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Kurulus Osman Episode 23 Season 4 in Urdu / Hindi

There is news from Commander Nayman He wants us to raise taxes, pay a diet for Samagar’s head, not a diet for Samagar’s head, I won’t even give a push in the door! Are you with me brothers We are with you Olof The one who gets in trouble pays the diet alone With what strength will you fight The only thing I will give you is death

Where is the brigade. You are pushing. Everyone is talking about your Victory in Söğüt Togay The bigger the Victory, the bigger it will be, what do you want Completely destroy Osman’s ruined reputation, his polite assassination is over I’m getting choked I thought you wanted brother blood why He told my father that Osman was a thunderbird.

He came out of his mountain like yesterday There are four kinds of wolves, in some places when the wolf dives into the flock, the whole flock is destroyed , only one of them baits for itself. when it dives, only one of them is destroyed, my grandmother makes it , it takes half of the time Wolf is a terror creature, or a wolf with sky-colored feathers that is the color of the sky.

A wolf who sees it once in a thousand years, as said by Oğuz Kaan, when that wolf comes to the herd, Dirlik feto with my father. he told me that the skybear s riding just for me s just for me I have to act before him I came to make you an offer to add strength to the product İnegöl tekfuru Nikola

Episode 23

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