Stampede in South Korea; 149 killed, 150 wounded; Tragic accident due to large number of people entering the narrow street during the Halloween event

Seoul. October 30 (SO New, / Agencies) In a deadly stampede during Halloween celebrations in Seoul’s Atewon district on Saturday, around 149 people were killed and 150 others were injured, fire department officials said.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the head of the Fire Department, Choi Siangbem, told reporters that a stampede occurred near the Hamilton Hotel in Attawon District’s nightlife. It is believed that the incident took place due to a large number of people entering a narrow street near the hotel. President Yoon Seok-yul presided over an emergency meeting and instructed officials to provide immediate first aid and treatment to the injured. He also directed to deploy emergency medical officers and arrange beds in Attalon.

According to a separate report, the stampede occurred in the central area of ​​Seoul, the capital of South Korea, on Saturday at 10:20 pm local time. Choi Sang-pyom, head of Yunksan Fire Station, said that a large number of people were passing through a narrow street during the religious festival of Halloween. During this time, they started to push and stampede.

According to officials, the death toll is expected to rise as relief efforts are still underway. “The area is still chaotic and we don’t know the exact number of people injured,” said Darmun-joo, an official at South Korea’s National Fire Agency. Trying to find out. Foreigners are also among the injured who have been transferred to hospitals located near the scene of the incident.

South Korean President Yoon-suk-yol chaired an emergency meeting with senior aides as soon as the crash was reported and ordered emergency medical teams to be dispatched to the area. Officials say that they are investigating the actual causes of the incident.

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