How to Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills?

Today we will discuss problem-solving techniques that will help you in your professional and personal life so let’s begin. Moving forward the plan for today’s session is to understand problem-solving and its important steps for problem-solving process tools required for problem-solving and at lastly we will save four tips to improve problem-solving before we start with the plan let’s say do you guys know this the exponent of 2 is called a square the exponent of 3 is called a cube so what is the exponent of 4 called as if you are aware of the answer mention it in the comment box if not stay tuned with us.


Don’t know about that so let’s start the session by understanding problem-solving problem solving is a skill for those who will help to identify and understand the problem and then solve it effective problem-solving is the ability to make an employee both a self-starter and a good team member, for example, it might resolve the problems that might impact the entire company such as the decrease in the customer rate retention or some problems that might impact you such as decision making critical thinking Etc after getting a brief about problem-solving now let us understand why it is important in our personal and professional life the problems

About problem solving

Your might experience at the workplace are endless so you should be capable of finding the specific solutions for those problems problem-solving skills are important for several reasons for one they can help you better understand and solve the problem that you encounter in your everyday life and workplace also it enhances some of your soft skills such as critical thinking active listening creativity decision making and many more by now I am sure you have got some idea about the problem solving and its importance so go through the steps that come under the problem-solving process problem solving requires a systematic step-by-step approach to a challenge here are some basic tips of problem-solving that you can follow when you are approaching a problem in your personal life or a workplace the first step is to identify the problem

When you are dealing with a problem which can be a complex or somewhat simple one you must clearly understand what you are trying to solve the next step is to do your research once you have a clear idea about the problem you are solving you should undertake a fact finding and a research, it might require a planning or interview questions to ask for those who are involved in the issue the third step is to look for the possible solutions after doing, also for the order and solutions if the solution fails the next step is to make a decision once you have all the list of possible solutions and unanimous solution the fifth step is to put the decision into an action implementing your selected solution is in a planned and a calculated way will avoid the action of rushing which may also lead to a clumsy solution that does not achieve the planned result and the last step is to awaiting for the results observe the results for your solution to determine whether the more action is required or not now let’s see the skills or tools required for the problem solving the best Problem Solver often have a few fundamental skills the most important skills to draw upon

When engaging in a problem-solving process creativity teamwork logical thinking and high emotional intelligence and last decision-making let’s see one by one creativity helps to think outside the box and reach out the new techniques and understand the problems next is teamwork will help you address a group or a social problem which requires working in a team collaboratively and supportively on the list we have logical thinking skills to analyze the cause of the problem and arrive at the best solution you must possess the analytical skills and follow a logical and systematic process next is a high emotional intelligence you should have a high emotional intelligence when you are dealing with the interpersonal conflict problems at last

We have decision-making problem solving and decision-making go hand, in the end, you must have enough confidence and faith in yourself to make a decision and see it through well now it’s time to see some of the tips that help to improve problem-solving skills if you feel uncomfortable when you are dealing with a major problem don’t worry there are some tips to improve problem-solving skills here are some tips that will help you enhance your problem-solving skills when you are dealing with a problem the first one is to focus on the solution it’s easy to become hyper-focused on the event create the problem so it is essential to turn your focus away from the current problem to possible outcomes and the solutions this will give a more positive Viewpoint and open your eyes to the new Solutions the next tip is to clearly Define the problem the unknown problems are challenged to solve because they are difficult to start with

So whenever you solve a problem Define it clearly and understandably which will help you to find a solution for the problem and avoid the mistakes in the future and the third tip is agree on a process when you are solving a problem in a group it’s very important to agree on some rules and procedures before starting with a problem solving process this will help you to simplify the process and helps you in the future confit management and the last tip is a active listening the best Problem Solver is an excellent listener a problem solvent demands you to take a varieties of facts and ideas and carefully analyze them so everyone should take part in a process that must be an active listener with this we have reached the end of this session in this session we understand the basic definition of problem solving the steps and the tools for the problem solving skills and we also saw some of the tips to improve problem solving skills as asked before the exponent of 4 is called as a by quadrants the under this video with your family and friends

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