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How to Group Rows in Excel?

How do group rows in excel? | How to group in excel?


In this session, we are going to learn how to group rows and columns in excel but before we start I want to let you guys know that we have daily updates about various technologies so if you are a techie with the latest technology trends Geek on a constant search for

Practical demonstration

Let’s start with our one-point agenda this is how to group row and columns on my spreadsheet in Excel now you can see some statistics that is sales data in the quarter base and four different zones north West are southeast so you can hide those columns to make things look better and if you hide those columns it is important for the user to identify which columns are exactly hidden that you To make things a little easier for your end user you can select columns and then go to data option and I click on data option group option so this will group those columns and make you minimum There will be a do sign that will help you hide those columns automatically and stop those columns automatically

Let’s try to group the gauges columns and now you go the same way

Let’s try grouping north rows and west rows too then you have south rows and now east rows now all those rows and columns are grouped all you can do for just less Click the less button and they will also minimize the same queues and stop them all you can do is click the plus icon and they will be unblocked you columns and Might as well try grouping rows all you have to do is select a column and similarly click on these group options as well as the rows you click groups in excel and those groups rows and columns like that We came at the end of this session about grouping rows and columns in Excel if you have any questions regarding any topics included in this session or if you have the data used in this session Need sets or any resources please feel free to drop us in the comment section below and our team effects first we will be more than happy to resolve all your queries as soon as possible until next time thank you That you stay safe and keep learning

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