Best Roku Devices 2022

Best Roku Devices 2022

Best Roku Devices 2022. For those who don’t want to spend a fortune, the best Roku devices continue to offer some of the best streaming experiences. Before you factor in soundbars, their prices range from the $29 Roku Express (which will receive an update this year) to the $99 Roku Ultra.

• There are two upgrades in the new Roku Express (2022).
• Roku OS 11.5 will make managing streaming simpler.

The Roku Wireless Bass is here.

And some of us at Tom’s Guide use Roku products for our own personal streaming in addition to rigorously testing them. For instance, we think that the $50 Roku Streaming Stick 4K (there is also a 4K Plus model) is the best streaming device overall.

The Roku Streaming Stick 4K is a fantastic streaming gadget that is also portable thanks to its small size. Why does our senior editor always bring this Roku on vacation? He explained (though he had to order a new one as he left his last one in Chicago). However, that 4K Plus model once distinguished itself as the only Roku to include the superior Roku Voice Remote Pro. However, after the addition of Roku’s greatest remote, things have changed and the Roku Ultra has finally become more “ultra.”

Our favorite streaming gadget is the Roku, but the runner-up isn’t far behind. See how slim Roku’s victory is in our Roku Streaming Stick 4K vs. Chromecast with Google TV comparison. Speaking of those two devices, Apple Music is now available on Roku, but obtaining it on Chromecast with Google TV is still a difficult procedure.

One of the first well-known companies to create a standalone streaming device was Roku. Today, Roku dominates the market, with Amazon Fire TV close behind. However, like any product with a history of more than 10 years, the Roku portfolio has become a little disorganized and may contain a few too many devices. We also examined the brand-new Express 4K Plus from Roku, which made this list of the top Roku products under $40.

Roku’s sophisticated menu layout prioritizes apps above advertisements and offers anything from affordable Full HD streaming to premium 4K picture quality coming directly from a speaker. You may receive quick streaming at a reasonable price if you choose one of the top Roku sticks or players. They are trustworthy as well, but even if they have flaws; occasionally, your Roku may stop operating. Fortunately, issues are simple to resolve!

Best Roku back-to-school offers

You can’t rely on the campus dorms to have all the finest apps, so bringing a Roku to school makes a lot of sense. So it makes sense that we’re thrilled to see streaming gadget discounts and early back-to-school bargains. The $30 off Roku Streambar(opens in new tab), which combines a 4K Roku and a soundbar into one small box suitable for dorm rooms, is currently the finest. Follow our back-to-school shopping guide for all of your needs this year.

Our previous best Roku device pick, the Streaming Stick+, has been replaced by the Roku Streaming Stick 4K. While not a significant improvement over that model, it keeps all the features we loved and, by incorporating Dolby Vision, addresses one of the biggest shortcomings. The Roku Streaming Stick 4K now has a new quad-core processor, which Roku says will speed up app startup times by 30%. Although it’s difficult to quantify, the Roku Streaming Stick 4K felt quick and responsive enough. Major applications launched in 11 seconds.

Now that the stick supports HDR10/+ and Dolby Vision, you can stream all of your content as beautifully as possible. The UHD video plays with superb clarity. The device doesn’t support Dolby Atmos, a spatially focused audio system, hence it falls short in this area. The default remote is adequate, but the Voice Remote Pro is better. To learn more, see our review of the Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ below.

Browse through our thorough Roku Streaming Stick 4K review.

One of the Best Roku Devices is the Roku Express 4K Plus when it is powered on and plugged in and placed on a hardwood surface.
badge for the best value

2. Express 4K on Roku
The top Roku box is under forty dollars


Maximum resolution: 3840 x 2160 Dimensions: 3.3 x 1.5 x 0.7 inches Remote: Network Voice remote

  • Device Type: Box
  • See on Amazon
  • Outstanding 4K HDR performance
  • Good navigation
  • +Enhanced remote
  • – Strange design
  • -No Atmos or Dolby Vision

Crisp 4K streaming for less than $40 is uncommon and almost usually subject to one or more restrictions. By providing you with better control, the new Roku Express 4K Plus addresses one of the major complaints of the Roku Premiere it replaces. You can position this remote in any direction since it doesn’t need to be in your line of sight. The Roku Express 4K Plus is a fantastic choice for people looking to purchase a 4K Roku (and all the apps it comes with) at the most affordable price because of that upgrade, rapid performance, and UHD streaming.

However, there are still two good reasons to think about spending a little bit extra. Its design is a little too light, so you might have to fiddle with it for a moment to get it to lie flat on a surface. In contrast, the Streaming Stick Plus’ user-friendly construction is even better. Additionally, there isn’t Dolby Vision or Atmos Audio, but some people might not think it merits paying more money. This product has recently risen in our ranks as more TG staff members have come to appreciate its value proposition. For this reason, we dubbed it the best inexpensive streaming device.

Read the entire review of the Roku Express 4K Plus.

On a hardwood table, the Roku Ultra (one of the top Roku devices) and its remote are shown.

3. Roku Premium (2020)

  • The top-tier Roku system


  • The box-shaped device, 4.9 x 4.9 x 0.9 inches in size, includes Ethernet and USB ports and a Roku Voice
  • Remote Pro remote.
  • Examine Amazon
  • Positive performance
  • Roku Voice Remote Pro is included.
  • the USB port
  • -Expensive
  • -The model from last year has very little new.

Although the Roku Ultra is pricey, it will provide you with the most all-encompassing Roku experience that money can buy. You get thousands of channels, complete 4K quality, and lightning-fast navigation, just as with other top-tier Roku products. However, the Ultra also comes with a USB connector for supplying your own videos and music, an Ethernet port for a more reliable Internet connection, and both.

Additionally, the 2020 Roku Ultra boasts a better wireless streaming range and is occasionally a little speedier (though you might not notice it all the time). Our favorite aspect of the accompanying Roku Voice Remote Pro is that it doesn’t require batteries despite having many other amazing functions. Oh, and it includes hands-free voice commands as well, which is important if you lose yours. Additionally, it contains a headphone port for quiet listening and two customizable buttons.

The Roku Ultra, which may be a little too pricey for most people, has replaced my Apple TV 4K as my primary streaming device these days. In addition to having similar functionality (with the exception of Twitch on the app front), it also shows to be more stable when it comes to Dolby Atmos than my Apple TV 4K.

Read the entire review of the Roku Ultra (2020).

Components of the Roku Streaming Stick 4K+

4. Streaming Stick 4K Plus from Roku

The best remote is included with the finest Roku device.


Maximum resolution: up to 4K UHD at 60 frames per second ports: HDMI, USBRemote: Voice Remote ProDevice Type:

  • StickSize: 3.7 x 0.8 x 0.5 inches
  • See on Amazon
  • Plus Dolby Vision
  • Voice Remote Pro is a fantastic improvement.
  • plus Quick performance
  • -Is missing Dolby Atmos
  • -A minor improvement over the previous model

The Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus is a bit quicker and more potent, can now play Dolby Vision at a good quality and has the amazing Voice Remote Pro. With a little bit more power and functionality, it has everything we adored about the Streaming Stick Plus’s predecessor.

The Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus offers everyone the ultra-HD streaming, video quality, and speed they could want at a very affordable price. It also has a really easy-to-use OS. Additionally, it has the top-notch Voice Remote Pro. It has two programmable buttons, a rechargeable battery, and an optional always-listening feature.

Read the rest of our evaluation of the Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus.

One of the best Roku devices is the Roku Express, which may be seen above on a table.

5. Express Roku

The top affordable Roku system


Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080 Dimensions: 3.0 x 1.5 x 0.8 Inches Remote: Standard IR Device Type:

  • Box
  • See on Amazon
  • +Better design
  • Positive performance
  • +Adaptive user interface
  • -Too light to remain motionless
  • -Inaccurate remote

Since the Roku Express’s initial incarnation in 2016, a lot has changed. The gadget was cumbersomely made and underpowered back then. Now, those who own 1080p TVs and want the simplest streaming solution should consider buying the Express. The Roku Express is the most affordable streaming player from a major manufacturer at $30, yet it comes with a tonne of functionality. A smartphone app gives you access to voice search and private listening in addition to dozens of streaming channels and a fully customizable user interface. The only significant drawback is that the basic IR remote occasionally performs below optimally.

There will be a new Roku Express in 2022. It also has greater storage for quicker load times and enhanced Wi-Fi for stability.

Read our thorough review of Roku Express.

A Roku Streambar Pro in a living area, underneath a TV.

6. Streambar Roku
The most effective speaker-and-Roku gadget


Dimensions: 14.0 x 4.2 x 2.4 inches; maximum resolution: 3840 x 2160; ports: optical audio, HDMI, and USB; voice remote for controlling TV volume and power; device type: soundbar

  • See on Amazon
  • Streaming in 4K
  • +A powerful, clear sound
  • +A little design
  • -Bass may be more powerful
  • – Absence of Ethernet port

When your TV doesn’t have the powerful sound you desire but you want the quality of the Roku platform? The Roku Streambar is a fantastic option that is frequently on sale. Its compact form saves space on your entertainment center or kitchen top while still producing loud, clear music of high quality. Although its bass may use some improvement, most TV does not have a problem with that. Additionally, you can conserve additional room by combining your soundbar and streaming device into a single unit.

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