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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 21 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 21 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

You will say Ülgen sister, not Ülgen chick! girl! I said sister, sister, look like this… Ülgen sister Ülgen sister! Did you understand? It’s enough! Enough man, shut up, okay, we got it! But you also understand this, there is no charge from here to you! Cerguday alpine! You understand! Get out of my kitchen! I didn’t tell you, you did n’t, of course, I hear it myself! Fill up. – I’m putting it, I’m putting it heh Bon appetit.


Fill it up, fill it up, fill it up OK, I put it in . Thank you. I can see that your majesty Valide Sultan will eat your heart. However, even the commanders of Constantinople are behind him, but I hope you are not cornered? I don’t waste any time, Mr. Turgut. I think you’re upset with me about this Olof thing. But this is politics, everybody sits at the table with everybody. That table is poison to me, I wouldn’t sit, but… anyway, I heard that Osman Sultan took Mesut from you. It’s like you didn’t win this time.

Osman hurt himself with this move. Samagar will bring me Mesut… He’s after Osman. I hope Samagar. What if I told you I know where they are… What does this mean, Mr. Turgut? You know, but won’t you tell me? Or do you want something from me in return? Do not forget that I am protecting your castle from Osman. There are things more precious than İnegöl. For example, your throne and even your power, everything depends on it.

Episode 21

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That’s why you want Sultan Mesut so much. What do you want? One hundred twenty horses and two hundred pusats will now go to İnegöl at your command . Why is there a danger? Danger can come from anywhere, for example, you can try to put Olof on the throne of İnegöl. Safety is good. Hunter sir! One hundred twenty horses and two hundred pusats will be given to Turgut immediately! Thanks. – I’ll listen to you now. They keep Sultan Mesut in a cave in Gürağaç. But they’re going to relocate tomorrow, you’d better hurry. How did you learn? After all those years of fighting back to back, you don’t have to learn, you know.

I heard about Evel Mesut, then I probed the caves, then I saw it with my own eyes. It was there. Turgut Bey… Would you sell Osman to one hundred and twenty horses? Osman is not worth even five horses. I closed my account with him. Come and settle your own account among yourself. Now I ask your permission. Soundly. I’ll skin the one who moves! Your end has come, sultan! Oh right! I decide what starts and what ends! Osman will take the life of the Pusad! We have no life to give you!


Selamun aleykum. – Aleykumselam. Destur! His Excellency the Valide Sultan! Welcome. – Thank you. Let Bala chick sit in the place you deserve. Come in. Mashallah, you have come completely, ladies. Can’t you call and come, Your Excellency, Valide Sultan? Everyone is there, but there is no Malhun chick, my sultan. Bala Hatun, the head lady of Yenişehir, is here. No one else is needed. Come in. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Let’s go to the kitchen. We’ve been through a lot in a very short time since I came to the extremes. But there is one thing that I have not missed. The successes of the sisters.

Both in the battlefield and in trade, they run from success to success as soon as a breather stops. Of course, it’s all thanks to you, Bala lady. Isn’t that right, guys? – “It is.” It sure is. – Estagfurullah. If there is a success, it is the success of the sisters who do not shy away from the target and pass their lives. We aim simply. – You show humility again. Everything you touch will turn green, Bala Hatun. From now on, you will be interested not only in the sisters but also in Yenişehir. Come on, sisters, let’s take the sherbet quickly. First, take the Valide Sultan’s glass. Girl! Oh wait, if you take it like this now, they’ll know from me, look, you won’t see the dust Heh now it shines like a mirror. Neither you nor I will be scolded. –


Thanks. Now you can praise the sisters, but there are some obstacles who do not send their daughters to the sister-in-law. If you say yes to Bala lady, I would like to join your sister. First of all, you have to ask your mother, Alçiçek. Do you have your consent, Bengi lady? Surely he can join. It would make me happy to have it cooked with you, Bala lady. Thanks. You did what was expected of you, Bengi lady. Ladies… you guys listen to your main lady. My Sultan! Get out! –

Valide sultan! Sultana! My Valide Sultan! – My Valide Sultan! My Valide Sultan, open your eyes! Quickly close the doors, everyone will be searched! Come on, come on! – Open your eyes! Open your eyes, my Valide Sultana, come on! My Sultan! – Come on, my Valide Sultan! My Valide Sultan, open your eyes! Does it breathe? We need to breathe and make him vomit, come on, Bala lady. Come on, turn it, turn it, turn it into honey, turn it… My Valide Sultan! Open your eyes. Open your eyes, come on!

Lets! Call Tez Kumral Abdal, he won’t vomit! My Sultan! Enough Osman Bey! Sir! Samagar escapes! Alps! Come on alps! Who would dare to do such a thing? Whoever did it is obviously thirsty for his death. My Valide Sultan, can you hear me, are you okay? Why doesn’t Kumral Abdal wake up like this? If you say fast, is it poison? No, the trouble that gnaws at our Valide Sultan has weakened her. good. But it’s good, you should take care of your health for a while. In particular, he should stay away from trouble and grief.


Then I will prepare a nice meal for our sultan. Esme. Bengi chick. Tell me quickly, what happens in the mansion? Come on, what does Malhun say about Bala? There’s something quick, come on, tell me. Don’t worry, Bengi chick, let’s not bother. Did you give up on your guardian, Esma? It’s all game. Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun are playing tricks on Valide Sultan. There is more. Come on, let’s see. Game over, Osman my nöker will kill you! Now, if I help the Mongol, Osman will take my head. If I help Osman, the Valide sultan…. I know what I will. Look at me! Just stop… Let him hit me. – What do you think, sir? Hit me with a whopper! – Sir, how can I hit you? Come on! Aha, let’s hit it like this! Lets! Mister mister! – Are you hitting the enemy? What would you do, sir? – Hands off! Lets! – Come on, sir! Enough sir! I’ve had enough, Osman Bey! Çavundurun public affairs.

Let’s see. You set up the games, we fall into the traps… Nope. We are the ones who make and break the games. This game will also end with your head falling off. treacherous dog! The wrath of Erlikhan will rain down on you, Osman! When Gazanhan hears what you have done and learns that you helped Sultan Mesut, he will turn his land into hell! You turn the lands you step into hell.


But we water them with our own blood in order to turn the lands we take into heaven. That’s the difference between us. Çavundurun flourishing … Let him see the fate of those who stand in front of us. I will reach my god, but your pusad will go down on your own head! The head you cut is the head of the people, not mine! He who is afraid to give his head cannot stay free. Anyone who does not make a case to be free is not one of us. Look at me! I am neither the captive sultan in Konya… nor a lord to fear you! I am the one who planted the seeds of a state that will rule the world and grew it with its blood.

Tell the oppressors I killed. I am Osman Bey, the nightmare of the oppressors, the protector of the oppressed… Bala! Destur, Bengi chick destur? Now she’s gone, Bala chick, what is your fuss? It’s all a trap, my sultan. Bala set up a game and came here to get the seal.

Find that Bala chick from her thesis and bring it to me! Alps! Think about it! Quick horses! There’s no going back without catching that rebel! Take it, take it. Return this to its owner. The command is my lord, Ayaz. Just stop. Just stop! Come on. Osman Bey, I stood behind both you and your alps. May you spare my head. Do you think it is the trade that you take and give your life? No such shopping. If you become one with the oppressor, then I will take your head. I give coins, I give gold.

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