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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 19 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 19 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Tomorrow, I will invite the women of the oba gentlemen to the inn. You come, you come too, so that they can see the head lady of Yenişehir. Will it work quickly? He will open his eyes immediately, and the wound will heal in time, my lord. Ya Shafi… Sir, we need to drink this too. Help Baysungur. Take it, it’s okay. Slowly, slowly… Will it work, sir? His breathing slowly began to improve. Thank you, thank you very much. – Thank God! Sultan, let’s take a breath, take a deep breath.


Are you okay now? We’ve had better days, Osman Bey. Good luck Shamil. – Thank you, sir. Oy mashallah, don’t worry, don’t worry, we will take you to a safer place from here, and immediately. You know this. – I know. I know Osman Bey… Samagar trusts him, Saveli trusts him. If they don’t, then the Valide Sultan will have no power. I will destroy them all. Now you say… How can I destroy the power of the Valide Sultan? With what? There is a seal, Osman Bey takes all his power from that seal. Is it a seal? What if I get that seal… then can I tie the Valide Sultan’s hands? If there is no seal, it has no meaning. Valide sultan… Traitor! Traitor! I will cut off that Turgut’s head with my own hands! When the Valide Sultan found out that she had taken the provisions-

Episode 19

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Beware! Don’t worry, Frodi! You will not say anything to anyone! You will not say anything to the Valide Sultana! Will he stay with what the traitor did? How many of our soldiers died, Dan! He will pay for this! Will give! Frodi will! I promise you will! But not now… When the time comes, we will kill him with our own hands! But not now. – When! When! When! When! When! Whoever is skilled in war, let him be your property. How long have you dreamed of real estate? For years, since the blood of my valiants spilled on the ground in conquests. Is Öktem’s blood not enough? No matter what, you gave property to those who did not conquer! I was always with you, Osman Bey! You chose it, you have no place with us. No, that won’t happen… I can’t stand it! If you want to kick me out of my homeland, I won’t put a dormitory in the middle! Cut! Here you go, sir. Send a messenger to Bilecik Karacahisar and even Kulucahisar lords. Let their armies line up..

If I am Turgut Bey, I will not leave the Turkish property in the shadow of the unbelievers. Thank you sir, it is your command. – Lets. Where is Mesut? Where could he be hiding Osman Mesut? Talk! It is forbidden for you to breathe without telling all the secret places of Osman. Ask your men. Do you make fun of me? Does it burn? If you don’t talk, it will hurt even more! You can’t get a word from me. Call it to come! How will I find that seal? I will snatch all the power of that Valide Sultan from her hand. my sheikh. – Mr. Osman. My sheikh sultan Mesut is fine, don’t worry, Bala, are you fine? I’m fine. – Masallah. May my Lord heal you in the name of Shafi, Sultan Mesut. Osman Bey Dervişyan is out, now I see the reason why you want them.


My Sheikh, the safest place is Söğüt. The most inconspicuous place is the dervish lodge. Dervişyans will let Sultan Mesut in without anyone seeing him. Valide Sultan’s nose is so big that she can’t even see in front of her. The lodge won’t even come to mind. You did well. We would be very pleased to welcome you in our poor house, Sultan Mesut. But if you look for your comfort in the palace, you will not find it. Our mattress is made of goat hair, let him know this first. Estagfurullah Sheikh Edebali. Your goat hair mattress is better than the goose feather mattress in the palace. At least we’re in good hands. Thank you Bala will take care of this. We will take away all the power of the Valide Sultan. Are you talking about going to Osman Bey Ismihan and getting the seal? Don’t worry, Bala will take care of it all before her soul even hears it. Don’t be left behind, Sultan Mesut. Come on, you need to leave without wasting time. I entrust you first to Allah and then to those I trust most. Osman Bey, where are you going?


I said I’d buy you two heads. I’ll go get the first one now. my sheikh. Honey… Come on, Frik. Ah, but he thinks you are Marta. Obviously, my Valide Sultan will die with this knowledge. But this information will be of no use to him. But your skills… will be enough to get him talking. What is this? Or… vermin that will infect all Yenişehir’s supplies! The bastards! Look, look! Look, my sultan has already started talking! I say let’s try it here first! Let’s see if Osman has the skill to make his alp speak. We had a business with you once, Turgut, it’s okay. Why else do you keep picking us up? Did it end because we got a job, Mr. Uraz? Is everything finished? You can say what is not complete, Turgut Bey. We didn’t take our castles, we didn’t clear the infidels from the dormitory. We did nothing. – Don’t do it, Mr. Turgut. While Kuffar was being built on the forts, we were in front of it. At that time, you would even share your vaccine with the unbelievers and cook for them. Besides, didn’t you stay silent because Osman’s brain would go out of power, Turgut? You’re stuck, you keep saying a word! That meal has been poison to me the most.


Mostly to me! Now you say, where is Osman Bey while we think so much about the dormitory? Where is Mr. Öktem? Do you think there is anyone else working on this case besides me? If the case is a case of conquest, our lives are victims in this way. You say what we’re going to do. Thanks. Inshallah, we will strike the neck of the disbelievers in our castles and cleanse them from our lands forever. Olof and his dogs see us as too helpless to move. Here we will hit them for their arrogance. Now you can hear me well. My Alps will be stationed around the castle and you will open the gates when you are sure of the precaution. Then, by Allah’s leave, we will drive those Olof and his dogs out of our land! Now you guys say are you with me? Gentlemen are with me. Will Bala Hatun stay in another dervish lodge? It looks that way, Ulgen. I didn’t understand why did this happen?


Now, don’t talk too much about it, but their anger is already fresh. What if the lady Bengi wanted to keep her from a job? Maybe he would come to believe. Do you ever get offended for that? Ulgen! Malhun chick, I’m not in the right place, but I’m very sorry for her. Since you were very upset, you should have gone after Bala. Pack up all your bits and pieces and get out of here! I? Ben, will you fire me now? Let alone Malhun! If you leave Ülgen, I will not. I said my last word, Bala! Ulgen will go from here! But I didn’t say my last word. Then let’s share our trump card outside! Let him bring his pusat! Mom stop!


And don’t fight for me, okay, I’ll go! You don’t fight, I’ll go! But you played very well, you played very well, let alone Ülgen, I believed it! You are a Yaman… It is enough for the Valide Sultan and Bengi to believe, my Ayşe. He believed so much that he was determined to make the fire bigger. Will I ever get such a game? I swear I was going to pile up! Alhamdulillah, will you look? Will we ever leave you, Ulgen? – You won’t let go, will you? I was scared! My mind is gone. Valide Sultan has sworn to set us against each other. It’s not like it’s going to stop.

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