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How to Increase Cell Size in Excel?


In this session, we will learn how to modify or increase cell size in Excel but before we begin I would like to tell you guys that we have daily updates on multiple Technologies and if you are a tech gig in a continuous hunt for the latest technological Trends

How to Increase Cell Size in Excel?

Let’s get started with our one point agenda that is how to modify or increase cell size in Excel now most of you might probably want to increase just the sales error here just to increase the visibility of the text so one of the easiest way is just to press on the plus icon on the bottom right corner of your Excel spreadsheet so this will automatically increase the text size and you can see the text more clearly now apart from that if it’s just not that what you want to do you can also modify by hope hovering over to the line between two columns and right click which will give you the option of format cells or column width so either of these options will help you to maximize or minimize your column width similarly you can apply the same idea for your rows as well so you can either format the cells or modify the row height of your cell and this is another way and another simple way is to just hold that line and drag it so it improves your width of the column and another way is to just hover on to that line and hold it and drag it to improvise or increase your width of the cell and same oppress to your row so this is another way so apart from that there is another way that is format cells from this particular option in the home button you can select this and here you have the row height out of it row height column width autofit column width for example let us imagine that you wanted to you know just by mistake you uh you increase the cell size and you want it to restore it back to the original thing right so you can just click on the autofit height and click on the order Effect called width there you go it happens in that way and and now coming back to another simplest way let us imagine that you are given a lot of data and you are told to go to fit all the rows and columns now we have already seen the format cell option where I will Auto fetch all the columns and width of the column and also the height of the rows Etc right but there is also a keyboard shortcut to do this so all you have to do is select a cell and press Ctrl a to select all the cells in the spreadsheet and once all the cells are selected all you have to do is press and hold ALT key and then release it then the combination of keys that is h o i so your column width has been now adjusted now the same formula or the same shortcut key with a smart modification press and hold and release ALT key now h o and a to adjust the row height so this is the way where you can increase or decrease or modify or autofit all the cells in Excel with that we have come to an end of the session on how to modify or increase the cell size in Excel if you have any queries regarding any of the topics covered in this session then please feel free to let us know in the comment section below and until next time thank you stay safe and keep learning

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