During the evacuation of Islamia College, students protest, police shelling and lathi charge

During the vacating the building of Islamia College, Karachi, the students protested to implement the orders of the Supreme Court.

According to the details, a heavy contingent of police reached Islamia College this morning to evacuate Islamia College on court orders.

On this occasion, the workers of Islamic Jamiat Students came out outside the Islamia College and raised slogans against the administration, police and the court.

During the protest, tires were burnt by the students, on which the police started shelling while taking action.

Later, the police started detaining the students while the court proceedings are going on inside the school along with the police force of the court staff.

Later, the police dispersed the protestors, however, additional police personnel are present outside the college to deal with any untoward incident.

Police also used water cannons to disperse the students.

In this regard, the police say that we are here to support the court staff, but according to the court orders, Islamia College is established on private property.

The police have said that the umrats of the college will be vacated and handed over to the trustees, however, two to three students have also been detained during the protest.

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