‘China is preparing a major attack on Taiwan’, Taipei’s foreign minister claims

‘China is preparing a major attack on Taiwan’, Taipei’s foreign minister claims

Taipei, August 9 (SO News/Agency) Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu claimed on Tuesday that China is preparing to launch a powerful attack on the sovereign island and for this reason, large-scale military training is taking place around it. doing. According to RT, Joseph Wu said that “China has used training and its military playbook to prepare for an attack on Taiwan,” stressing that Beijing is preparing for large-scale military training and missile installations. has also engaged in cyber attacks, a negative publicity campaign and economic coercion to undermine public morale in Taiwan. He also said that continuous and intensive military training shows Chinese irresponsibility towards peace.

In response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei, China on August 2 began military exercises including live fire in six maritime areas around Taiwan. China’s military training shows that Beijing does not need to invade Taiwan to control it, but can strangle the sovereign island, cutting it off from the outside world, according to Chinese and American analysts. .

China’s People’s Liberation Army training, which officially began on August 4, focused on six areas that surround Taiwan. It prohibits access to civilian aircraft and aircraft in the area. PLA National Defense University professor Meng Jiangqing said the six areas were chosen to show how China could cut off Taiwan’s ports, attack key military bases and help Taiwan. Can block the access of incoming external forces.

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