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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 18 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 18 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Lets! Lets! Let’s hold on, hold on – Gardash clenched your teeth! Shamil! His Excellency the Sultan, let’s just come here. Give water! Here you go, sir. – My Sultan. Oh effort, effort! Sultan, sultan is not someone to be destroyed by such an arrow. Sir, do you think it is poisonous? Let’s see if I open this wound. The situation of the sultan is not good at all. I can’t say enough, but what will we do if the sultan walks towards the truth? Let the wind blow from his mouth, my lord, he has tied all our moves to him, he must live. Come on Bismillah! Bismillah!


His breathing is not good. My Sultan! My Sultan! My Sultan! My Sultan! My Sultan! Aykut should inform my sheikh immediately! – It’s your command, sir! Lets! – My Sultan! My Sultan… No, no… No… Osman! Osman! How could you kidnap Mesut! This time you’ve crossed the line, you’ve crossed the line! I’ll listen to you, Bengi lady. Today I offered Bala a little help. Malhun hatun opposed it. But it is clear that Bala will not let Malhun slip. You are smart girl. But obviously Bala is smart too . She had what I said in her ear. Etis now comes to the lodge to see his father. Before that, I wanted to give you this good news. This is not the only thing, Her Excellency, Valide Sultan. We also hear what is spoken in the mansion of Informal Osman.


Esma, Alçiçek’s aide, is in the informal Yenişehir mansion. Very nice. Very nice. Tell Esma to wait for news from me. You think we’ll make the fire even hotter. We will burn that paper clip… This spark will burn all Osman’s dreams! it will! Let’s break this down. Come on Bismillah Bismillah… Ya Shafi… Ya Shafi. My Sultan! My Sultan! My Sultan! Shamil, look at him, his eyes are red. It is yellow all around. Don’t you know, don’t you know this poison? I will find my lord! Sir, this is scorpion venom. I know weed will get through this, it’s rare around here, but I’ll find it. What are you stopping for! Don’t come before you find that weed! Shamil, if you don’t find it, we will lose the sultan. Hold on, make an effort. Honey honey. My Valide Sultan. Would you pass me by?

Episode 18

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Let me see you. What is it that casts a shadow over those beautiful eyes? I wanted to go to him first so that only my sheikh could calm the anger inside me. Then of course I was going to drop by you. I am also a good listener, although not as much as Sheikh Edebali. Let’s see what’s wrong with you? You were right. I thought everyone was like me. Malhun chick or not? He broke my word today in front of everyone. I won’t forgive this He raises his voice so that he can drown out your voice. But you should never take a step back.

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