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Kurulus Osman Episode 15 Season 4 in Urdu / Hindi

Kurulus Osman Episode 15 Season 4 in Urdu / Hindi

Commander Samagar has gone this way. I will separate your flesh from your bones, Osman. I swear to Erlikhan. Walk! You got yourself in big trouble, Osman Bey. A big head will have a big problem, you should not worry at all, His Excellency. It was a matter you shouldn’t have, you’re going to lose your little tribe because of me. Your arrogance hasn’t made you lose any of your arrogance. What are the Alps dealing with, Osman Bey? We got off the horses and now we stand.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 15 in Urdu / Hindi dubbed by Geo TV

You’ve been with them all these years. But you never knew the Mongols. That’s why you had to fight them. They are skilled scouts. The plain sarcasm you said You still didn’t answer my question Osman Bey, Alps knocked the horses’ shoes upside down So they’ll think we’re going in the opposite direction. But we will not be on the horse despite this. It is difficult to escape from the Mongols.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 15 In Urdu

Episode 15

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At least the target must be confused. Will they believe this? At least we will divide them. Is everything ready alps ok? All right, sir. – Thank you, the Alps, get rid of the horses and catch up with us. Sultan’s Excellency. My uncle, who is sitting in his house waiting for his death, is running away on the day he will be killed, Osman, his sultanate. Even the reason for coming here was to get Mesut. He also took his son from the palace- Vizier! This is my last warning to you. Don’t come to me with excuses again. Take an army with you. Kill both my uncle and Osman and bring them to me. But… if there is even a single word of lies in what they say, I will make you hang in the square, Saveli.

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Commander Samagar watches indicate this direction. These traces do not go to Yenişehir, and the Osmans do not go in this direction. The Samagar tracks point in this direction. How long has it been said on my word? Look, these are the footprints of their front feet deeper than the footprints of their back. The horse’s head is up so it’s heavier, you dummy! Osman must have hooved his horses backward. Bring the poison arrows! We will split it in two! You will go in the direction of the traces! The rest is with me! You will kill Osman and Mesut wherever you see them! Sultan, we will take you without a horse like this, but you will not be sorry. I will decide this when I ascend to the throne, Osman Bey. After all, I have no judgment now. We wouldn’t have to go with the Mongolian troops to our destination, so just hold on for a while. Thanks.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 15 by Geo

Osman, I want you to answer me honestly. Suppose I’ve known you for years, you succeeded, and you put me on the throne, what do you want from me? When you sit on your throne in the east, the gates of the west will be opened to me. You will support me for conquests. But these are things that will happen in the future, if we are talking about the present, your presence with me will reduce the power of the Valide Sultan. Everything is getting out of his head. The greed for power even turned my nephew against me. He took my throne from me. So what did Osman Bey take from you? He gave my fortresses, my castles, and all of them to the unbeliever. But I will take my property and his head. I promise you will.

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I will stand behind you when I ascend the throne. You will get back everything you lost, Osman Bey. My Sultan! My Sultan! Alps Alps! His Excellency the Sultan, endure! You. come on alps! Let not a single person be left who does not take the provisions. Bala lady. Good, we saved today, but what will we do tomorrow? Of course, we will find a way, Bengi, so you don’t have to worry. How not to worry, it’s not your business, I want to do my best. If you wish, give us one of the cars and we will distribute them to the surrounding tribes. Hey, Bala lady, let’s keep the end of the business. It would be good.

Good… It is necessary to distribute the supplies quickly and overcome the fear of the people. I am very pleased that you are with us, Bengi Hatun. The animosity between us is between us, but that is another matter. Robust Alpine! You should deliver that car to Bengi. It will be distributed to the surrounding tribes. – Impossible! We’ll take the supplies. Informally, I do not trust the Bengi chick! Malian chick, what kind of word is that? We all work for the people. I say let me forget what you did to me and help you, look at the word you said. Did you forget who you were standing behind just now, Bengi lady? Cerkutay!

We’ll take the car, Gürbüz! I told you to deliver the car. Long live Gurbuz! Strong immediately! Gürbüz, I told you to stop! I’m here, Osman! The Samagar you put in the dungeon will make this world a dungeon for you! If you had never come! I would have come to you already. You are my revenge! My duty is Mesut’s head. Give it to him, maybe then I’ll take his life before you skin him. We will never surrender anyone who takes refuge in us! Never! I know how to take it, Osman! Come on, let’s see! Come and have a look. My Sultan, hold on and you will live. You will live… Alps! The Alps, I will go with the sultan, you protect us. Let no one try to be warlike, we will get out of here alive.

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