10 Best Online Education Platforms 2023

10 Best Online Education Platforms 2023

Online education is always changing so it’s time, I give you guys an update no matter your current education level you can learn nearly anything you want anywhere in the world at your own pace and for the price, you can afford with online courses upgrade your current knowledge or even completely change your career with the 10 best online education websites.

Coursera Overviews

You can find in the world today starting with number one Coursera quite possibly the best all-round online education platform Coursera offers courses from 275 plus leading universities and companies in the world such as Harvard Yale Duke John Hopkins Google Intel Microsoft IBM and many many more they have a diverse range of course topics in every price bracket ranging from certificates up to master’s degrees the major standouts for Coursera are the 1000 plus free university courses which completely removes the price barrier to Quality education then starting at 49 plus the cost for verifying certificates once you complete a course then there are the professional certificates created by Google these have been created to get you industry ready so ready to start a brand new career in just 10 hours a week over six months they’re just 39 a month no educational or experience required you don’t need to go to university get a degree and build up masses of student debt so this is absolutely game-changing but what stands out the most is their Coursera plus annual subscription for $59 per month you can cancel any time or for $399 dollars for the year you get unlimited access to 7000 plus courses guided projects specializations and the professional certificates from Google which I mentioned earlier for one all-inclusive price and with this subscription, you will earn unlimited University verify certificates for the courses you complete at no extra cost the value here is undeniable you’ll see why this is such amazing value when I get to number nine on this list so stick around for that so definitely check out Coursera links are in the description below and just a side note if there are ever any discounts to make education cheaper for you discounts for any subscription models or one, of course, is for any of the websites on this list and some that aren’t on this list

Skillshare Overviews

I have those discount links in the description below number two Skillshare arguably one of the most popular online learning platforms for creatives and one of the most well-known online learning platforms to date Skillshare have courses in everything creative from photography to film making to graphic design and YouTube there are also many other non-creative course topics on Skillshare as well such as personal development productivity computer programming and the list goes on here you’ll find courses from industry leaders such as Marcus Brownlee Thomas Frank and Ali Abdul like many of the websites on this list Skillshare doesn’t offer accredited certificates however creativity is slightly different from academic topics in any creative industry it’s about showing what you’re capable of applying the knowledge you’ve learned to build out your portfolio and demonstrate your skill level and thousands of courses there’s plenty of creative knowledge to learn and help you develop on Skillshare Skillshare currently works on an annual subscription model discounts and trials vary throughout the year at the time of making this video you can actually get 30-day free trial of Skillshare Premium annual subscription using my link in the description below after that it’s $165 for unlimited courses for the whole year that works out about $14 per month bargain number three

Udemy Overviews

Udemy is big no let me correct that Udemy is huge they have over 213000 courses in so many course topics it would take me far too long to list them all here from business to bartending to belly dancing if there is something you want to learn there’s a very high chance you can learn it on Udemy anyone can create a course on Udemy that’s why they’ve got an extensive system in place to help you decide if a course is good value and B is right for you there’s a five-star rating system reviews number of students who have enrolled in a course you can learn about the course creator see when the course was last updated and get a full breakdown of the course curriculum there’s even a course preview video so you can get a taste of the teaching style of the course creator when it comes to cost at first glance Udemy does look a little bit pricey with courses costing around a minimum of $85 Plus dollars however Udemy puts on sales regularly throughout the year and you can find courses dropping as low as 15 they’ve also recently implemented an annual subscription model the subscription gives you unlimited access as long as you are still subscribed to 6000 plus curated courses 2 500 practice exercises all with an average rating of 4.4 Stars currently you can try it out with a seven-day free trial and after that, it’s one $199 dollars per year and number four brilliant

Brilliant Overviews

if you want to learn anything about science and problem solving with over 50 000 5 Star reviews on iOS and Google Play Store and a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot there is no better destination online than brilliant they have courses in maths engineering physics programming and more their courses are created by top Educators in their respective scientific fields and Brilliant is for all ages and all knowledge levels beginner to genius when it comes to qualifications there are no certificates on brilliant this site is all about learning the scientific principles and your quest for knowledge a brilliant subscription is either $24.99 per month or $13.49 per month billed annually at the time of recording you can get a 20 discount on the annual subscription using my link below so don’t delay learn some science today at number five LinkedIn learning a middle manager’s wet dream if you’re focused on working your way up the corporate ladder this could be the online education platform for you

LinkedIn Learning Overviews

LinkedIn learning is highly focused on developing your corporate skills with course topics such as marketing strategy database admin spreadsheets leadership skills programming and more they have over 20 000 courses which are created by Business Leaders and Industry professionals the certificates you receive are not accredited but they do get posted on your LinkedIn profile so you can show off your big brain to all your business contacts for individuals there’s a monthly subscription that costs $39.99 per month or an annual subscription for $19.99 billed annually however if you have a nice boss there’s also a business option for a team subscription so if you ask your boss nicely it might not cost you anything number 6.

Domestica Overviews

Domestica if Skillshare in Udemy had a child that spoke English and Spanish you’d get Domestica an absolutely excellent option for all those creatives out there Domestica has similar course topics to Skillshare design filmmaking illustration and many more the main benefit here is their pricing model they have one-off course sales and a subscription model so if you want to buy one of course which once you’ve paid for it you will have access to forever it will cost you around $59 US Dollars like Udemy Domestica have sales throughout the year where you can get courses as low as 10 bucks however they have also implemented a subscription model Domestica plus with Domestica plus you pay monthly which is $9.99 per month and this gives you the option to cancel any time or you can pay annually which is an $83.88 one-off payment which works out to be around $6.99 per month the certificates you get here are issued by the course creator and are not accredited as I mentioned earlier though for creatives it’s more about expanding your practical skills and building out your portfolio so definitely check Domestica out

Code academy Overviews

code academy the need for its professionals grows every year and if you’re looking to get into programming or an I.T job look no further than code academy course topics include python SQL C plus data science and cyber security just to name a few and the courses are created by an in-house team of actual software Engineers but what makes Codeacademy stand out the most is that they are very career focused Codeacademy have so many career resources they show you exactly what you need to learn and the steps you need to take to land your dream job there’s career advice interview helps a Discord group and more in any industry guidance from the people who have done what you’re wanting to do and become what you want to be is priceless on that note, you can actually get started on code academy absolutely free however they also have a subscription model Pro Light and Pro the main difference between these two is really what makes code academy stand out for me and that is the career advice if you go for the Pro version over the Pro Light version and spend just a little more every month you could be on your way to the IT job you desire the most and if you’re a student there’s also a Pro Student membership that’s 50% cheaper so check out code academy today

Masterclass Overviews

Masterclass if you don’t want to be an idiot sandwich do Gordon Ramsay’s cooking courses if you don’t want to be a mother do Samuel Jackson’s acting classes that took quite a few takes so Masterclass has classes from the world’s best chefs’ business minds musicians actors writers filmmakers sports stars and more these aren’t typical academic courses so there are no certificates here but what you’re gaining here is knowledge and insights from the best of the best the Masterclass subscription model varies only in the number of devices you wish to learn on and is billed annually at $180 US dollars as of making this video you can actually gift membership for free with your annual subscription there’s no online education site quite like Masterclass the knowledge you can get from someone who has achieved the pinnacle of the industry is priceless or in this case, $180 bucks check out Masterclass

EdX Overviews

EdX if Coursera had a high-maintenance cousin with expensive tastes it would be EdX there’s a lot to love about EdX but there is one thing I really don’t like which I’ll get into in a bit EdX has over 3833 courses from over 160 of the best universities and businesses in the world they also have professional certificates bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees too so very similar to Coursera in fact they actually have many more professional certificates on offer than Coursera does and you can enroll in many of the courses on EdX for absolutely free however the one thing I’m not so Keen about EdX is the pricing it’s very hidden you won’t know how much a certificate will cost you until you enroll on the course professional certificates seem to range from a couple of hundred dollars all the way up to a thousand dollars and I even had to search The Help Center to gain a rough idea of the pricing structure hopefully Ned W actually works at EdX this post advises that certificates range from $50 to $300 and we’ve already seen that professional certificates can cost even more than that degrees and master’s degrees will obviously cost in the thousands of dollars like anywhere else really so this is exactly why I said at the beginning $399 dollars for the Coursera Plus subscription is absolutely amazing value where you get unlimited University certificates and their professional certificates for that one-off price of $399 however you really can’t deny the value of the free education EdX offers and if if you’ve got the money the large collection of professional certificates are definitely worth checking out and last but definitely not least Khan Academy is a 100% free not-for-profit Education website that offers School level education in Math Science Computing Arts and Humanities Reading and Grammar and even Life Skills with most people in society today forgetting that the words “an” “are” and “many” even exist

I would highly recommend most people check out the free Grammar course especially if you’re getting into marketing or entering the corporate world the courses on Khan Academy are created by many actual teachers and passionate education professionals Khan Academy does not offer any form of certification as the courses here are meant to supplement your regular learning like

I mentioned before this site is 100% free but you can donate if you wish to support their mission to teach as many people as possible these are the 10 best online learning websites you can find on the internet today so which of these are you thinking of checking out and which course you think they’re doing let me know in the comments below but just as a little side note there are actually seven online education websites that weren’t mentioned in this list and they will be included in my online education playlist which I’ll put either here or here but yeah if there is something that you want to do to improve your life make sure you get it started and get it done okay like subscribe comment do all that share with someone who needs to learn some new skills and I’ll see you guys in the next episode thanks for reading

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