How To Create Your Google Business Profile | Google Business Profile Setup 2023


We are going to talk about Google business profile you may remember Google business profile as Google my business but Google has changed to name and I’ll explain to you later the reasoning behind this change we’re going to be talking about what is Google business profile what do you need to know about it how do you use Google business profile as a small business yep and we’re going to discuss many other topics about this as well but before we start let me introduce myself I am Mark Campman I am your digital navigator

So let’s dig straight into it let me give you some facts about Google which will tell you which will show you that you cannot afford to miss out on what Google has to offer did you know that Google was visited 89.3 billion times in the past month only yeah Google holds over 90 market share in the search engine Market Google processes 99 000 searches every second which makes that a total of 8.5 billion searches every day yeah also remember 63 of those surges are done on a mobile phone now Google Maps is a key part of your Google business profile did you know that there are over 5 billion downloads of the Google Maps app and as you find to finalize these numbers Google generated 146.92 billion dollars in advertising Revenue in 2020. so do I need to convince you any further that Google has to be center stage of your marketing efforts let’s talk about how you can do this when you are a local small business

Google business profile

so what are we going to be talking about we will talk about what is Google business profile how can you use Google business profile for your local marketing yeah how do you get started with Google business profile how can you use your Google business profile for your search engine optimization to get a higher ranking in your Google search engine results and I’ll finish off with a few pros and cons of the Google business profile so are you ready let’s first talk about what is Google business profile it used to be called Google my business Google has renamed Google my business to Google business profile to make it more simple yeah to bring more of the business profile management functions out of the Google my business app directly into Google search and the Google Map yep so now the history of the name it’s you currently called Google business profile you may remember Google my business before that it was Google places before that it was Google Plus local remember those Google days and when it officially started it was just Google local but to keep things simple it has now been renamed as Google business profile that you can access through the Google search or through Google Maps so how would you define it Google business profile is a tool that enables you to manage and optimize your business profile on Google yeah so you can create a free business profile on Google for your shop or your service area so you can turn people who find you on Google Search and on Google Maps into new customers and once you’ve created your Google business profile you can then personalize it with photos with offers with posts and many other things and later in this presentation

I will show you how to do all this so your business profile is Google’s term for your Google Business listing yeah they appear in Google maps and in the local results of Google search and that’s very important you can access it through Google Maps and Google search in the local search results and you can also see it on the right side of the search engine results page so let me show you an example if I open up a new frame and I search for Indian restaurant yep then here you see the search results yep you see restaurants and here you see a map where you can find those places yeah so that is in the first place where your restaurant will show up yes so if I go then click on one of the restaurants I can get more details of different restaurants but also more details about a restaurant that I picked yeah and this is what you specify in Google my business profile so I could also access them through the map yeah so if I click on that that opens up the same window which more details about the restaurant as specified in Google business profile now what is all in there I’ll share that with you in a minute so that is the power of Google business profile so how can you use this for your local marketing

Google local marketing

why is it good to use it to set up your business profile Google has reported that 46 of all searches done on Google have a local intent and at business location is the main piece of information sought by local searchers yes so it’s the easiest way and the fastest way for you to show up in the search feed so Google business profile gives you the ability to incorporate your search engine results into your marketing and that is a huge Advantage for local businesses it’s not just an ordinary business listing but it’s a robust tool that gives you benefits from appearing in the Google search results so if I would summarize the benefits of Google business profile they are as follows they will give you customer engagement they will help you highlighting your business in Google you can gain insights from the people that visit your website and you can optimize your online presence for local SEO so let’s dive into these a little bit deeper let’s start with the customer engagement so through Google business profile customers and Prospects can contact you and in your business profile you can specify your telephone number your address and directions to your business so people can contact you they can find you and they can engage with you say for example a potential lead comes across your business in the search results but he wants something special so

how will you reach out to you directly from the search list Google business profile has a messaging feature that lets you directly chat with potential customers who will find your profile on the search results page it enables you to quickly answer questions in real time and help your current and potential customers Google gives you the option to activate this yes so when you activate it users visiting your page will see a clickable message icon on top of that they can call you or you can add posts to your business profile to promote special offers or events and updates to keep your customers in the loop you can also reply to public customer reviews to build trust with new returning customers and of course you can post answers to frequently asked questions by your customers the second Advantage is that Google business profile offers you the opportunity to highlight your business yeah so it gives you a ton of opportunities to specify a lot of things about your business when you sign up and sign in you get to your dashboard and that’s where you can add items like showcasing what makes your store special show photos of your latest products and your store to stand out to customers who find your profile yeah you show whether your offer options like a pickup or a delivery you can give people

who find you online a warm welcome with posts about discounts new products upcoming events so lots of things that you can highlight about your business again let me show you an example if I go to Google and I search for instance for Disney Paris yeah you will see I find or let’s say Disneyland Paris yes so when I click here on Disneyland Paris then here I get all the details I can see the description I can see the address the rights that you can do the hours of opening you can see who is owned by you see events that they have there’s questions and answers there’s reviews yep and there’s more information there’s links to social media so lots of stuff that you can find here as long as you specified it all on your dashboard when you highlight your business so the third benefit is that you can gain a lot of insights with people or from people that visit your um and that find you on Google yeah so you can gain data about your target market and your local search performance you can track your performance over a given time period and it will give you insights how people interact with your business on Google you can check how often your profile has been viewed you can use profile views insights to track how popular your business is with current and potential customers yeah not obviously only the owner of the business profile can view the profile insights you will get metrics like the queries people used to find your business the number of unique visitors to your profile number of unique customers who request directions to your business the number of clicks on the call to action button on your business profile number of clicks on the website link number of unique conversations through messages a number of completed bookings by customers a summary of all your interactions number of views on products over a selected period And if you are a restaurant you can get food orders placed for pickup or delivery and you get a number of clicks on the menu content per user per day so you gain a lot of knowledge about

How To Create Your Google Business Profile | Google Business Profile Setup 2023

who what and when people are accessing and finding you on the on Google and finally one of the biggest advantages that you can get with Google business profile is that it improves your local search rankings leading to a higher visibility of your business on the web so when you search for a product or service on Google the first three listings are usually Google ads yeah followed by a map with the local three pack as we call this and then you will see the organic search results so let’s show you an example of this local three pack on Google if I go to search and I search for shoe shop near me yeah I’m getting ads yeah that’s the first part and then I’m getting three places and here is your Google three pack your local three pack with the map and then I have the organic search results yes so one of the biggest benefit then I get the search results so for local businesses prior to this local pack yeah there were two main ways to show up on the first page of Google through local pay-per-click and through local SEO now with the addition of this Google local pack you now have three potential ways that you could show up on the first page of Google for Relevant local searches and that’s something that cannot be ignored now what is this local three pack it consists of the top three local businesses based on the searcher’s location yeah the best part of it is that customers now end up at your Shop’s front without even having to visit your websites so remember this used to be a seven pack and it’s now limited to only three local listings hence the title the local three pick now many many businesses have been trying different SEO tricks to get into this special category of three listings yeah

but what most of them don’t know is that by creating a Google business profile listing you can significantly increase the chances of making it onto this list now there’s more that you can do to make it in this three pack it’s important to get reviews on your Google my business profile yeah so that helps you increase the chances of showing up in this local pack and it’s also good for your reputation which is very important for your business and Google will reward you for that with giving you higher search rankings and additionally all the SEO rules and guidelines that apply to standard search engine optimization they apply to your local listing as well so think about your keywords your website SEO getting backlinks these will all contribute to your local search listing and whether or not you will appear in the three pack now also consider that paid advertising can help you in getting your business listed here yeah through local search ads on Google there is an opportunity for your business to serve a local pay-per-click ad in the three pack yep and remember just a few tips in order to show up in the Google three pack with your pay-per-click ads there’s a few steps that you need to take you enable local extensions or location extensions as we call them in Google ads bit the location and usually sorry bit by location and use location targeting and optimize your keywords to include your location as well so having your business appear in the local three pack can help you tap into potential Revenue opportunities as Google not only shows customers your business on Google Maps but it also places it before organic search results and let’s look at the final topic before we go into a demo of Google business profile let’s look at a bit more detail about how Google business profile can help you with your SEO and

What you need to do to optimize it for SEO

There are three aspects in using Google business profile for SEO you need to Target your information by including your SEO keywords relevant to your business you need to make sure you maintain information quality by ensuring all information is accurate consistent and correct and you need to build trust by engaging with your customers so to achieve this here is what you need to do you need to verify your business you need to fill out your profile completely you need to make sure your profile information is and stays accurate you must ensure that your nap name address place is consistent across the web which is very important yeah your address is unique across all your places where you are on the web you pick the most relevant categories for your business make sure that your pictures your photos are of the highest quality focus on getting reviews create posts on your business profile to drive engagement with your customers and when customers ask questions on your business profile make sure you answer those questions yeah here you see the importance when you fill in all the data of the various Fields you see the most important yeah there is name address phone number website link but don’t forget the all the other items as well so for determining your local ranking Google takes three factors into consideration there’s the relevance of your listing is how well your business matches the user’s search intent and to increase the chances that your local business appears in the search results you should feed Google with as much information as possible Google will also look at the distance yeah so the distance refers to how close your business location is to the location of the user who searches and finally prominence yeah Google determines your local ranking by checking out

how well known your business is and whether or not you have a good reputation and to influence this reputation you have off-site links and articles related to your business they can really contribute to building your reputation online so now that you’ve got all the details about Google business profile let’s have a look at how you set it up and I’m going to show you how to sign into your Google business account how you can add your business how you can enter your location how you can fill in your contact information I tell you about the process of verifying your business and then finally how you can customize your profile so let’s have a look at Google business profile if I go to the Google business profile website then I just go there by searching for Google business profile and click on the link that I see on the search results and then I get to this page yeah a short summary of what your free business profile is all about how you can access your dashboard if you’ve got to be a business profile you see some benefits free easy personalized and then it gives you all the benefits that you get from having your business profile on Google yes so that is one area where you can access of course your Google business profile now the other area

where you can access your Google business profile is to go to Google Maps so if I go to Google Maps and I click here on Google Maps this takes me to Google Maps if I now want to go for instance to register my own business on Google business profile let me show you how to do that I can be on Google Maps I can go to the place that I want to to register yeah so and I want that actually on Google Maps so I don’t want that here I want to stay on Google Maps so let’s say Isis Lake South Cerny there is where I have a lodge that I rent out and if I go zoom in on that yeah and then here I can see it is dislodge yeah and currently there’s nothing on there you see this house has no business profile this one has yes so this one has as well so how can I register this Lodge on Google business profile very simple I can register it by right clicking on it yep so I can get directions what’s here I can say add your business so if I click here on add your business guess where that takes me it takes me to Google business profile and

How To Create Your Google Business Profile | Google Business Profile Setup 2023

I’m now going into this setup under my Google account yeah I’m going to the setup on Google my business for this place so the place name is Isis 97. Lodge okay so I click enter and I’m going to click continue now it talks to me what is this place about what kind of business type is it an online retail is it a local store or is it a service business let’s say it is a local store because customers can visit the business in person click on that and it takes me to the next screen yeah so I’m going to go for an add-on enter a business category there’s a whole load of uh categories here I can say just a lodge or I can say um what is it a um a resort let’s see if I can do that a resort hotel yeah or a resort place I can just say a holiday sort of a home yeah so let’s call it a holiday home and I’m going to click next now it wants the business address so the country in this case is not Malaysia because that’s where I am at the moment so it takes my default address it’s in the United Kingdom the street address is Isis Lake and then it is I need to put the address 97 Isis Lake spine Road East East yeah the post tone is south Cerny postcode gl75lt so spine wrote e switches the watermarks spine Road East I don’t mind to share this data with you because it’s going to be public anyway because people will be able to find it on the internet yes so I’m going to click next what contact details do I want to show my customers I want to show them the phone number and that could be 07545 and then three two eight nine nine nine is United Kingdom and I can also say I’m going to skip this step actually for now

I’m going to skip this step put your business on the map you start connecting with your customers across Google all in one place so here are the details that you’ve learned earlier in today’s presentation get discovered respond to review manage your business details yep and now I’m going to click do I want to get tips and alerts I’m not interested in that I just click continue and here I am in my dashboard now here comes the process of verification which is an important element of Google business profile yeah so we talked a bit about businesses using it for spam purposes yeah so the verification is very important for Google there are various ways that you can get verification Google has made it fairly simple you can verify through a through a phone number you can also verify by getting a card sent to your physical business address your listing will not show on Google until you have verified your business okay but for now I’m going to click next and I’m going to actually I’m gonna click verify later because I don’t want to do the verification yet so now I can add business hours I’m going to skip that yeah remember we talked about messaging I’m going to skip the messaging and now

I can add photos of my business so let’s grab a photo from the internet yep so let’s say Isis Lake South Cerny and I’m going to go to images so here is the park where you see images so I am going to uh take any random image let’s say we’ll take this image yep I’m gonna right click I’m going to click save image s and I’m going to do Isis Lodge om all right so I’m going to complete my profile I’m going to add a photo I’m going to select photo from the computer I’m going to YouTube and then desktop and here is the Isis Lodge yep there’s the photo and I can obviously add a lot more photos there’s the next do I want to start advertising on Google ads I can actually claim a 400 pounds free advertising credit of course that is really good what they do here just to get you to start using advertising and then get a customer domain name for a website I haven’t got a website yet but I’m not interested in that at the moment yes so remember your edits will be visible once you’re verified all right so my listing will not be visible yet but here is basically my besting list business listing as it stands at the moment but it is not publicly visible but at least I have set up my business profile yeah so now

I’m in my dashboards in Google my business I had to go into a separate app for this but now I can actually edit it all through the search so which is very useful here is the edit profile read reviews read the messages add photos what is the performance do we want to go advertising all the things we discussed in our earlier session so edit profile and here I can get information about contact information location information hours of opening the business name of my launch the opening date contact information yes so location I can specify here so all the details that I need and if I do this properly is where it will show up in Google and if I got my reputation shorter than everything I may show up in the Google three pack as well so that is the process of setting up your Google business profile so let’s now look at an existing business profile let’s switch my account so I’m going to sign out of this account and I’m going to sign in again into my accounts so now

I’m in my own Google account and I’m going to I’m switching the Chrome I say no just leave it as it is okay well we can do that yeah so now I’m in my Google Chrome my my personal account and I’m going to show you an existing um Google business profile that I have which is for a website for another house in Marrakech which is Riyadh farasha yeah so you see here it is already on Google my business oh sorry it’s already on Google business profile but I haven’t really populated it yet with information okay so here you can see I can access this through the Google search to manage my profile yep so I can edit the profile I can read to refuse all the things that I want to do I can add an update I can see the photos yep so here I have access to it and then here you see the site panel with a summary of all the things that you’ve done okay I could also access this through Google Maps again if I go to Google Maps and I search in Google maps for Riyadh for Russia yeah here it is Russia there it will take me here’s the basic details in Google Maps yeah and it will take me here to Riyadh for Russia but it is empty I haven’t added any information in it yet so I can now click here on manage my business profile or I can see where um the all the details that I have added so far I get some basic data so 55 people feuded this month and without actually having done any effort in optimizing it or populating it with information so if

I hear click on manage your business profile that takes me back to the Google search screen where I can add all the data so let’s add a photo I can click here for add a photo or I can click here to add a photo I’m clicking here add a photo I’m doing a photo click here and then select photo or video and that is from the YouTube desktop it’s here for Russia 01 it’s the photo that I’m going to add yep so now I can see the photo let’s see if I can do here you see the photo call it yeah and of course I can add a lot more I can do a logo a cover a video photo of the Interior here’s a photo that I’ve done so far so I can now go back to my business profile yeah I think it will take a bit of time before the photo shows up on the on the profile yeah so click add photo yes so the photos don’t show up yet yeah but that’s how you can optimize your profile making sure all the information is relevant yep so that is basically all there is to managing your profile on on Google business profile so remember you can access it directly by searching for your business name in Google search or you can exit it access it directly by entering for searching for your business name on Google Maps both show the results and then they also give you access to your dashboard where you can add all the information that needs to be added yeah performance we talked about that as well yeah so here you can check by month you can see I’ve I’ve started the um the created the pro the business profile sort of the beginning of October so here you can see I can check from October to December apply so I see I had 18 business profile interactions

I can check people that called me people that message me the directions people that look at website clicks booking clicks so you can get a lot of information of people that visited your business profile okay so that concludes the demo of the Google business profile and now let’s go back to the slides to give you a summary of the Google business profile and the positives and the negatives of it okay hope you found that useful so let’s finish today’s presentation with a few more facts about the pros and the cons of your Google business profile we talked about old approach all the benefits that you can get yeah and to summarize Google business profile can help you with reaching your customers it can help you responding to customer interests it can help you respond to customer feedbacks and you can get into engagement with your customers and most important of all it can help you in a very easy way to get a presence on Google search results page without actually having a website yes so it is of extremely powerful tool and it’s a free tool for your business to get yourself an online presence where your customers can find you and where they can engage with you but there are some cons as well yeah

I have to think hard about cons but as most things in digital marketing one con you could say yeah it takes time yeah of course you need to set up your business profile yeah and it takes time to do that it takes time to maintain this but I don’t see this a considerable serious drawback because people that are prepared to put a time and effort into it they will be rewarded accordingly one potential negative of Google business profile can be that fake businesses can use it as well because it’s a free service yeah and although you do there is a verification process in the Google business profile yet there may be businesses who take advantage of this of this free service yeah so anyone can realistically set up a profile to promote their business so there was an example a few years ago that fake locksmiths were committing fraud through local listings on Google business profile with bogus profiles so while the majority of the profiles are genuine businesses trying to promote themselves in a very competitive World there are some to see this as a feature and an opportunity for scams yeah so people believe that reviews photos and verifying a business by mail would be enough to deter scammers however in this age of fake news as well as misleading e-commerce reviews Google must take action to constantly optimize their verification process of Google business profile so that’s a wrap a short introduction to Google business profile

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