About Us

Dr. Maham Shahzad is the founder and head nutritionist of Water Intake Solutions. This website provides personalized hydration plans and promotes the importance of proper hydration for overall health and wellness. With her expertise in nutrition and hydration, Dr. Shahzad helps individuals and organizations optimize their water intake and improve their health outcomes.

At Water Intake Solutions, Dr. Shahzad and her team offer a range of services, including hydration assessments, personalized hydration plans, educational resources, and support to help clients achieve their hydration goals. They work with individuals, athletes, workplaces, and other organizations to promote the benefits of proper hydration and provide practical strategies for increasing water intake.

Dr. Shahzad is passionate about hydration’s importance and believes proper hydration can prevent or improve many health problems. With her knowledge and experience, she is positively impacting the health and wellness of individuals and communities.