The 10 Most In-demand Jobs of The Future and Jobs

Do you want to know the future? Check out this video to glimpse the 10 most in-demand future jobs. But be careful – it includes a few jobs on their way out!

The 10 Most In-demand Jobs of The Future & Jobs That Have No Future

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Everywhere you look nowadays, someone is losing a job. Maybe it is your family, your friends, perhaps even you. The world is upside down right now regarding money, careers, and security, and it really gets you thinking about what jobs are secure for the future. Are you in a position where you can have and grow in the next five-ten years, or are you in a place where AI will take over? As of recently, AI has been a massive topic of conversation, mainly because of chat GPT put a sports car?

ChatGPT Example

The nearest table then rotated by 90 degrees and made it move back and forth along the surfacePlacing a tree frog on the most relative plane was super cool. Okay, put a rocket ship on the most comparative table. Cool, make it twice as big and make it lift off. It’s definitely trending, and you can see it already, even with the implementation of chat GPT. How many jobs would be swept out because of this platform, such as writers? Bloggers Etc. Takes over so many jobs because they can do the thinking for you. This brings you back to the question of well where to do.

I find a job I can get into that I will be secure and that will still be in demand in the future. We will cover the top 15 positions in the market today and in the future. also, we’re going to put a little spin on this video and protect the jobs that will be automated in the future. I really wanted to do both because there are a lot of videos out there that talk about the positives and make sure. You get this job to grow for the future and this job. But what if you are in a position that won’t be there in the future? Although these are tough conversations, we must have them to adequately prepare for them.

In-demand Job 1

With the world going more and more digital, everything’s digital nowadays. It’s great because our homes are automated. We have so many IoT devices you know you can, from your thermostat, detect what temperature it is and adjust accordingly to your coffee machine going on every morning at 8 am. Your whole life can essentially be automated, but the problem with this is that many more vulnerabilities can be utilized to learn more about you, spy on you, and watch you, so it’s no surprise.

The number one job that will continue to be in demand is cyber security engineer or cyber security expert. Now I want to reframe that rather than cyber security engineer but cyber security expert because there could be many different roles within this category that are very in demand. Still, cyber security is something that will continue to grow and grow as Tech continues to expand. Unfortunately, security risks continue as well. Cyber Security Experts must have advanced knowledge in cryptography, network security protocols, firewalls, and threat detection systems. Hence, there’s a lot to learn there. The good news is you don’t need to go back to school for another.

In-demand Job 2

It takes four years to get a degree to get into cybersecurity. There are tons of free courses and resources online that you can start using to start networking and build a career Within cyber security.

Let’s get some green screen going, you know, let’s get some more visuals going. Next on the list is a social media manager, and this is so funny because a few years ago, this role would have honestly been scuffed at or laughed at like that’s not a real job. What kind of job is that but let’s face it, social media is here, and it’s not going anywhere. These significant influencers working with many different companies and brands need someone often to manage their campaigns, and this is where a social media manager comes in. As a social media manager, you might work with many different influencers, not just one. This is a great rule, too, because it can be done well.; actually, all these roles can be done virtually anywhere. You can work from home, on your computer, or wherever you want.

In-demand Job 3

Next on the list is a fun one that merges fashion with technology and virtual reality designing. Yes, you’ve heard that correctly. As more people and companies are exploring getting into the metaverse or what that really means, what that looks like virtual reality, the need to have designers in this space is significant now. What’s the difference between a regular designer who thought we’d be in a world where we’re saying traditional designer versus a digital designer. Still, here we are, the normal or physical designer.

You could call it that they consider fitting for people’s bodies’ different body types. In contrast, you are designed digitally. There’s less worry about that as technology can handle that part and more about what environment people will be playing in. What kind of world these characters live in is a different consideration. But it’s an enjoyable and challenging job that we will continue to see more and more as our lives continue to be more integrated into this world.

In-demand Job 4

Next on the list is a data scientist, and once again, I’m sure this is not a shocker. Still, data science is not only in demand now but as companies continue gathering more data. We need someone to analyze that data to communicate what it means and how to utilize it in the best way possible, so not only data scientists, data analysts, and anything around data you are going to be safe within in the next coming years.

Next on the list is a game developer, and I’m sure you’re waiting for this one as video games are not only currently so in demand but just similar to the other rules I’ve spoken about. They’re not going anywhere. We are continuing to play. More video games to spend more time in that world that area and the need for game developers are continuing to grow.

Now, I don’t know the exact stats around game developers. Still, there is a considerable shortage of game developers as products continue to become more intense and detailed. Game development is a great area to specialize in, and this is one of these jobs that, if you’re already a developer, it’s easier to transition into game development. You do not need to go back to school and get. You can take a boot camp or learn online on YouTube for formal education. There are so many different ways.

In-demand Job 5

Next on the list is a user experience designer, and UX designer UI designer, both of those. I know they’re different things, but they will continue to be the personal reason because every business nowadays is going digital. They need an expert to help with the user experience. If you have a bad user experience but a great product improbable that customers will even come to you. Still, they’ll find something else that might be even less great of a product but has a better user experience. So you can see how vital user experience designers really are. Now we have this whole user experience design setup; we need someone to implement it, and that’s where full-stack developers come in. Full-stack developers will continue to be so in demand in the future because, first of all, let me step back.

I’m sure people are yelling at their screens right now because AI will take over developers’ jobs. Why are you including it? No, no no, let’s take a step back and be realistic here? AI is not going to take over software Engineers job’s or developers’ jobs. What it will do will enable us to work on more complex issues, which is why it’s so important now more than ever to be a continuous or forever learner. What you know today and the skills you possess today will be obsolete tomorrow, relatively speaking, but you need to continue to level up and upskill.

Now I’m not saying to spend every week, every waking moment learning something new, but rather be aware of what’s trending. Be mindful of what’s growing and out there, and if you find something interesting. Stick with it and continue to grow your learnings in that direction, for example. A lot of people right now are continuing to learn about blockchain and web3.

In-demand Job 6

Next on our list, blockchain developers are continuing to become more and more in demand. I’m sure you’ve seen articles where they’re making half a million plus doing their jobs. It’s crazy how in the order they are right now. They will continue to be, although you know we hear Horror Stories of the crypto market. What’s going on in that world of technology? The existing blockchain technology is not going anywhere. I’m not saying anything else; we must remember to separate the two. Blockchain technology can be used for so much more than just currencies and the companies and the increasing number of companies.

That are continuing to implement blockchain Technologies is enormous, from Healthcare to sports teams to every industry is starting to touch. Blockchain developers are responsible for designing and implementing distributed Ledger systems that facilitate transactions between two parties without the need for a third party, similar to how cryptocurrency works. Still, you can think of it used for so many other things.

It’s, of course, essential to have a deep understanding of how this technology works. One of the great things about being a blockchain developer is if you are already an engineer or developer, it’s pretty simple to get into that area of specialization. If it’s something of interest to you, there are many great resources online. There is for everything I’m listing here that you literally just, I think, more than anything, you need to find something you’re passionate about.

In-demand Job 7

Next on the list is a robotics engineer. As robots become increasingly popular, this role continues to grow, and it’s such an exciting role. It’s something that you know if I was to do it all over again. Robotics engineering would be such an exciting thing to explore. And to become a robotics engineer, you have to have an in-depth understanding of engineering principles and be able to apply that knowledge to the development of robotic systems. This could include designing the robot’s components, testing the system for functional programming, and so much more I really like it because it’s an exciting mix of the software. You have to have software knowledge but also Hardware knowledge as well.

In-demand Job 8

Next on the list is virtual reality development, an area that, once again if you are already in the tech industry and just want to specialize, is a great area to consider. They are in high demand due to the increasing number of businesses looking to leverage technology for different applications. They must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of computer graphics, 3D modeling, game design, and development programming languages. You need to know something such as C plus Java and/or Python, and they are responsible for it as it sounds like creating immersive applications for virtual reality. This is an enjoyable and exciting job but also very challenging, making it one of my top ones.

What are some jobs that AI will probably take over the first one is the receptionist. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of this already, whether you are going to an appointment or checking in somewhere, seeing that many times now, there is no human to contact. Similarly, this goes for cashiers frequently. Now when I go to a drugstore or Shoppers, I don’t know if you have Shoppers where you’re listening to this. Still, in any store where you run errands now where everything is automated, there might just be one person working and monitoring, but what used to be 10 people, we’ve seen this for years. It’s continuing to go further in that direction?

In-demand Job 9

Next on the list that’s not been there quite yet, but we’ll be very quick, is self-driving cars. Yes, we know that vehicles can self-drive in areas they are permitted. In other areas, they are not, but this technology continues to improve. Things like truck drivers, taxi drivers, and Uber drivers will continue to diminish quickly. What about Courier Services? When you think about getting a package delivered right now, a lot of times, yes, it’s done by a person but imagine if it was drones that we’re delivering all our packages or having this kind of grid system in the sky that they are in charge of or provide.

In-demand Job 10

I know I sound like I’m getting a little crazy a little out there. Still, if you had explained to someone five years ago even what our world looks like today, they would have thought the same thing, and this is a fascinating and fun topic to start thinking about. I would say fun. I know for some people, it can be terrifying. Because maybe you are in one of those roles, which brings me to sum up, at the end of the day. The most important thing is to continue to level up and upskill gain. New skills gain new skill sets, and the best way to do that is right at your fingertips. With the internet, there are so many different courses. So many other programs that it’s not necessarily resources that need to be improved.

But instead. what is lacking is you need to find your passion. The best way to do that is to spend a few different days or hours of a day really understanding where you get passionate. And what excites you? Watch a blog on the blockchain, watch a blog on data science, see what that spark is for you and explore it. Just because you commit to one thing today doesn’t mean you need to do it 20 years from now, and that’s the beauty of our world. Our roles and jobs will also constantly change as our interests do because now.

We have the technology to support us in continuing to evolve that way. I hope you enjoy this video in understanding what jobs will continue to be in demand and understanding. Yes, some jobs will be taken away from us, but how can we navigate that in the best way possible if you haven’t already, make sure to hit that subscribe button. It really supports me and also leaves in the comments other questions you have that you want me to answer. I answer every single question you go in the words.

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