Best Internship Opportunities of 2023 | Top 7 Internships for College Students

If you’re looking for internships, then these are the 7 internship options you must explore in 2023.

#1 AICTE Internships

This is a Dept. of Higher Edu, GoI Initiative which lists all technical companies or technical internships in one place. You find recently posted internships at the top of this website. Upon clicking on it, you find a list of internships that are either related to the technical field or are being offered by tech companies. This website has a lot of transparency. You can clearly see the number of openings. You can use it to apply accordingly. Since only a few students know about this website, its competition is lower than Internshala. So, you should check it out.

#2 NITI Aayog Internship

If you wish to work closely with GoI, especially the admin & analysis work of its depts. then this internship will help you. Every UG/PG student is eligible for it if there’s an interest in analysis and research work. Its applications are open in the first 10 days of every month. You have to apply within the first 10 days. You can apply via the link on the website.

#3 Google/Microsoft

Before sharing how to get in, let me give a shoutout to today’s sponsor which is Coding Invaders. Many people aspire to get into the tech field, but the competition is intense and not everyone gets a chance, many people also don’t know which tech field interests them Coding Invaders has solved this problem very well in their course ‘IT profession from scratch to employment’ which is an online course that offers 100% job guarantee In its initial few weeks, you learn about 6 IT fields then a counselor helps you select 1 field that you study for next 8 months from scratch After 8 months, you get a guaranteed job because they have a money-back guarantee agreement which means if you don’t get a job, your fee is refunded.

You can use my code SA25 to get 25% off. The link will be in the pinned comment & description. If you register in their ongoing contest before 22nd Dec, you can win these rewards if you are among the top rankers. Now coming back to Google/Microsoft internships. Almost every engineer dreams of interning at Google but many people don’t know that Google also offers Business/Sales Internships. Summer internships at Google take place in July/Aug and winter internships open after Jan, but not every year They ask you to submit your resume to the Google Careers page but after searching, I found that’s not the best way On Quora, many Google employees have shared that for these internships, Google generally uses an internal referral system which means if a current Google employee refers your resume, then your likelihood of getting an internship is more. You can even read this person’s answer which specifies that internal referrals are the best way to land an internship First make a good resume and then reach out to a current Google employee on LinkedIn and request to refer you through the internal hiring portal.

#4 IIM Internships

These are research internships that are done under professors’ supervision for their projects. In any IIT/IIM, professors write many research papers, and to write them, they need such people who know data analysis, excel, and market research. If you have these skills, you can definitely apply for IIM internships The best part is you do these internships from the campus so you experience the culture which is a great motivation, and secondly, you get to learn from the best minds of the country. You don’t need any prior experience, knowledge, or tag name there is no discrimination if you have these 3 skills then you are good to go, I’ve also made a detailed video on it so check it out to learn the complete process.

#5 Niche Internships

These are the best internships to get into a different field. It might be possible that you took up engineering because of your parents but you don’t like it So if you wish to move to your interest, do a niche internship. E.g. many of my friends got into the gaming world because of an internship or entered the YT/Content space because of their internships. Whether you’re into space, fine arts, or cricket, simply use a website called Entrackr this shares the names of recently funded startups. Recently funded startups tend to hire more interns so you can find your niche’s internship here by finding if the startup of your interest has been recently funded or not After finding such startups, you can reach out to their founders on LinkedIn Most of these early stage startup founders are happy to onboard new people and give them a chance to learn more about that industry. If you’re in college and you know your interest, this is the best way to use 2023, this can be your golden ticket to get into the space you always wanted to.

#6 NGO Internships

You can definitely boost your CV by volunteering in an NGO and it gives a beautiful angle to your CV also because someone who has worked at the ground level shows an empathetic side in any interview setting. NGO experience adds a lot of value. Whichever place you stay, try taking up a project there with an NGO or any foundation/sabha/organization, that is trying to solve ground-level issues. E.g. in my city, it gets extremely cold in winter so a lot of blankets are arranged for needy people and distributed – many organizations do this. So if you work with such an organization, you will get to learn a lot and it will also reflect very well in an interview. If you stay at a place where finding such opportunities is tough, then you can also use a website called iVolunteer which shares many NGO opportunities that are remote. So you can work from home for a cause you can volunteer and bring an impact. The seventh type is the most conventional

#7 Big Four or Banking Internships

Every commerce or CA person wants a Big Four Internship Big Four are some accounting firms like EY, PwC, and KPMG many students take up such internships These are from office internships found in metros chances are you’ll only get them if you stay there. To apply there also, you need a referral if someone you know works here you can hand over your CV for an internal referral Many banks also organize competitions on D2C i.e. Dare2Compete which is now called Unstop which hosts competitions and the winners get internships/jobs. You can also participate in them but here’s my personal experience: in our batch, many people wanted to intern there but many of them had a basic experience Mostly because you’re fresher with few skills, so they don’t give you analytics or intense work mostly it’s manual work, so don’t worry if you don’t stay in Delhi or Mumbai The best part is most internships are now online So use websites like Internshala or LinkedIn to find these opportunities in fact, I’ll link 2 videos for you – This video will share how to apply for internships via LinkedIn and this video will help you build a solid profile. If you like this video, do give it a thumbs up so that it reaches out to many more students.

Thank you so much for reading this and have a good day!

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