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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 20 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 20 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Then let’s play him a nice game. Yeah. Let him think that he has achieved his goal. Let him think about it so that he can relax and get complacent. Good… But let’s do it in such a place that everyone can believe it. He was going to collect his ladies tomorrow and invited me. This is the best time to get the seal. Can we get it out of that many chicks? He will definitely carry something so important on him. my mother! What if we go out of his room and get it while he’s sleeping at night! But I won’t go in, that Valide Sultan will eat me raw.


No need, Ulgen, I know how to get it. The time limit I gave you for İnegöl is over. But I see that the Valide Sultan you took refuge behind is not here. And your friend Olof… You shouldn’t worry. I’m going to hack that Olof’s account. Are you going to cut it by sitting at the same table as him? We’ll see about that later. But now the issue is different. The Mongols in Konya are the biggest supporters of the Valide sultan. And now they come to break us. Bela became two when she was one.

When was it one, huh? Commander Samagar, who will come here now, we will first take his head. And then we’ll drive Olof out of the strongholds. What is Samagar, how will we hit his head? You will do this. Being with the Valide Sultan will ensure this. I listen, you tell me. The overthrown Sultan Mesut is in my hands. I knew you wouldn’t come back empty handed. But Sultan Mesut… Now you will tell the Valide Sultan that I have Sultan Mesut. I’ll keep it in our cave in Gürağaç area. You will say we have taken action He will send the commander Samagar. When he comes, I’ll take his head there!

Episode 20

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Goodbye, know. Get ready, I have something to talk about. You left me alone in my hardest moment. How many martyrs have I lost because of you… How many pusats I have lost, how many conquest moves are left unfinished… If I am speaking in front of you now, it is because my cause is greater than my anger. My job is no different. Whatever I do, I will do for the cause. Finish this job. We will certainly be victorious. Be sure. Have you ever seen if Alcicek is good? Aktemur was very sorry for what he had done. But he is strong, he also knows how to get up from where he fell. Of course the strong girl gets up, Alçiçek. But those who tripped him and dropped him on the ground will regret it a lot! Girl Esma or did this Aktemur call Alçiçek.

sister? If she said that too, Alçiçek chick Aktemur would have taken it down right there. Is not it? Is not it? It’s what they deserve! Look at the dough, I’ll take care of it, you look at the dough. Shh what are you looking at? Is it forbidden to look? Forbidden bro, forbidden come on! Go ahead, get out! I’m not going out. I’m thinking is it okay? Why not? Impossible. It shouldn’t be possible. Just in case… I said no look at me, don’t cross your limits, eat in front of you. Ulgen chick! Ulgen chick, can you give me some food, please?

You need resources for all the conquests you will make. My treasury is so vast Now all the gold will be ours when you slap your neck! Don’t you see that I don’t even consider my own life when I’m fighting for you, my lord. How can I prove to you that I am faithful? You’re loyal, huh… So you’re loyal…. Now is your only chance to show your loyalty . No… Don’t get too excited, especially listen. Konur Valide is a prisoner in the hands of the sultan. You will bring it from the Valide Sultan. Sir, since I will gain your trust that way, I will bring Konur to you. Destroy now. – Come on, Hussein! Come on go go! My Bey Bala Hatun is quite late, don’t let anything go wrong, Mister! Thank goodness! We’re fine, we’re fine, we’re fine… Bala… Game over, Bala. honey! Mother? sunflower. What happens here? What’s that on it? How can you do this to me? – I don’t know anything, mother!


Bala Hatun gave up and left. honey? honey! honey! Sir! honey. Are you okay? We are fine, we are fine, thank you very much. Did you get the seal? We have the unseal. Oh my god… What are we going to do now, sir? We will take back the castles that are our property. No power will stand against the seal of the Sultan. That’s why I called you. You will take over the Kulucahisar castle with Bala Hatun Alaattin Bey. You will take over the Karacahisar castle together with Mr. Orhan, the lady of Malhun. We will take Bilecik over too… Bring it on! – Not yet, sir. Well, you get mad all at once, huh? Sir. – He. Are we going to take this Konur openly or secretly? Whether we take it openly or secretly, this Osman is obsessed with me. If you say, Valide Sultan did you win her enmity, we became smoke and Hüseyin became smoke! Come on, you melted it! Slowly, all at once! – All right, sir. No wait! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, come on. My mother my mother my mother… my mother! That’s enough! It didn’t hurt like that when he gave the wound!


Sir, we are going to save this Konur. It is obvious that Osman wants to go and offend you with Ismihan Sultan because he saved him. Owl dude! Len let a good word come out of his mouth for once! She was going to make the Valide Sultan hurt… Repent is estagfurullah! Give me water! Give me water! Hasbinallah! Here you go, sir. – I’m struggling with my life! Take the juice! It is necessary to stay by Osman’s side as much as we can until this dust and smoke dissipate. The one who removes the dust and the one who makes the smoke… Isn’t it Hussein? You say right sir, what if we choose the wrong side? Repentance astaghfurullah! Come on, let it open, I’ll rest, I’ll go! Come on, tell me… Hasn’t he spoken yet? Not yet… But he’ll talk. You protect Osman, where is Osman? You made a big mistake by considering Osman a comrade, Konur.

But as your Valide Sultan, I will give you one last chance. You will tell Osman’s secrets. I will reveal all the riches of the world before you. You have nothing to give me. My Sultan. Konur will tell us the secrets of Osman. What is this sack, Hunter? My Sultan is elsewhere if you wish- – Extension Hunter! What is this open sack! Osman Bey sent it. This is the fate of those who follow your path. If I’m not killing you now, it’s for what you know. You will be amazed at what I will do when I find out about them. Olof! Osman… Osman is here. Is it Osman?


This is my pen, Osman! You can’t get in here like this! This is not your castle! Commander! What’s happening? Is this how you get security? The only thing that is entrusted here is your life, Osman. By order of the Sultan, this is my castle. This time it won’t be that easy! Soldiers! Not only Bilecik, but also Karacahisar and Kulucahisar are my castles as before. stop! Let’s go to the dervish lodge. Where do you come from, and where do you go? Haydan will come, we will go to Hu, let our duty not be interrupted. Call. Selamun aleykum. – Aleykümselam, my sheik, have the dervishes had a fault, valiant ones? We are also servants of the command, my sheikh, we will look at the load of the car. Here you go. This car loaded with apples. These apples are the right of the brave. Give the apples to the brave. No, my sheik, let’s not eat the sustenance of the dervish lodge. Nobody can eat anybody’s sustenance. This car is full of apples. Come on, don’t turn down the treat. Thank you, my sheik, please do not blame us. – Thanks. God bless you guys. The order is certain, Olof, we will leave the castle to Osman Bey! Not only Bilecik but also other properties are under our control as before. Walk! I’ll take back what you took from me, Osman! But it won’t be bloodless like the first time! I will make a flag for the fortress out of the skin of you and those around you! You don’t even have a home yet. Especially find a dormitory to poke around… oh my… Be careful so that the wolves outside don’t bite you. When will I catch a pusat like you?


Why aren’t my arms like yours? I’m powerless! Strength is not just about the wrist, my henna lamb. How can I defeat the enemy, Kumral Abdal, when my wrist does not have the strength? I guess you haven’t heard the story of the lion and the forester. We didn’t hear either, Kumral Abdal. I wish we could listen to you. Then get together. Now once upon a time there lived a forester. This forester would go to the forest with the morning prayer, find the thickest and most uncut wood, and cut it. He would return home in the evening with the wood threshing Again, at such a time when he was chopping such a thick wood, the king of the forests, the lion, came to boast in all his majesty. He said to the woodsman, “I’m amazed at your mind! Why did the forester say “O lion”? Why will the lion be that I am the king of the forests, I am so strong… even I can’t split this wood… how will you split this big wood, he said. There was a heart like a barbecue in the woodsman and he said to Aslan, “O lion, I am stronger than you.” Aslan could not swallow this to his pride. Then let’s fight, let’s see who said let’s see strong. They started to fight. The forester’s recovery was shattered, but he did not give up.

He said to the lion, “O king of the jungle, I forgot most of my strength at home, this fight is not a fair fight,” he said. He touched the pride of the lion, he said, I will not beat the man who fights with half his strength! He said go get your strength and come. Our forester knows the arrogance of the lion, he has gone to his heart. He said either if you play tricks on me or if you run away. The lion roared so loudly that all the animals in the forest fled to their nests. He came closer to the forester… he said that I am not afraid of anyone, I am the strongest! Said. The jungler was not convinced, he said no, I’m going to hit you like this with half my strength. The lion did not accept this either. The forester pretended to think of something new. He looked at the rope standing in one corner and at the lion. He said, “Okay, I’ll go, I’ll take my strength and come, but I need to make sure you’re waiting here, I’ll tie you to that tree… you ‘ll wait for me there until I come.” He said that he would not be a lion, he said that he would not accept it. The jungler looked at the lion with such a cynical look that


I knew he would run away. Aslan was very angry at this and said, “Okay, then go get your strength and come, I will never run away.” The woodsman tied the lion to a beautiful tree, but it did not go from there. He hit the lion as he hit the lion with the stick in his hand. Do you eat a little or a lot, do you eat a little or a lot, what did Aslan do? He said to the woodsman, “O mankind, either kill me immediately or let me go.” But don’t play with my pride, I can’t stand it, I accept that you are strong, you beat me with your mind, he said. But the forester did not stop, he hit more and more with the stick in his hand!

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