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13 Cool Tools That Have Reached A New Level

13 Cool Tools That Have Reached A New Level

Thank you why not reinvent the Crowbar the result is on your screen this tool will help you with Demolition and dismantling jobs of all kinds from the ground to the roof the top of the line option costs 125 and offers 60 inches of power roof sheathing deck boards drywall steel fasteners simple the model weighs about 10 and a half pounds and thanks to the wheels reduces arm strain and the clever design of the top allows you to work without bending over unnecessarily, I’ve used the 48-inch version on plastered walls it is a beast writes an impressed owner

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  • Gutster Demo Bar
  • MetMo Grip
  • UniTec®
  • Wysięgnik WH-3
  • PDR Baton
  • Zünder
  • Easy-Tilt
  • Signumat
  • DEWALT Door Lock Installation Kit
  • Brush Grubber
  • Rhino Cable Pulling Probe

1- Gutster Demo Bar

The next product is a more sophisticated tool experts have probably instantly recognized this digital torque wrench it’s used to tighten joints to a given task for example on a car suspension the version you’re looking at is the work of a German company it has a color touch screen the price is staggering there depending on the version it reaches about 8 500 however it’s packed with different functions the wrench can be configured via a PC and has an optional 2D scanning system as well as compatibility with XML format and other bells and whistles it also features Wi-Fi connectivity and or minus one percent measurement accuracy and of course, the range not only displays data on the screen but also emits acoustic and vibration signals


This all-purpose wrench is so popular that if you order it right now you’ll have to wait until February 2023 an icon of Industry reimagined to get a grip on the 21st century the seller colorfully describes it the wrench weighs 10.6 ounces and measures 7.1 by 2.4 by 0.5 inches it’s suitable for Fasteners with a diameter of 0.02 to 0.9 inches and can be used as a multi-tool acting as a knife hammer bottle opener and bit holder if needed not only is it efficient it’s also fun to use and if the 148 dollar price tag seems too high you can find replicas online for about 23 dollars

3- MetMo Grip

This connector is a godsend for both private Builders and Public Utilities it facilitates the connection of two pipes of almost any thickness and in any material, whether plastic or concrete the nominal diameter is 12 to 94.5 inches the maximum angle is 11 degrees and the connector is designed so that even if the ground moves the connection will not cause problems it’s made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride pipes made of this material are even used for carrying various chemicals thus the connection can withstand sewage without any problems.

4- UniTec®

Forklifts are both popular on construction sites and in warehouses Toyota alone made more than 11 billion dollars selling these machines in 2018. unsurprisingly upgrades for them are just as popular as they allow forklifts to be used more efficiently this model is available in several versions with a load capacity of 4400 to 11 000 pounds and a lift height of 10 to 13 feet the boom can be locked in various positions in lengths from 3 to 13 feet these features allow you to turn a forklift into a mini crane you can buy this system for as little as fifteen hundred dollars

5- PDR Baton

Despite its advances in the automotive industry drivers are still struggling there are more than a billion cars on the planet so even experience won’t prevent you from having a random accident fortunately PDR technology helps car mechanics restore a car after an accident the idea of this technique is paintless dent removal that’s what PDR stands for there are many options from Hooks and riveting tools to induction systems like this one they’re ideal for small dents but require experience also it’s not recommended using it on white cars as the paint can turn yellow but the repair process is much faster and requires less material.


Here is an accessory to help you with grounding rods used to safely work with various machines equipment and tools that without a ground connection build up a charge that can cause an electric shock the manufacturer offers two models for driving rods at three-quarters or one-inch from the ground level the accessory makes it possible to dispense with the sledgehammer and is especially useful if the rods are large and the work is being done on the slope, in addition, the rods usually have to be driven to a depth of about 10 feet below the frosting light the end receiver on both models is hexagonal and the design is already patented

7- Zünder

The tool that has revolutionized drywall taping says a review as is known these joints are sealed with putty and then finished with reinforcing tape the creators of the tool propose to combine these two operations the product resembles a huge tape measure and was created by a professional for professionals so it offers ease of handling with either hand a weight of 2.9 pounds and a capacity of 5.5 pounds of the compound and 500 feet of tape from Flat joints to inside Corners the job will be easier and faster the tool is priced three hundred and seventy dollars users are happy and also wondering where to buy these stilts.

8- Easy-Tilt

Next, A specialized instrument created especially for piano dealers makes moving and tuning the instrument easier in case you didn’t know a professional grand piano weighs about 1100 pounds with the easy tilt tool a single person can easily place the instrument in the correct position without damaging it or getting a hernia there are fixing screws suitable for all brands of pianos customers are provided with 14 screws marked with different colors for convenience and the weight of the tool makes it easy to hold with one hand.

9- Signumat

Here is another interesting product a hammer for marking trees this is useful for example for the timber trade if the wood has already been sold it’s easy to Mark each piece for later shipment the basic set includes a hammer a labeling system a nail bag and a strap for carrying the set on the shoulder the hammer has a capacity of 40 tags the system is safe and practical for example each nail is easily loaded into the hammer head with one hand the set weighs about 28 ounces and is priced at 344 dollars.

10- DEWALT Door Lock Installation Kit

Our selection continues with a product from the DeWalt company founded in 1924 and known to builders all over the world the company is doing quite well in 2021 it became the official tool supplier to the McLaren F1 team today’s selection includes this lock jig which will help you cut doors to install a lock the product is compatible with wood and metal doors thanks to the hole saws made of M3 steel it’s a heat resistant material that’s used even in harsh environments so you can work with 1.75 inch thick doors reinforced grip plates provide a secure hold and the kits includes an adapter mandrel extra bits and other useful things the retail price is 158 dollars.

11- Brush Grubber

Versatile product that will interest Foresters gardeners gamekeepers and other professionals working in nature it allows them to remove unwanted shrubs and trees from the ground much easier without using chemicals and without leaving Roots behind you’ll need only 75 dollars to purchase this Grabber that attaches to tractors up to 45 horsepower ATVs buggies and other similar equipment the 16 teeth are set up to grip plants up to about three inches thick so securely that the manufacturers have already applied for a patent on your screen is the result of the work done by a single person.

12- Rhino Cable Pulling Probe

This is the absolute novelty that revolutionizes the wire and cable pulling procedure at least that is what the creators write about this interesting product normally two people are needed to install lines on construction or renovation sites experts explain with this tool however one person is enough and they can do the job faster and with less effort, all we have to do is load the cable press the button and wait the tool then works on its own so they don’t even have to hold it the cable length can be up to 49 feet and the battery lasts for up to four hours it also comes with remote control the tool is priced at 1264 dollars hey stop being lazy it’s time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and Unsolved Mysteries you’ll find all this and much more here subscribe now you won’t regret it.

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