An attack by the extremist rebel group al-Shabaab in Somalia, 19 people were killed

Mogadishu, September 4 (SO News/Agency) Somalia’s extremist rebel group al-Shabaab fighters attacked the central region of the country at night and killed at least 19 civilians. Tribal chiefs and local officials reported this. The attack comes two weeks after al-Shabaab, which has rebelled against the Somali state, laid siege to a hotel in the capital Mogadishu for 30 hours, killing 21 people and injuring 117.

Sources said the group stopped and set ablaze at least eight vehicles traveling between the two towns on Friday and Saturday night, besides killing several passengers near a village. “The terrorists have massacred innocent civilians traveling at night,” local tribal elder Abdul Hai Harid told AFP. “We don’t have the exact number of victims but 19 bodies have been recovered.”

“The dead include children and women,” said Ali Jeite, the governor of Hiran region, where the attack took place. More bodies are being sought and the death toll could be more than 20.” Another local tribal leader, Muhammad Abdul Rahman, said, “It was a terrible attack, never happened in our region. They were all innocent civilians.”

The al-Shabaab group claimed in a statement that it had targeted fighters who had recently aided government forces. The group claimed that 20 “militiamen and people transporting supplies” were killed in the attack. It should be noted that local fighters and security forces recaptured several villages in the area from al-Shabaab in late August.

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