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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 16 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 16 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Thank you, sir. Baysungur – My Bey Protect us, my sultan. Attack! If Mesut and Osman come out, I will impel you all! No, honey, I don’t trust this woman at all! We can’t deliver the supplies to him! Conflicting like that all the time will only get him away! If we don’t trust him now- I said no, Bala! I said my last word, we will take the car! But I didn’t say my last word, Malhun! You have changed a lot since yesterday, Bala lady.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 16

What did the Valide Sultan promise you so that your voice grew louder? My voice was always loud, Malhun chick. You would just ignore it! Let me weigh what comes out of your mouth, Bala, or I’ll have an accident! Don’t hold back. This is how you see your job, Frik! How did Malhun reach those goods? Why did I put you there? Do not doubt that I will learn this, my Valide Sultan. He would learn! The chicks thwarted my move! Wasted! I take no offense, Frik! I promise you, my Valide Sultan, I will make up for this mistake. You will make up for it.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 16 Urdu

Otherwise, there is no such thing as a deal! None of the caravans will reach Yenişehir! You will destroy all the goods you find! My Valide Sultan. It’s not the end if we don’t get the supplies… Their supplies will be the end of them. What do you have in mind? Let it go, honey. Malhun hatun thinks that she is the patron of the whole realm. You can’t hear me. Robust Alpine! Let me deliver the car to Bengi, this is my last word! I will deliver this car! This is my last word! Come on Cerkutay! Come on. honey! – Do not worry, Ayşe. Don’t say a word. I can’t come to the mansion with this anger… I’ll go to the lodge. Aykut Turahan!

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 16 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Episode 16

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Don’t worry, we made a promise to my lord! We’re going back, don’t you dare! Thank you, Guardian! What did you promise to your brain? You won’t be able to keep your word, my lord if we are not going to die! My lord said don’t come without the head of that Samagar dog! Your brain has left you behind! Such is war! The big ones run away, the little ones become the bait! Come, push the bloodline! Come on, you are Samagar’s prey today! I don’t put any of my Alps behind! Hold on, my sultan! Alps back. How far will you run, Osman? Do you want your death? Here I am, come here. Attack! Baysungur.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Sir, we unleashed all the arrows and they will come again. We leave here and meet at the cave in Gürağaç locality. The Sultan will be with me. Let’s disperse! Lets! Quick! Quickly get the horses! Scatter all over! Look everywhere! Osman and Mesut will be found before sunset! The Valide Sultan made me sit at the same table with Olof, then I made a separate path, my sheik. But Osman Bey’s issue is different. His pain is in the heart, these are the reasons why I walk alone. A Muslim cannot walk alone, Turgut Bey.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 16 Hindi Dubbed

First of all, he is the one united under the banner of the Messenger of Allah. The one who falls into heedlessness and is thrown into a separate path will also lose his way. In the age of bliss, one of the hypocrites tried to cause discord between the Ansar and the Muhajirin and cause strife. While the Muhajirs were less than the Ansar, their numbers have now increased.

Many of us try to get hold of us. When we returned to Madinah, the natives and nobles there said that they would get rid of the refugees from the city. Hadrat Umar was also present when this word of the hypocritical leader was reported to the Messenger of Allah. Allow me to take the head of this infidel, he asked the Messenger of Allah for permission, he wanted to punish the hypocrite who spread sedition. But the Messenger of Allah prevented this wish of Omar and said I would not want him to suspect that Omar was killing the companions of Muhammad.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 16 In Urdu

At that time, the Messenger of Allah found it appropriate to act calmly in order not to increase the strife and not to play into the hands of the hypocrites. Osman Bey accepted the offer of the Valide Sultan and transferred the castles, obeying the sunnah and acting calmly. But the time has come.

Now we need Hazrat Omar’s anger! Do you have this anger, Turgut Bey? Is there anger that is not for the self but for the cause? Will you be able to curb your soul for the divine word-tullah cause? Mr. Turgut? Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Can you remove the kufar from the Turkmen castle, Turgut? Think about it thoroughly.

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