Habits that Spell Disaster for Your Liver

The liver is one of those human body parts that often goes unnoticed until it starts causing trouble.

You’d be surprised to know there are more than a hundred different diseases related to the liver. The liver cleans our body from the inside and its deterioration can lead to several other complications.

Here are some common habits and lifestyle choices that increase the risk of liver diseases:

1. Weight Gain

As you put on more weight, fat accumulates around the liver increasing the risk of inflammation. Over time, the liver may become rigid and the condition can worsen.

2. Poor Diet

Foods high in unhealthy fats increase the risk of fat depositing on the liver. Fast foods and those rich in trans fats can lead to weight gain, which in turn can be harmful to the liver.

3. Tobacco Usage

Tobacco doesn’t only affect the lungs; it’s devastating for the liver as well. According to experts, tobacco use heightens the risk of liver cancer and affects liver function.

4. Sitting for Extended Periods

If you spend most of your day sitting and avoid exercise, it can lead to obesity. And obesity ups the risk of liver issues.

5. Sweet Tooth

Excessive sugar intake is not just bad for your teeth; it harms the liver as well. Too much sugar can lead to fat buildup on the liver, elevating the risk of liver diseases. Some research suggests that sugar can be as damaging to the liver as alcohol.

6. Drinking Less Water

Indeed, not drinking enough water also negatively impacts the liver. Daily adequate water intake helps in maintaining liver function, while its deficiency can lead to various problems.

7. Overusing Supplements

Many people consume supplements to enhance their health, but excessive usage can pose risks for the liver. Medical experts believe that many liver disease cases result from overuse of supplements.

8. Certain Medications

If you’re dealing with back pain, headaches, or a cold, you’ll likely reach for pain relievers. In such cases, ensure you’re using the right dosage. Accidental overdosing can risk liver damage.

9. Alcohol

Even moderate alcohol consumption can be detrimental to the liver.

Note: This article is based on details published in medical journals. Readers are advised to consult with their healthcare provider regarding this information.

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