Protest of Grand Health Alliance, Sindh government formed a committee for negotiations

The Grand Health Alliance has been protesting for the approval of its demands for the past 32 days due to which the patients are facing severe problems in hospitals.

During this 32-day-long protest, a rally was also taken out to the Chief Minister’s House, while police lathi-charged during the encirclement and many arrests were made.

Regarding this protest, the Ministry of Health of Sindh was of the opinion that it will not be weakened in the face of the protest of Grand Health Alliance, but after 32 days, the ice between the Department of Health and GHA has started to melt.

In view of the situation, the Sindh government has formed a committee for negotiations with the GHA, in which Saeed Ghani, Health Secretary Zavalafiqar Shah, Parliamentary Secretary Qasim Soomro and others are present.

A six-member committee under the chairmanship of provincial minister Nasir Shah will meet the GHA leadership today in which the demands will be discussed and negotiated.

Provincial Minister Nasir Hasan Shah will come to the protest camp today at 1 o’clock and inform about the progress while GHA will announce the future action plan at 1 o’clock.

Demands of Grand Health Alliance:

The demands of GHA include health risk allowance, increase in dental seat, deputation, time scale and service structure.

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