great you know congratulations you have a real business you know I’m working on you know how to bridge that gap yes between what’s out there and you know the wonderful world of better verse what is a metaphor yeah right like answering all these questions and what are what’s the next generation going to need to empower their success, yes and I believe that’s going to be not only a blockchain offering but traditional fiat offering as well and bridging that gap and providing the platform for these brands to evolve into the world of of of web 3.

You know so that’s sort of where i have made my focus and you know if you’re out there and you’re starting your career and you’re trying to build something new leverage subject matter experts you know if anyone tells you that they’re an expert in blockchain run yes run i work with some incredible technologists and you know deep heavy teams we learn every day yes right it’s forever evolving and we’re as anyone in the space will tell you it’s the early innings right like the the adoption rates are super tight and right for disruption yes yeah it’s so true there’s there’s leaders out there you know if you’re on the marketplace side of things there’s the the open seas of the world that are always going to excel but i believe that there’s a real opportunity for niche marketplaces or whatever your passions are yeah and there’s going to be currencies that reflect your interests and whether you’re into sports gaming collectibles philanthropy whatever it may be there’s a blockchain application for that and there’s passions that i’m certainly not into yeah that someone’s going to come up with a great idea and figure out a use case for some great technology.

Blockchain Toolkit

Going to empower their communities yeah exactly I love that and kind of going back to the experiences and that quantum is really focusing on I know one area is through the blockchain toolkit that you’re working on uh what can you tell me about that so for us it’s leveraging my background in marketing and always struggling to try to find that balance of art and science and now adding that technology financial layer it gets a little more complicated but for us you know it’s how can we help yeah yeah right and it’s tapping into brands and companies that we’re passionate about that we want to work on and work with incredible founders and provide the technology they need to advance you know so finding like-minded individuals that you like working with where work doesn’t feel like work and you get to take on a heavy lift yeah like what is the future yes and those are those are fun challenges to take.

You know we’re we’re super humbled to be working with some of the brands that we’re privileged to to work with uh you know starting off in the world of formula one having the pleasure of working with mclaren and gaining insights to that whole world and the success that drive to survive has brought to that sport is absolutely insane and racing right like i i’ve i’m i’m new into the sport but i love it and i think that’s a huge opportunity where you have all of these household names that are trying to figure out how to play in the world of blockchain and web3 yes and if we can provide the platform to advance global adoption in these great technologies and facilitate and add in our expertise and our partners expertise to help deliver uh fully compliant product it’s ready to go to market and you know that’s what that’s what we’re building and i think it you know the word compliant is important yeah as as there’s been a lot of discussion around the regulations of blockchain and everything else and what are assets and what are not assets.

I believe that everyone eventually is going to be put in a regulatory landscape right as much as the hardcore decentralization of the communities are end of the day if you want to take that out of the system there’s no more big brother right big brother knows it’s like if you want to trade out of your crypto and you want to go on you want to go put a deposit on a house yeah sure there’s companies that’ll help facilitate that for you and they’ll lend against your crypto and this and that but they still need to know who you are exactly there needs to be some of that and that and that comes back to another one of our offerings which is identity and working with leaders in the space to create that global identity so you know we’re we work very closely with the team at global id.

Upcoming Partnership

First step yeah that’s really cool you mentioned uh i know you mentioned you’ve been working with some in the past already such as mclaren some really cool partnerships uh is there maybe maybe you can’t share everything right now but are there any upcoming partnerships that you can share uh with us yeah we’re super excited to announce our partnership with gumball 3000 um which has always been a brand that i’ve admired and respected over the years as there’s no one more authentic than maximilian cooper yeah like he’s just an incredible entrepreneur visionary and being able to work with him and his team to assist in the evolution of what’s next for for gumball is super exciting as it checks all the boxes for me yeah you have automotive you have let’s call it culture i don’t know yeah yeah i would say culture yeah oh it’s automotive fashion music and it’s historically been reserved for those on the rallies in those in those cities who can enjoy the energy that gumball brings to town you know it’s the ultimate traveling circus where gumball’s in town you know there’s going to be a wild display of the craziest cars individuals and a festival around that exactly but up until now you really had to be there to experience it would you say sure.

We’re as we’re working on what gumball looks like in a web 3 environment yeah so starting off with the gumball marketplace getting into the tokenization of the gumball community and really adding value into that community through our utility-based offering where those token holders will get priority access to merch drops they’ll get access to starting lines they’ll get access to community events as we get going and eventually you’ll be able to engage with the entire gumball ecosystem in a web 3 gaming environment which is super exciting that’s so cool and I think through these new ecosystems that are coming up such as you know with gumball 3000 it’s really going to allow kids or adults really anyone who maybe haven’t had the opportunity to get much exposure to that too through this new ecosystem be able to get more involved in it and feel more connected to it and inspire others.

I think people get a little overwhelmed when they hear metaverse yeah but the reality is is we’ve all had our own metaverses at one time or another right so i i did a mini rally with the gumball guys and that car i was in was was photographed it was sent to a member of the gumball community they created a rendering of my car and two months later my kids are racing that in forza wow yeah right so for me it’s like is that a metaverse yeah well you know my kids are driving like they want it for me it was 225 points or whatever that that virtual currency is in a closed environment which are points or whatever that is and they they bought me that car and i get to go rip with my kids and like that’s a trip i totally agree it’s not something yeah you’re totally right it’s not something necessarily new we’ve been having it different kind of you know metaverses to various degrees especially through i think gaming i know earlier um before we were sitting down we were talking a little bit about fortnite that’s a great example as well and that’s the perfect example right in in forza sure uh you get to drive your skins and and and this and that but it’s ultimately the performance of the individual that gets you the finish line before anyone else exactly.

I think that’s been super important as we’re architecting what that blockchain game looks like for gumball where we don’t want it to be about money yeah where okay i can come in and i can buy this whatever mclaren senna that was driven by a you know 10 times gumballer and this and that so for us it’s about sure that’s your flex yeah but that’s the skin yeah exactly right if you want to put that time in you want to work on your car and you want to you want to build out your look and feel of it but ultimately it’s going to come down to the merit of the individual not his bankroll yeah and the difference between a forza and a gumball 3000 game is those tokens are not are going to be tokens not points and ultimately you’ll be able to trade out of those tokens to buy merch or you know if you’re accomplished take your homie for lunch exactly go buy a coffee and that’s the real world utility of play to earn gaming yeah that’s the success we’ve seen with axi infinity and they’ve really set the benchmark and what’s next yeah exactly they’re they’re the leaders in the field but we’re we’re still way early exile way early.

Like we were saying as well before you know whether for I think us or for anyone who is really excited and familiar with blockchain or passionate about it just feels like it’s this huge world but then there are other people who maybe aren’t uh haven’t had as much exposure to it or um haven’t really dived into it so it just feels like there’s kind of the people who are really into it right now and then people who are like what is this I’m not too sure yet uh have you found that when you share about quantum pay there to that do you really see that gap um for sure and you know when we set out quantum pay was a great name right quantum is the evolution of what what you know yeah and pay that’s what we were getting into uh but we’re at a stage now where we’ve outgrown that box and we’re dropping the pay and we’re going to market with quantum DNA stands for dreamers need acceleration.

I love that dreamers need acceleration and that’s what we’re all about right rather we’re helping an individual where we’re helping a corporation and we’re getting heavily involved in blockchain philanthropy and providing our platform for those in need and if we can ultimately end up funding an Olympic medal on blockchain hell, yeah I totally agree yeah it’s so interesting to the different routes you can take you to know you mentioned uh blockchain philanthropy and it’s such this past year I think we’ve seen so much of that really going on um you know even with I think the biggest um amount of donations or it was for a long time for Ukraine was through blockchain actually and just hearing other uh ways that it’s being used for good there’s no easier way to move money around.

Yeah right, which is why these governments are calling for regulation and everything else but it’s it traditional banking is archaic yeah right when I can get your wallet address and send you coins or I can send you an nft or right that’s insane exactly right away here you go thanks jeff you know onwards and upwards where it’s like okay what’s your swift what’s your banking what’s your address what’s the bank address yeah it’s arcade it is and it’s expensive exactly right you’re spending upwards of 30 to 45 dollars in north America to send or receive a wire exactly for what I know for what I don’t want to spend that money I know I’d rather just send you some dough I know and it happens instantly that’s the other thing or tokens or however we want to interact you and I are getting into business why isn’t it on a smart contract, yeah yeah it’s completely transparent easy you complete the work you get paid yeah money’s in the account yeah exactly.

I like how to uh with you renaming uh to quantum DNA I know DNA is an acronym as well but also it really is about the DNA that blockchain brings you to know with the uniqueness of it and it’s um you know it’s one of a kind you can’t uh whereas I think we were talking about before is you know you can complete a course or you can do say you did this or that but did you really do it whereas with this you can’t you can’t do that there’s no smoke yeah exactly no smoke it’s fully transparent you know the way it should be open exactly open honest transparent, uh that’s what we love about the space and you know we’re in a wild time, yeah we’re in a really wild time where we’re gonna look back like yeah we lived through that and we thought it was normal

I know it’s we’re gearing up we’re already in it right I was buying a pastry on the way here and said sorry our prices have increased due to inflation yeah our generation doesn’t know from that yeah we’ve never had real bad times right our parents have our grandparents have and for us you know it’s time to buckle up right like it’s not like go in the mall and buy whatever you want because you’re not worried about what’s happening tomorrow uh and for us we see this happening and we see the cost of living going up and we see the cost of goods and cost of everything yeah and a nine to five doesn’t cut it anymore it doesn’t right so how do we support those in need those with the dream give them the tool kit they need to get ahead.

If that’s you know traditional financial services if that’s accounting if that’s marketplace it’s you know whatever we can do to help create an opportunity to you know find that next budding entrepreneur that needs some help you know and it’s not easy raising capital right you might have the greatest idea in the world that we’re working on the best technology but if you don’t have access to capital and a team to bring that together yeah then it’s gonna die and you’re gonna be stuck in that nine to five and where are you going I know it’s so true adam I always when I end this interview

I always ask the same question to everyone uh which is and it’s a broad question but what advice would you give to your younger self to stop buying things you don’t need I love that you can never wear a thousand pairs of sneakers it’s so true that’s a good note to end on well adam thank you so much for being here today and talking more about quantum I’m gonna say quantum DNA from now on I’m gonna link everything down below as well the website and just more information about yourself and the company and it was really awesome chatting nice one thanks

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